Saturday, 7 February 2009

A case for treason.

Albert Burgess Ex special constable defines the law and explains why the EEC was an illegal Act, based on secret documents, accidentally uncovered under the 30 year rule.

I have not seen this video, but when Albion tells me it should go out on the blog then out it goes.

I await your comments (as well as a fast connection).


johnofgwent said...

Well I just watched it.

And it is fantastic.

As the guy says, he started reading documents a friend found in the public records office with his historian hat on.

Half way through, he says, he took that hat off, and put his copper's helmet back on.

And then he goes into chapter and verse why.
Brilliant. Just Brilliant

Anonymous said...

And now you know why the media,Lib/Lab/Con and the EU acting as one, are against the BNP.

They have for now,,have the power to report the "news" in a biased way, totally distorting the truth to engineer situations that they will "have the cure" for.
They are comitting treason against the British people.

Anyone speaking out get the racist, homophobic, islamaphobic label to deter people speaking out against something they just do not want.

The French, Dutch, Germans, Italians and all our friends in European countries are also being betrayed by the EU, media and their goverments.

hate the EU, love Europe !
Long live all our nations and it's people!

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Yes, they ARE committing treason by divesting the UK of her sovereignty!


"hate the EU, love Europe !
Long live all our nations and it's people!"

Well said!

I love Britain, however our people are quickly becoming braindead sheeple. The French still seem to talk about politics and will protest when necessary, but we seem to be accepting our fate willingly. It's time for us to wake up or else...

ProudGeordie said...

Long live each European country as an independant nation and freind of freedom.

I have seen this video and it is truely amazing that all the evidence is there. The biggest problem is the Queen has signed all of our treaties to so either she is complicit in the criminal acts or ignorant of them, either way I doubt she would want it known this far down the road. Is treason still treason if the Monarch consents to the action?

Nev said...

Thank God for Mr. Burgess. There's soemone else that knows, but did you know anyone inflicting EU law on use, e.g. BBC, district council (council tax), common purpose.
Under the treason act anyone giving aid and comfort to these people is treason, so surely paying these people anything would be treason. So Everyone has lawful excuse not to pay these people their extortion money. If they try to make you pay they will be using overt acts to make you commit treason to your country.
Are you going to stand for that?

Anonymous said...

Post this video where you can - and email it to friends. The traitors need to be exposed. In fact, they need to arrested and charged with the crimes they have committed. Can we not get them arrested now?

Anonymous said...

Now why did Tony & Co. alter the treason act when they came into power, and why laterly did certain members of our political elite talk about turning Britain into a republic?...Why I wonder!

Nev said...

As for arresting them, if the police don't do it, or army, we should. It is perfectly in our right to arrest them ourselves.
Even Blair and Co getting rid of the Treason Acts to change the law for the favour of the EU is treason.

Anonymous said...

There are a few more videos by Mr. Burgess that you want to get hold of GA before our non friends have a word in Youtube's ear to pull them.
No doubt Mr Burgess has copies, him being a Real Policeman.

Spread the word of Mr Burgess and his video of evidence all over the blogs, especially the European ones as no doubt the same, or similar, underhand tactics were used on our kin and friends.

More people will wake up to the Gulag in waiting when they hear what Mr Burgess has to say.

If you take a look in on the David Icke website, especially the Latest Headlines here....

you will find this little jem from Mr Burgess was posted there a few days ago.

I know some of you will say Icke is a nutter but Im not interested in that, it's what gets posted on his daily news page every day thats interesting.

Check it out daily. A good source for you too GA.


Anonymous said...

Did Bliar (no, not a typo!) actually get rid of the Treason Act? I thought that he just amended it in some ways - like (rather vitally for himself) removing the death penalty (I understand it was one of the few offences which still carried the death penalty - another being piracy or something like that).
We still have the Treason Act don't we? Are there any lawyers out there?

Nev said...

To my knowledge 1351 treason act anybody giving aid and comfort for the creation of an alien in our realm,is guilty of high treason.