Friday, 24 August 2007

Ken Livingstone - Plonker

What a pathetic excuse for a man. Another reason to vote BNP

What a plonker the Lizard Man of Londonistan is. The moonbats and other ethnics must be laughing their little cotton socks off at the images of this creature sobbing over events of over a 100 years ago.

Instead of sorting out what used to be the Capital of Our Country, this creature whose election as Mayor came not from the votes of the True Brits who once lived there but from all the ethnics and rubbish that now make the former Capital a cesspit. Anyone with any sense and money as already left the place to rot. He shames himself and Our Country in the eyes of the world by prostrating himself like some slave himself. Sickening.

Uttering a groveling apology that shamed all True Brits, he begged forgiveness for something that no person alive today had anything to do with. This non man went on to say:

"You can look across there to see the institutions that still have the benefit of the wealth they created out of slavery," Livingstone said, pointing through a huge window at the skyscrapers cluttering London's financial district.

"As mayor, I offer an apology on behalf of London and its institutions for their role in the transatlantic slave trade."

What a heap of sanctimonious rubbish. Failing to mention that during the time that Our Country under Wilberforce was stamping out slavery across the world his ethnic friends ancestors continued to sell each other into slavery and still do today.

During this time, the British working classes and their children were slaving in mills and crawling underground in the mines. I think they would have much preferred to have been picking cotton in the sun then sucking coal dust into their lungs at the age of nine down a pit. There are many type of slavery.

Not one word about the horrors of white slavery that still happens in Arab countries today and nothing at all about the exploitation of female workers in any of the Arab states where they are raped and physically abused as a matter of routine by their diseased masters. That also is slavery.

And soon now, we can expect demands for reparations from ethnics all over the country and probably the World. Well anyone who says that they are the descendants of slaves and wants money, then we should ship them all back to their ancestors countries of origin. They would crap themselves. There as not been a viable Country in Africa since the white colonialists left. Even the natives wish the whites had never gone.

Dhimmi Livingstone does not speak for anyone but himself and the words he utters are the words of a prostitute desperate to gather votes in the election for Mayor. If you are sickened by the site of this creature prostrating himself on the world stage then you sound like the kind of person the British National Party needs. In short a man.


Celtic Morning said...

GA. Over the past months I have sent a few comments in to the Mail but none have been used even though I try to moderate them,make them not too outspoken or extreme for their rareified taste buds.But they are still nationalist comments and therefore not acceptable to the "patriotic Mail." I have sent one in regarding Newt-lover-Livingstone but it wont feature.Dont think I'll bother to send any more.Anyway, its better to have a say on this site.Livingstone is a disgrace to his nation and to manhood.I think we SHOULD make individual compensation payments to all descendants of slavery. But make it conditional that the recipient and all the relatives then move back to their countries of origin.I dont think there would be many takers.As Cassius Clay said before he became Muhammed Ali, "I sure am glad my grand daddy was on that boat." Maybe we should arrange for that pathetic wimp Livingstone to move to Africa where he could coordinate the resettlement process and welcome those who return. Over the centuries there have not been that many traitors to Britain. Why are we nowadays producing them in such profusion? Is it a precondition for membership of the lab/lib/con.leftie parties? Do they have to prove themselves to hold a virulent hatred for their homeland and be dedicated to its destruction before they are accepted for membership?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Morning Green and Celtic, I did the same post before looking at your site, not as well written as yours green, but I loath that man more than he loaths britain and we know how much that is.
Even his voice grates me, Id rather have my nuts ground against a cheese grater than listen to his whining. Whats as bad though is the pathetic little group of Labour wannabees he always has hanging on his every word.
Get these bastards in the Army teach them a little loyality.

A little annoyed said...

Lyeingstench does not speak for me.