Wednesday, 8 August 2007

600 out of work at cooker factory

Your future - no future unless you start supporting the BNP

Cooker maker Indesit has told more than 600 workers they will be out of a job by Christmas.

Bosses at the Italian-owned plant informed workers today that the site at Blythe Bridge will close by the end of the year, with 240 jobs to go next month.

The decision to shut down the factory and move all operations to mainland Europe comes at the end of a 90-day consultation period with its workforce of 619 staff.

Read the following smack in your face, lie as the company justifies its actions;

"Indesit Company understands the impact of this decision on all employees. The company's priority is to fully support all individuals, through initiatives such as job clubs and additional skills training, to mitigate the effects of the closure. The agreed redundancy terms will now be discussed individually with each affected employee."

Rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish. The company does not give a damn about whether their former employees live or die. They are obsolete. They have found a new source of labour that is cheaper and easier to control, which will allow this shit company to make even more profits for its global masters.

And the response from Amicus, the rubbish union that fiddles with equal rights for immigrants and plays at politics whilst their former members lose their homes. What of them?

Mark Young, regional officer for the Amicus trade union said: "This is another body blow for the manufacturing industry. We are very disappointed with the decision. We have tried to find alternatives and we do still believe that the manufacturing sector should form a vital part of the North Staffordshire economy."

And that is it, is it Mark? You objectionable slime bag. Fight for your workers you craven coward. You can read information on Amicus and its links to ant-British organisations here.

For a previous report on Indesit and its obscene profits read a previous post here. Warning, it contains bad language and outbursts of anger at learning that some of the work once done in Our Country is being given to the Moslems in Turkey.

There is only political party that will put a stop to the exporting of British Jobs to the slave economies of eastern europe and that is the British National Party. You want to keep your job, your home, your way of life? Then start supporting the BNP. The clock is ticking and now that you are awake, if you are in Amicus, tell them where to go and join a real Trade Union, Solidarity, the only trade union that believes in putting British Workers first.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

HI Green you must be busy, but good to another brill post like this, I will cut and paste it and forward on to over 80 people.

Our Government should heavily punish any callous firms treating the British Public like trash.

Thing is how many companies receive grants and tax breaks to set up in the UK. They do this make some money then when they have their customer base, and the money to move that is what they do. A Big thankyou to the workers that made them a success in the first place. And people dont vote for the BNP. I hope the local BNP get up to the factory gates and start leafleting.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the big catch for the BNP then?
Andrew Spence has quit after a fallout at the RWB? He is alledged to have said the BNP is not the party I thought it was.
Hmmm, real talk or too much ale?