Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Conservative Party - Not a clue.

That nice plonker David Cameron is outlining his vision for a "modern, compassionate" Tory Party, which he says will be seen as a "serious alternative" to Labour.

They really do not get it do they. The only difference these days between the Conservative Party, Labour and Liberal party's these days are the numbers of rent boys they employ.

They are like crazed wine stewards rearranging the deck chairs aboard the Titanic.

Here are the conservatives (small c - they could'nt conserve a green pea) latest Aims And Values.

Economic stability before tax cuts

Policies must help the least well-off, not the rich
Women's choices on work and home lives will be supported

Public services will not necessarily be run by the state

Party will fight for free and fair trade

Tories will be hard-nosed defenders of freedom and security

Government should support home ownership, saving, families and business

Government should be closer to the people

Nothing about stopping the endless flood of illegal immigrants and potential terrorists into our once fair country.

Nothing about stemming the flood of British Jobs overseas.

Nothing about promoting marriage as being the only real way of securing the future of British children.

Beware of all professional politicians. Their only aim is to feather their own nests and that of their famillies and cronies.

And they wonder why the B.N.P. are growing so fast. I would say to all voters of all parties. Put aside your prejudices for one hour and visit the web site of the B.N.P. Download their info pack and have a rethink about your political loyalty.

Go and have a look now at http://www.bnp.org.uk/

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