Friday, 25 May 2007

You just gotta laugh at the left

The one thing you can rely on the left doing is being stupid and unable to see the obvious.

There is a little plonker named Kyle Thornhill who objects to the fact that there is B.N.P. Councillor in Corsham.

Pleading ignorance - he said; "Myself, like a lot of local people, did not get to hear that this BNP candidate was standing until it was too late to do anything about it, because if we had I would have stood against him to stop them getting in."

Thinks quite a bit of himself does young Kyle - pictured doing some illegal fly posting. However his first attempt at making a protest failed miserably due to the fact he says that nobody knew about it. Laugh. I fell of my chair. This guy is a future John Prescott.

Anyhow, he is trying again and you can read about it here. Whilst there, give the British National Party Councillor, Michael Simpkins your support in the comments section. I think the Wilshire readership can see the difference between a silly child trying to spit at democracy and a legal political party.

Perhaps Kyle would have more success protesting against the Travellers who have just turned up on Council land with 30+ caravans. I am sure that concerns the people of Corsham more than the crying of a little boy. Sad little oik.

A functioning police state needs no police.


Anonymous said...

The BBC website has some very interesting insights on this.

Read this link "" to see what I mean.

A few quotes from this page:-

'Sitting in north Wiltshire and just east of Bath, Corsham has a growing population of more than 12,000 residents. Its council has historically been "non-political", with decisions taken in the best interests of the town. Party politics is even banned in the chamber.'

'Indeed, less than half of the 24 candidates (for the 20 seats) declared a political allegiance on the nomination papers: four for Labour, three for the BNP and two Lib Dem. The rest described themselves as independent, or left the box blank.'

It would seem that no-one else could be arsed to put themselves up for election to the council for this particular ward of the town, giving Mr Simpkins what would appear to be a 'free ride'

However, if Mr Simpkins is looking for fame and power here, he's got on the wrong bus. Because the only statutory duties of the council are to maintain the cemetery and listen to requests for allotments. For everything else, the best they can do is make recommendations to the next chain up in the pyramid scam that is local government in Blair's Britain.

However, burying the dead is a vital task, and failure to do so can topple governments. Do you remember Sunny Jim Callaghan and his famous 'Crisis ? What Crisis?' attitude on jumping off the plane back from his summit at guadeloupe. That put the nail in the coffin of his premiership didn't it

Anonymous said...

Why do you write B.N.P when everybody eles just writes BNP?

The Green Arrow said...

B.N.P. looks neater to me than BNP

I tried B N P but that didn't do much for me either. Where possible I prefer to type British National Party but I should really use BNP for the google searches.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is a horrible looking little bastard isn't he...I bet he has the same IQ as his grandaddy from Barbados...about 60..