Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Sacred Bull, Dead Pets, T.B. and Immigrants

And all of this happening in Wales. Well our first clip is about Shambo the Sacred Hindu Bull that has tested positive for tuberculosis.

Hindus have launched a last minute appeal to prevent the slaughter of a sacred bull which has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The bull, Shambo, lives in a shrine in Llanpumsaint, Carmarthenshire.

Officials at the Skanda Vale Temple and the Hindu Forum of Britain, say the killing of cows and bulls is against their religious principles.

But the Welsh assembly government said infected animals were slaughtered to "protect both human and animal health".

Looking back on the Foot and Mouth Disease fiasco in which millions of healthy animals, including thousands of children's pets were slaughtered, I wonder what the outcome for Shambo will be?

Moving along to Swansea, we find that two schools are carrying out screening of 172 pupils for TB.

Pupils at Gorseinon Infants and Junior Schools are being offered a skin test for the disease.

The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) said the chances of the infection spreading within the school were very low. Unless of course you are one of the four diagnosed with TB who are said to be responding well to treatment. I suppose for them the chances of infection were pretty low also.

The teacher at Gorseinon Infants School has been off work since the end of March, while her children were diagnosed with TB last week.

Finally we have this litte gem from the past from the BBC in which they stated:

Migrants make up about 70% of TB, HIV and malaria cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a report has found.

The Health Protection Agency said this was a "disproportionate burden", but stressed it reflected a small fraction of people not born in the UK.

In its first report on migrant health, it also found there was little evidence to suggest that the general population was being placed at increased risk.

Unless of course your a pupil in a Swansea school. We had almost eradicated T.B. but then something happened for it to return big time. I wonder what?

Did you vote for the cure on May 3rd or did you think the British National Party were not for you are your family? What do you think now?


Anonymous said...

I think I'll nip down to the bookie and steak 50 quid on Shambo surviving.
Another fine shambolic mess tied up in a pretty religious ribbon.
All the best,
Harry Gow.

Dave said...

A message to all to all the people who have made this country their new home,and brought all their baggage with them.
If you don,t like it here GO and not like it somewhere else. Thank you.
I hope I have made this clear enough.

celtic morning said...

Why do we allow such superstition and idiocy to be given privilige status ? Its just a bovine , nothing special about it , thousands are slaughtered every day . Slaughter this one and " sanctify " a replacement , no one will notice .Its bad enough having to put up with the mumbo jumbo of our own Holy Men without suffering the beliefs of any set of dopes who wash up on our shores . Not long ago they were asking for permission to burn bodies on the banks of a Yorkshire river to avoid having to ship them back to the Ganges . And I believe one set of religious fanatics did actually carry out an open air cremation up in Cleveland . Surely the Global Warming brigade protested violently over the discharge of acrid fumes and smoke into the atmosphere . But I must have missed that protest , maybe I didnt get a paper the day the report appeared .If these silly practices are so important to them then thats fine , go to the country of origin where such stupidity is readily acceptable .As our American friends would say , " Holy Cow , whats the world coming to . " .

johnofgwent said...

Radio 4's PM programme had some fervent maniacal supporter of this cult saying they were prepared to bus in thousands of people to form a human shield to prevent this animal from meeting the end laid down in law, and forced upon the farmers of this country who keep cows for the purpose they were intended to be kept.

Part of me thinks 'hey, let them come and we'll napalm them and the cow at the same time' but that would be cruel to an innocent beast.

So instead why not buy up some prison ships, arrest the lot of them when they obstruct the vet and his humane killer, and then we can deport the lot of them after they finish their sentences. Just remind me quickly, john reid DID say criminal immigrants would be deported didn't he ....