Thursday, 23 August 2007

Time Gentlemen Please

Hey guys. Whats happening? What you all watching? Come on guys . Tell me.

Not a long post. Just a link really to show you the price you pay if you are a Moslem with a thirst for a cool lager and a hot girl and live in Iran. Or even Oldham now, I suppose.

What can you say to people like this? Try, welcome to Our Country

Both men then lashed Ghanbari, taking the cane back behind their heads to guarantee maximum impact, each stroke leaving a distinctive red mark and bruising on his back.

Several wounds began to bleed

You can read the rest of the Mad Moslems Day Out here.

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Anonymous said...

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A bit harsh for drink driving, but I would have no reservations giving it to thugs who terrorize pensioners for money or street hoodlums who damage property of the public (both car windows last Christmas) not jolly at all. And also, how many of these brainless thugs who only understand violence and fear would carry on being thuggish after this treatment, far less I'm pretty sure. And to the liberals out there, these thugs deserve all they get and the pensioners and the public should be protected at all costs, and frankly I dont care whether it hurts or is excruciating.

- John, Luton England


- Peter Hargreaves, Stockport, Cheshire

I wonder what the crime rate in Iran is like compared to the UK?

- Simon Bailey, Long Eaton, UK

Makes a change to see someone getting punished for moral indiscretion without actually being killed for it, although had it been a woman that may have been the case. Won't do it again in a hurry will he?
Barbaric but probably effective. Considering we have murderers, paedophiles, rapists and wife beaters getting let off so easily in the UK, we have not much to crow about.

- Sandra, Spain

I bet all the liberal thinking, woolly brained, PC do-gooders on seeing this are bursting blood vessels, but just think how much the crime rate would drop if we had that sort of justice here.

- Michael, Paignton England

This punishment should be meted out to violent thugs in this country! I remember when the birch was legal in the UK, very few criminals came back for more.
Here we are more concerned for the criminal than the victim.

- D James, Lancashire, UK

It's time we had some of that over here, some of those little yobs would think twice if they thought they would get that. If they want someone to do the job, I'll do it for free.

- Stan Still, UK

I doubt if Mr Ghanbari will do it again. Furthermore, as someone who has lost his 'human rights' to walk the streets without feeling scared, I think some of the drunken, violent yobs that I have come across would show people much more respect knowing that they would receive a similar punishment if they break the law. Amnesty International might like to ponder on this.

- Mike, Dunstable, England

When your government can sanction a public flogging, have you stoned, chop your hands off or kill you, you no longer live in a democracy. Our justice system certainly leaves a lot to be desired but we are light years ahead of primitive regimes like Tehran.

- L. Norris, London

It is their law and their customs. It is not up to people in this or any other country to criticise.
They have their ways and we have ours.

- Stan., Lincoln

Dave Cameron this is what we need in the UK.

- Sam, Essex

We should do the same thing here for muggers, rapists and paedophiles.

- Frank, Bournemouth, UK

I cannot believe the previous comments.
His crime! Having a drink and having sex. He is not exactly public enemy no 1.

- Barry Woods, Reading, UK

Anonymous said...

Check this out, more nutters!