Saturday, 14 February 2009

The UAF, Police and the TUC

David Cameron is a prominent supporter
of the communist UAF. Why?

I think everyone knows by now about how the undemocratic and violent Unite Against Freedom(UAF), is just a another tool of the evil and corrupt "establishment", in its desperate fight to retain its control over the True British People they see as nothing more than sheep to be sheared before exterminating.

And of course, being a tool supported by fools of the "establishment", they are able to get away with almost anything - providing they only attack the single opposition to the creation of their one world wet dream. That opposition being the British National Party.

By following this link, you will be able read a PDF file that shows just how the police protect their partners in betrayal by refusing to uphold the law.

Please take the time to read and pass it on.

You can get a lot more information on the background of the UAF by also reading this article here or just keying UAF into this blogs search engine on the right. Where else?


Anonymous said...

'Common Purpose' ?

Anonymous said...

The basis of concensus.

Why there is no political choice.

From an article by Nick Cohen in today's Mail. (don't shoot the messenger)

"However shamelessly Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson welcomed the super-rich into Downing Street and accepted invitations to their Mediterranean villas in return, however cravenly Gordon Brown capitulated to demands from billionaires to provide them with privileges, the paradox of the 1997 Labour government was that it was at once a Left and a Rightwing administration.

It wanted a huge public works programme. It aimed to redistribute enormous amounts of wealth.

To achieve these desirable goals, it made a bargain with the markets. All right, the political Left said, we will accept extremes of wealth we once denounced as obscene.

With the City accounting for a fifth of the British economy, we will embrace your speculators and not drive them overseas with tough regulation.

If the authorities overseeing the Wall Street markets or the Frankfurt bourse become too inquisitive, capital will always be able to find a sanctuary from scrutiny here. Nor will we restrict the operations of financial services, even though they are entrapping our supporters in levels of debt that the puritan in us finds frightening.

We will concede all this, Labour said, if in return you will give us the tax revenues that will allow us to build the new schools and hospitals, and increase the incomes of our struggling constituents. But for all its virtuous intentions, the political Left was living off the proceeds of loose financial morals. Prostituting itself, to be blunt."

So there you have it.

Anonymous said...


Just looked at this item - then the item above on the police harrassment of Peter Mailer.

These two reports show the truely disgusting state of our Police Force.