Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Threat to 600 Cooker firm jobs

Do you remember when you used to be a steal worker or a car worker or a miner or a ship builder or a fisherman? Do you?

Then those jobs went to europe so the fat globalist bastards could bleed even more money from the workers whilst destroying Our Country. Destroying it in order to produce a stupid, docile craven mass of cheap sheep labour for the future. Sheep people for fleecing.

But you were OK, because you managed to get another job in a smaller factory. Well I have news for you. These "white product" jobs are next to go. They are all going and when they do there will be no jobs. Nothing but poverty for what was one of the wealthiest nations the world as ever seen.

A Country that has been asset stripped so a privileged elite can enjoy even more wealth and power and to help make it surrender and submerge itself in their crazed New World Order.

The jobs of more than 600 domestic appliance factory workers are in doubt after the owners announced plans to close the site.

Indesit said they were in talks to shut the former Creda factory in Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire, at the end of the year.

The firm said production will move to Poland and Italy.

Indesit said it is only a proposal at the moment but it admits making cookers in the county is unsustainable. Liars. Just like Burberry lied in order to make greater profits. Just like the bastard Dyson lied.

And whilst those workers wonder how they are going to pay the mortgage and feed their families, Indestit increases its already obscene profits.

Because you see, Indesit is going to be a Pan-European brand. You should start to see their advertising soon. So remember the workers the bastards sacked when you look to buy your new cooker.

Mind you Poland might not be the lucky one to steal our jobs as well as Our Country.

Meanwhile, Italy's Indesit has recently raised capacity at its Turkish plant to 1 million units, while Bosch-Siemens Hausgeraete (BSH) has increased capacity at its Turkish plant to 3.5 million units, making it one of the largest in its worldwide network. However, they are not alone in wanting to make their mark on the global scene. China's Haier set up production facilities in nearby Jordan to serve the Middle East region and buy into Italian companies as a way into the European market.

I suppose we should make sure the Moslems feed their families first. After all we are nothing but stupid Dhimmis who couldn't even put an X in the right box.

So who did you vote for on May 3rd? Was it the British National Party or did you swallow the lies of the destroyers of your children's future. I'll have a Big Mac please.


Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

Hi Green sorry for taking so long to get back. Thanks for the offer we have a friend in POwys and my wife wants to visit so we may pop our heads in past, likewise if you come up here. I have cut and pasted two of your posts today to about 50 people on each mail list. I just cut and paste from the joke ones that go around, and ask for them to get back in touch, so your posts are reaching bigger audiences. Keep up the good work you are a star…. Ive being posting in Mpac saying Im leaving the UK because as a moslem I am hated my postings will get worse…. Kune-Kune the rare British Pig its funny, green get your self a pigs name and jump on board for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Something that made me stop and think...

You've heard of the BBC programme 'Dragon's Den' ? Where some fool with an idea that'll never catch on stands in front of a panel that make The Anne Droid from The Weakest Link look human and compassionate...

Well, this jamaican bloke decides he wants to manufacture a cooking sauce based on his grandma's recipe, goes on the programme, and against all expectations impresses the venture capitalists who dig into their own pockets and set his idea in motion.

The stuff is being made right now in a small factory up the road from Caerphilly.

But not for much longer. Because the factory is being shut down and moved to Poland.

And this chap is not impressed. In fact he's so unimpressed he has said that if they ship production out to poland, he'll take the contract off them and find someone else in Britain to make the stuff for him.

Now if HE can wake up and smell the (presummably jamaican blue mountain blend!) coffee then why the hell can't the rest of us.

The Green Arrow said...

Excellent link JOG. I have been trying to find out what happened in the end but no other news than Sainsburys are going to start selling it.

Felicity said...

Excellent post as usual GA. My friends and I used to get info from an organisation called "Justice and Peace", (this was in our dolly student days)
The orhganisation sent out info on companies that exploited children in the third World, ie Nike trainers were made in Argentina where the kids were paid a pound a week or some such rubbish to glue the soles on trainers retailing for upwards of £100.00 a pair, or Nestle selling baby milk to tribeswomen who couldn't read the formula instructions and poisoned their kids by using filthy water.
Obviously I still care about those things, loving ones own land and people does not a monster make, but I apply the same criteria now to British workers interests.
I will not be choosing Indesit on Saturday when I buy the new washer to replace the old Hotpoint, but will now look for something betterI dont patronise companires who sell "halal" anything either, which includes Boots, Tesco's and others.