Saturday, 27 January 2007

You used to be a ..........

You used to be a fisherman.

But the fish are almost gone and the huge fishing fleets that once sailed from Ports like Aberdeen are no more. Closed so the Spanish might hoover the sea of all life with no thought for conservation. Jobs and fish gone to the huge EU sponge that sucks money from the U.K. at the rate of £30 million and more per day.

You used to be a Steel Worker.

But the Steel Works were shut down as part of the deal when the people of the United Kingdom were conned into joining the embryo United States Of Europe in 1975.

You used to be a Ship Builder.

But the yards that build the greatest Merchant Fleet that the world has ever seen and defended by a Royal Navy that was the envy of the world, were destroyed and rebuild in foreign countries so shareholders could make bigger profits.

You used to a Miner.

But the pits were closed and cheap coal imported from South America and Poland. Coal dug from the ground the way it had been in the U.K. many years ago - by young children and cheap wage slave labour.
No thought for the men or communities destroyed so some parasites of the people might make greater profits.

But all these things were not just done for greed, there was also another planned purpose for the destruction of the above. A nation that cannot feed itself and whose power and production capabilities can be controlled from afar is unable to make the weapons needed to defend itself.

Well the Marxists who now seek to control the world have made their biggest mistake ever, they have awoken the British Lion and he is aware of their evil deeds. One day the traitors who brought our Great United Kingdom to its knees will face the justice of the people.

You used to do a mans job.

Now do one again. Join the B.N.P. and help in the fight for our land.