Friday, 11 May 2007

Green Arrow gone for Coffee

I quite like the "Nighthawks" - I would not have found it had I not seen a print of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". Well none of our dreams are broken, so I have decided to use Nighthawks to be displayed when there are going to be no posts. The reason for this, is I became quite concerned once when one blogger I know, who had been threatened had not posted for a few days. This way it shows I am still kicking but having to work for once.


Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

You deserve a rest Green I think everyone has eased off for a few days post elections, I have been dragged away doing late spring cleaning, but we are having a meeting on Tuesday. I find it hard to post at the moment because everything in the world seems so irrelevant when that poor girl is still missing. God I hope she gets home safely.
If she gets home it would be the best news ever.
Anyway mate I will keep looking in even 1 post a week in the usual Green Arrow manner would be brill.
Take it easy have your wee Rum ,,,,welll you navy lads are pissed after 1 ,,, and take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Not very Englsh though is coffee.

last man standing said...

Mr Fister????? What kind of name is that, juvenille? what are you trying to say with this title?. anyway, if you are so against the indigenous population why are you constantly popping up on this blog? are either one of those silly Liberal types with a secret hanckering to be more manly and envy your opposites courage of conviction, or you too are becoming increasingly disillusioned yourself by the spin and downright lies being peddled by those desperately clinging to power- and perhaps just a little bit intrigued by the very obvious dishonest shenanigans displayed by the vote riggers in last weeks elections?...I mean even the most naive are now asking why the other parties and their establishment backers need to wage such a undemocratic war of smeers/no platform and vote rigging against a political party which they continually tell the public is going nowhwere?, why would that be M Fister? Oh and you comment about coffee, well who is the real extremist here then?...none of us have any problem in appreciating things from overseas, be it coffee or currries!-but it sure sounds like you have!:-)

The Green Arrow said...

Well said LMS. I have been meaning to put Mr Fister in his box for awhile but after visiting his site, I felt dirty. The man is obviously a care in the community case. Once we have a say, we shall ensure he receives the medical treatment he needs.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Fister sounds like someone who puts his hands up little boys bums. Perhaps he just checks in to see how much closer to power the BNP are moving so that he knows when his own little sordid perversions and life will end

Where Eagles Dare Aberdeen Morning Green

Anonymous said...

Just looked in on the fister blog.
Im sorry but I think the guy is badly in need of some serious help.
The best advice is to ignore him, totally, dont respond to his postings as you only sink to his level by doing so.

Anonymous said...

While You Were Away I did some musing... You might like to read it here

It's a posting called "Musings On The Cult Of The Dead Paedophile"

Anonymous said...

In the interests of fairness (now where have I head that before ... Ah yes, Red Dawn, 1999). But I digress.

Mr Fister is, on this occasion, quite right. Coffee isn't very english.

Take a look at
this site detailing the history of coffee

It says Captain John Smith, who founded the colony of Virginia at Jamestown, introduced the stuff to the 'New World'.

It also claims the Dutch smuggled a coffee plant out from under the noses of the arabs in 1690 and started commercial cultivation in Ceylon and Java.

And we all know why Mad King Groege's tax on tea led to the american view that to drink coffee, instead of tea, was their patriotic duty, in order to give the bird to their tax-grabbing masters.

So if I feel the need to demonstrate political allegiance through my choice of beverage, it'll be a cup of the stuff nicked from under the noses of the arabs by a fine upstanding white lutheran protestant every time........