Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Chief Constables should be elected and not appointed.

Back last year, Leicestershire Police Authority revealed their latest recruit.

It is a cardboard cut-out of an existing officer. This new "officer" is to be placed in strategic spots around the Leicestershire area to deter crime.

A police spokesman stated, “The cut-out can act as a deterrent – if they see an officer, it might make them think twice about causing trouble”.

Brilliant. I wonder why they do not take their logic a step further and realise that if a cardboard cutout can have such a dramatic affect on criminal actions then just imagine what a "real" officer on the beat might do.

Nah. Why have an officer on the beat when you can have an officer filling in forms in a nice warm office whilst a cardboard cut-out protects the people of Leicestershire.

The sooner we have elected Chief Constables who can be held to account the better.

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