Tuesday, 30 January 2007

You need correcting Constable

Oh dear. Anyone who saw the film “The Shining” will know what “correcting” means.

But read on.

Stop-and-search powers for police conducting counter-terrorist operations are to be reviewed after complaints from Muslims that they feel victimised.

One can sympathise with the hard done by suicide bomber on his way to a big date with 72 virgins (not something a normal person would wish for but each to his own) when he gets a tap on his shoulder. “Hello, hello. What’s all this? Opening a bakery are we Sir”?

Commander Richard Gargini of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) admitted that the review might lead to fewer people being searched under powers set out in the Terrorism Act, 2000. So fewer people searched and more victims dead. The case for elected Chief Police Officers get stronger by the day.

Moving on to this “correcting” business.

Mr Gargini, formerly head of Scotland Yard's international crime co-ordination unit, added:

"I believe that there is a lack of understanding of Islam within our own staff."

He said the failure was displayed in "insensitive use of language" and "the ill-informed assumption that Islam's teachings are inherently extremist", which amounted to "a reality of bias". He added: "If anybody holds those views, we need to correct them."

Mr Gargini should be advised that the Political Wheel is turning and those he intends to correct may one day be responsible for correcting themselves.

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