Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nach Nach Sweetheart

What they would have been watching

It looks to me as if there are some dodgy dealings going on in the ethnics world.

This coming weekend they had planned to have a big Nach up at Alton Towers and you can read those details here.

Now over on Biz Asia News, which is a must read for all nothing to do True Brits has announced that Nach Nach is canceled.

Commenting on behalf of Alton Towers, Rebecca Farrer, Marketing Manager, said: "This is a huge disappointment for us and, we are sure, for those who have already booked. However, it has become increasingly apparent to us that the promotional company involved have not been able to secure some vital technical elements of the concert build, and so we would not have been able to stay within the terms of our entertainment licence had we allowed them to go ahead. We therefore have no choice but to cancel the event.

"We will be sending letters out to all those who have bought tickets directly from the park through our website or contact centre. We hope many of them will come anyway as the tickets are of course still valid for the whole day, but the letter will detail the options available. For those who have bought ticket vouchers from any other source, set up by Reece Productions, they should return to them for a refund, as we can take no responsibility for these sales.

Organisers Reece Superior Events were unavailable for comment after numerous attempts made by BizAsia.co.uk.

The event, which was scheduled for Sunday 26th August was expected to attract thousands of spectators.

This is the second time in two years that Alton Towers have canceled an ethnics event. Perhaps they should organise a True Brit one. Although we have our own RWB now so sod Alton bankrupt yourself Towers.

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Anonymous said...

This event is now at Drayton Manor