Wednesday, 15 August 2007

BNP, Facebook and Sky News

The following is from Mark Wain's Blog. Mark is a young man we should all be proud of as Nationalists and we should support him 100%. Read on.

After getting really sick and tired of reading complete and utter RUBBISH about what supposedly goes on in a BNP discussion group. The following is an email I sent to Sky News on 15/08/07:

Dear Sky News,

My name is Mark Wain and I am one of the co-founders of the British National Party group on facebook. I have been following the above story in the media quite closely (as I would) but it has got to the point where Im feel I should make a comment.

I read Sky News' recent story with a lump in my throat. Some of the supposed things you implied we talk about is really not true. Facebook has a lot of people on it who start 'BNP' groups, but who are not actual members and have little or no idea what we are about. To be fair, I even think members of UAF and similar organisations actually start BNP groups, then say racist and untrue things to further cement their arguments (no matter how untrue or unfair) about us.

Our group, which is as near to 'official' as one will ever be, is the one you need to look at. Our Admin consists of Danny Lake who is the YBNP National Organiser. He attracted attention when he invited Nick Griffin to speak at the University Of Bath. Robert Baggs, who watches over the YBNP, and myself who until recently was YBNP National Secretary. We allow ANYONE to join and contribute to debates. We are democratic. We do not 'hate' any ethnic group, nor do we think we are 'better' than any other ethnic group. We do not strive for an 'all-white' Britian, nor do we have any issues with the Jewish Community. All these things are made up by groups such as the UAF. We just want to keep Britian British, and give the British people a better deal. Why is that so wrong?

As for the whole media circus that has appeared in the recent weeks, it has got really out of control. Facebook is a networking site. The Left imply we use it as a 'recruitment tool' which is just rubbish. Our BNP group debates ALL aspects of the party and its policies, with people from all walks of life. We do not actively go out and seek new members, in fact I have never even invited anyone to join our group, let alone prey on people.

We are a LEGITIMATE and LEGALLY RECOGNISED political party. We have DEMOCRATICALLY elected councillors up and down this nation. We win seats because people see that we are not what the Left makes us out to be. It is only groups like the UAF who use fascist techniques against us(yes, I said Fascist. Using fear and intimidation to interfere in the democratic process is immoral. If people do not think their way, they persecute them, which is just plain wrong). It is their way, or no way, which is not very democratic.

Facebook should be open to everyone, not to the selected few these left-wing groups support. We have NEVER used racist language, pictures or video and we would NEVER support anyone in our group that does. We do not condone racism nor will we ever support violent and oppressive groups like the UAF.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Mark Wain
Melton And Rutland BNP Press Secretary


Aberdeen Patriot said...

A brill letter that spells out the real BNP the BNP that the media are trying to hide from the public. But as Nick Griffin said as we get closer to being elected we are to expect more dirty tricks from the left and MSM. The good thing is the public are starting to see through the lies.

Mark Wain Keep up the good work.

Paul said...

Well done Mark, what a lovely young man and so honest. The future of Britain is safe if our youth continue to peacefully and democratically expose the lies of the hysterical Left Wing.
They are so terrified of ordinary people disagreeing with their "thought policing" that they persecute and demonise the free thinker whenever he/she opens their mouths.
Fortunately our youth do not confine their education to trashy MSM publications and "Yoof" concerts where the left do much of their recruitment through a doped up reject like Babyshambles, Pete Docherty.
Tits and Bingo and drugs have too long been the tools of the Leftists to anaethesize our people.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Mark, there is hope for us all yet with guys like you out there.

Don said...

My kids are spreading the facebook addy around their mates. Thanks for the hat tip I didn't know it was there.

Anonymous said...

i have a facebook account and tried to find the group to link to it. I failed to even find it. Has it been removed from the list of networks already ?

Mark Wain said...

Thanks everyone. I never did get a reply............