Saturday, 25 August 2007

Pensioner tagged for anti-war campaign

The price of illegal wars. Too much for one old pensioner. Too much for us.

A 71 year old pensioner, showing a bit more spirit then the majority of his countrymen has been sentenced to a 16 week curfew by Dhimmi District Judge Peter Ward for campaigning against the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This True Brit, named as Harold Thomas, despite his age, in a 10 month campaign, traveled into Rawtenstall town centre and fly posted hand written leaflets with wording that, surprise surprise offended local Moslems.

The court heard that he started the work because he was upset by the numbers of servicemen being slaughtered for no good cause in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aren't all True Brits?

He was caught in the act by a Dhimmi cop, who instead of secretly applauding the pensioner, warning him not to do it again and letting the fragile pensioner go about his business. He instead arrested and charged the old man. Brave cop.

Passing sentence, District Judge Ward said the serious nature of the case meant that a custodial sentence was an option. Rest assured one day there will be custodial sentences. And they will not be for Pensioners but Quislings.

He said: ‘Whatever your feelings about the war in Iraq may be, to start making offensive and abusive posters about Muslims in general, is not only not helpful, but can cause serious harm and upset to a lot of people.’

Outside the court, Dhimmi Chief Inspector Jeff Brown said: ‘We want the people of Rossendale to be a tolerant society. When people break the law in this type of way they need to be held accountable because it is not the way they should behave in today’s society

His family, perhaps in the hopes of helping to reduce this aged heroes sentence said that they were ashamed of his actions. Well they might be, but there are whole lot of people who salute and admire the old warriors actions. I am proud of him. All True Brits are proud of him.

So what does it take to get you to fight for your children's future and join the British National Party. Or are you going to sit back and watch brave old men do your work for you. Up off your knees now and join the BNP.


Anonymous said...

They've put him on" medication" for daring to question,oppose and act against something we all know is illegal and opposed by the majority.

Who are the real fascists?

The Green Arrow said...

Well picked up sodemall. I forgot about how the reds would "medicate" dissidents.

I like the 14