Wednesday, 31 January 2007

A Benefit Of Immigration - The White Death

As we all know the financial benefits brought to the UK by immigrants are so small that your "share" of this wealth would be less than a third of a Mars Bar per month. You can read more about the financial benefits of Immigration here.

However, I am more concerned about something else that some of these immigrants - whether under the guise of refugees or under lorries bring concealed within them. T.B.

The number of cases of tuberculosis, one of the worlds deadliest and hardest to treat diseases is back and on the increase in the U.K. Usually known as TB or sometimes, the “White Death”, this killer is back. Not that you would believe the seriousness of this disease from the B.B.C.s tiny report. Read it here.

With the introduction of powerful drugs back in the mid 20TH century, the U.K. was on the point of kicking this one particular killer into the history books. Then back in the 90’s it started to increase.

You know why. I know why. The World knows why. Immigrants. The only ones who will not see the truth are the B.B.C. and Multi-culturists who see this killer as politically sensitive because the increase over the past decade has been almost wholly confined to the immigrant community.

So the next time someone tells you about the benefits brought to Our Country then remind them of the increase in the growth of the White Death. Read more about this killer here

Enjoy that mouthful of Mars Bar – Some of us will pay an heavy price for it.

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