Friday, 24 August 2007

Are you a True Brit and still a member of Unison?

What no White Men? Oh sorry. They are the wrong colour.

So your a member of Unison and you do your job to the best of your ability and every month you pay your Union Dues so that if push comes to shove they will represent you. Dream on.

Your probably a very easy going kind of person with a live and let live attitude. I wonder how you reconcile your views with your Union Representatives? Representatives like Marsha-Jane Thompson who is the Unison Branch Womens Office and also a member (surprise, surprise) of the Greater London Regional Committee. In other words a Red Ken cow. So it stands to reason, this women with the appearance of a transexual is also a member of the Labour Party. You know the Party responsible for the illegal wars and deaths of hundreds of British Servicemen and over 100,000 civilians.

Too cowardly to allow comments on her site, unlike the Nationalist sites that only censor real bad language she writes on her pink (so she might actually be a female) blog:

Following my recent posts a few people on the left have posted about how we shouldn’t be calling for them to be removed they have a right to free speech blah blah blah libertarian nonsense and I’ve had over 20 comments from BNP members here and too many to count on the facebook group (Seriously do you think I am going to post your comments with links to the BNP site when I’ve created a group to kick you off Facebook and believe in no platform Doh!…)

So anyway I thought we needed a rebuttal so here goes – sorry in advance for the plain English but I’m gonna tell it how it is.

They do not have a right to free speech – their right to free speech contradicts others right to life.

It is widely acknowledged that where the BNP have a base racist attacks become more frequent.

What the BNP do goes beyond free speech they organise around opinions which threaten the lives of thousands of people.
When we allow them to express hate as if they have the right to do so you end up with the holocaust.

Yes there are risks and I personally would go further than some lefties in that I want them banned entirely – make racism illegal and they cease to be a legitimate political party.

(Yes yes I hear all the arguments about relying on the state and that any legislation will be turned around and used against us – the state are a bigger enemy etc etc etc)
But are we going to allow incidents like Stephen Lawrence to happen just because they should have freedom of speech?

Wherever they raise their heads they should be beaten back into the gutter – which is what we are doing on facebook with over 2800 members now signed up to my facebook group shouldn’t we as ‘the left’ be asking ourselves which side of the struggle are we on? Fascist or Anti- fascist ??

A number of comrades have said to me that they support 100% a no platform policy of the BNP, but would have issue’s with banning the BNP completely.

I have no issues with that if it saves lives – Hitler said something like if the opponents of the Nazi’s had mobilised effectively early enough and stopped them in the streets they would never have taken power.

Some comrades are a bit hesitant (for no reason) in comparing the BNP to Nazi’s I’m not the BNP in suits are no different from the Nazi’s in suits in the 1930’s.

The left in Germany should have smashed the Nazi’s when they had a chance when they were small and weak, like the BNP are now and that’s exactly what we should be doing (and what we are doing with organisations like uaf mobilising against every demonstration they call and campaigning against them on sites like facebook)

In campaigning for them to be banned we highlight their lies and reconnect the fact that the BNP = fascists and stop them from portraying themselves in a respectable light. As well as taking to the streets and mobilising against them wherever they raise their ugly heads

I thought I would post it in full. No point in going there to leave a meaningful comment. She is too far up her own end to see the truth and too much of a fascist to let you make a comment.

Besides she is a member of Unison. One day under a British National Party Government, people will ask who the heck were Unison? You can tell them they were once a Union that paid the price for betraying the working class True Brits and indirectly helped the growth of Solidarity. A real Trade Union that speaks for British Workers not their masters.

You can see the way the wind is blowing. Up of your knees, tell Unison to go something themselves and join a real Union. Solidarity. Then join the British National Party. Then get over to Londonsistan and vote Yes for the BNP on their Facebook poll here.

Oh and when you have read her garbage, check out another one of her "sister" Union representatives at Emma Goodall's blog. Great laugh I know, but we must not mock the mentally disturbed. Besides it appears she is having a little girl who she is going to call Fred. What a jerk. Are there no real men in Unison?


Anonymous said...

Emma Goodall, wot a laff GA, and dont she just love all that union and committee jargon.
She is another one who would love to get her jackboots on and stomp all over the BNP.
I dont think Marsha and Emma have grasped the meaning of the word fascist yet.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell GA this woman is abso-fucking-lutely mental, are all left wingers like this?

How can we possibly hope to reason with such blind self righteous hatred & bigotry?

She's like some sort of demented religious fundamentalist, totally unquestioningly committed to left wing dogma and deaf and blind to anything else.

Also,I have to disagree with Harry, she's not a laff, she's bloody scary, and her ideological soulmates are the ones currently in power.

These people are as bad as the damned goat molesters, the very best that can be said of them is both are either too lazy or too stupid to think for themselves.

Although I'm sure that a good few of them in both camps are genuinely mentally ill.



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to say GA but after following that link and almost destroying my monitor whilst digesting the biggest tirade of bullshit i've ever witnessed.I can only thank god we have you and others to tell the truth and expose these idiots.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

I have tried to post twice , no swear words just good reasoned debate, but the left dont do that. She must have had a terrible childhood to be so tarnished. Its not hate she needs but a doze of love and sympathy, and a real man to make her happy. But at the moment she needs the men in the white coats to take her away for a chemical cosh.

The Green Arrow said...

Perhaps an hysterical laugh then guys. They really are scary - not physically - mentally scary.

As a contract manager I have met dozens of them in the Public Sector where they like to embed themselves and they are insane.

Perhaps we should a link to some of the more nuttier reds to alert people.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Good idea GA, a few regular links to the red nutters will soon show the we, the BNP, are the sane ones on the block.
You right Patrick they are not a laff in the sense of "funny" but a laff in the sense of "fear". Fear that these nutters are considered the sane ones.

BNP, the only effective cure for insanity.


Nationalist14 said...

I have to say Green, that endeavouring to debate with the far left, is something of a waste of time, for myself, I am more than happy to embrace the term fascist, given that I have some knowledge, as to what the term connotes. I am ideologically opposed to the far left and will continue to be so; we cannot permit such a malevolent creed to impose its evil on a naïve populace, after all, some twenty millions perished, during their last “experiment“. Debate can only ever hope to work, with the undecided, or perhaps with conditioned liberals, we must realise exactly what the far left truly represents. For this their own words usually work best, and so to this end a few of their own comments, regarding said post:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was some rant Marsha, I can just hear you stomping on those BNP people with your jackboots!! Good on ya girl!, we need more action people like you, not afraid to say it how it is and what we should do about the BNP.
Lets party, kick ass!!
You get my vote Marsha, Youre brill.

2:25 PM
Walton said...

Thank you, that was great. 'Free speech' seems to be an issue that confuses the Left.

Personally I'd prefer it if we could physically force them off the streets rather than relying on the state, but there is no place for them in society.

A recent visit to Sachsenhausen - where the trade unionists were killed - reminded of this.
9:24 PM
Anonymous said...

I agree with you too Marsha. Many of us are frequently physically confronting fascists. They aren't so brave when there are lots of us!
Keep up the good work attacking them with words, and we'll attack them physically. ;-)
9:17 AM

Of course violence and murder are the hallmark of the left, this an ideology, that slaughtered 21.5 million souls, indeed their malevolent experiment, began with slaughter. On the night of July 16-17, 1918, Bolshevik secret police, murdered Russia's last emperor, Tsar Nicholas II, but they didn’t stop there. The cellar room of that house in Ekaterinburg, became a bloodbath, as they cut down his wife, Tsaritsa Alexandra, would that be enough for these socialist animals, hardly, they shot his 14-year-old son, Tsarevich Alexis, his four daughters were finished off with bayonets. They were then buried in an unmarked grave, to prevent white forces using the site, to rally the people against their evil. This was not the act of murderous thugs, consumed with bloodlust, this was a planned action, both Lenin and Sverdlov, had together conspired, to slaughter this family.

Of course, the first casualties under socialism are nationalists, then the intelligent, the religious, the businessman, an ongoing chain of murder, until all opposition is smashed. The people are then brutally enslaved, and a totalitarian regime of incredible proportions, murders at will. In soviet Russia, they had a saying in the Gulag, bolshaya zona, outside the fence wasn’t called freedom, but the big prison zone, imagine, a whole society imprisoned, a whole people enslaved. Marsha-Jane Thompson and those of her ilk, must forever be contested, we owe it to the millions who have died under the lefts heel.

Outside the Berliner Ensemble's theatre in Berlin, there is a statue to one Bertolt Brecht; Mr Brecht was a committed Marxist, when news of communist atrocities, filtered through to the west, principally concerning the Moscow show trials. Mr Brecht, remarked to the philosopher, Sidney Hook that “the more innocent they are, the more they deserve to die”. I could enlarge upon the far lefts evil, however within the confines of a comments section, it is remarkably difficult, nevertheless, we must be ever prepared, to put down the pen and pick up the rifle, in order to protect our people. Far left ideology, has destroyed more souls than any other, Green, they are not worthy of debate, they and you are pole opposites. 14

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Good post Nationalist and I have learned a thing or two fromit. Now I know that when they rant and rave at you in the street and you try and debate using logical common sense points they cang understand your point.
Even if you say to them " do you think its fair British people cant get a house because of Mass Immigration" simple question, and a simple answer to most decent people. Not the lefties though Sorry for the swearing, they think fuck the british as long as more of our multi cultural buddies are first in line for houses etc. These people despise the servicemen who fought for our country. You are right they are not worth the energy needed for good honest debate.We should just blank and ignore them.