Thursday, 16 August 2007

Pro Referendum Rally October 27

The following is from the Pro Referendum Rally site which is organising a demonstration to demand the referendum on Europe that was promised by the Labour Party and then renaged on once they achieved power...

  1. Your right to a direct vote on this Treaty will be gained only through a rally of overwhelming numbers drawn from every corner of the United Kingdom. Together we need to rouse, focus and coordinate supporters for the Rally in every village, town and city in the United Kingdom.

  2. To register your support and volunteer please click here. Registration is very simple and will take less than 60 seconds - it is your first step in regaining your vote on the latest European Treaty. Please pass on your acknowledgment email to all relevant addresses in your possession. The first stage of the Rally is an overwhelming registration of supporters on this Pro Referendum Rally website. To register by telephone please call: (UK) 01392 860597

  3. We would encourage all Local Councillors to table motions in favour of a referendum. For advice on the format of these motions please see the Local Campaign page or contact Cllr Paul Greenall on Please let us know when you table such a motion.

Check out the site and then Bookmark it and a date in your diary for a trip to Londonistan.

Hat Tip: The Lone Voice

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