Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Muslim Man Beheads Wife - No Change Here Then

A pity she lost her head over this chap.

by JohnofGwent

Some days you stare for hours at the news sites praying to god for something relevant to put in a blog, and preferably something funny while we're at it. Other days you move the mouse over the RSS headline feed and something just jumps out at you.

Today is one of the latter days but I don't think it qualifies as particularly amusing. I bet the wife didn't think so, anyway. Take a look at this web page from the BBC News.

The founder of a US Muslim TV network has been charged over the beheading of his wife, media reports say. Muzzammil Hassan, 44, is accused of second degree murder of Aasiya Hassan, whose body was found last week at the TV station in New York state.

The BBC News page includes these quotes:-
Both Mr Hassan and his wife worked at Bridges TV, a satellite-distributed news and opinion TV station founded by Mr Hassan in 2004 aimed at countering stereotypes of Muslims".

BUT if we read on ....
Authorities said the couple had two children, aged four and six, and Mrs Hassan, 37, had recently filed for divorce after enduring incidents of domestic violence.

Looks to me like he wasn't up for the stigma of a rebellious wife divorcing HIM for his violence towards her. Now how much more stereotypical could you get, I ask.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Amusingly, when he set up his TV station he said that its aim was to counter Muslim stereotypes

Najistani said...


The Muslims are currently waging a propaganda war against us, trying to intimidate us and weaken our morale. They are also trying to destroy our right to free expression with regard to criticism of Islam.

We need to counteract this by destroying their morale and belief in their death-cult, but to do this we need to understand their psychology.

The Muslim mind is pre-rational, predatory and tribal. Appeals to reason are no use because they believe that faith is superior to reason, and the fact that the Koran is full of contradictions doesn't bother them in the slightest. Islam hasn't had an enlightenment and is still in the Dark Ages. In fact, the cult justifies itself in terms of a power-structure maintained by physical threats and lynch-mobs rather than reason or spirituality.

Appeals to normal human decency as an antidote to Islam are pointless. Muslims believe it is their duty to kill, maim, rape, swindle and rob the kaffir (unbeliever) - this is an intrinsic part of their cult. The 'Golden Rule' - 'do unto others as you would they do unto you' , does not extend beyond the boundaries of the Ummah-tribe. So displaying picture of the aftermath of Muslim atrocities is a waste of time - this will actually encourage them. Many Muslim men and boys get sexually aroused by watching jihad-snuff videos of kaffirs being tortured and beheaded.

Pointing out that Muslims are useless parasites on the West is also not going to make them change their ways, because that's what they are unashamedly here for.

The way to get at them, is to damage their inflated and fragile egos. Because Muslims are at a tribal state of pre-civilised development, they venerate the totems of their tribe, and will go into tantrums if these are 'disrespected'. Like unstable adolescents they are constantly seeking 'significance' and 'respect'.

The quest for 'significance' often appears as dhimmi TV programs and exhibitions which claim that the Muslims invented everything and the success of the West is due to Islam.

The quest for 'respect' is aimed at silencing any criticism of their death-cult by use of bullying, intimidation and censorship. The UK Muslim party is called 'Respect'.

Islam is an honor/shame and dominance/subjugation culture, which places great emphasis on humiliation, both avoidance by self and infliction on other.

Allah is the only deity that can be 'humiliated' by humans!

Muslims do not want kafirs to like them, in fact they are not allowed to take kaffirs as friends. Muslims expect to be feared and hated (the gangsta's version of respect) by the kafirs. However what they don't expect is to be mocked. This is their great weakness, as Ali Sina pointed out.

Above all, Muslims expect to be taken seriously, they just can't stand being ridiculed themselves, and especially having their totems ridiculed. In fact, since every Muslim models himself on Mohammed - 'the perfect man' - to insult Mohammed is to insult each and every Muslim. This is what the cartoon riots were about.

So to undermine Muslims' self worth and destroy their morale, we need to ridicule and humiliate their three major totems - Allah, Mohammed and the Koran. Note that because of their pre-rational state, intellectual criticism is relatively ineffective in producing a response. The totems have to be physically 'humiliated' to get masses of Muslims into rage mode.

So theological critique of Allah, a biography of Mohammed or textual criticism of the Koran might attract a few death threats, but it won't cause full scale riots. However, if Allah appears on an ice-cream wrapper , Mohammed in a cartoon , or the Koran is parodied or left down a toilet , then a billion fragile egos are punctured.

More mockery, satire 'desecration', humiliation and unfettered exercise of free speech can be found at Muslim jokes.

Anonymous said...

a leopard never changes its sport, even if you take it out of Arabia and into New York.

Anonymous said...

Colleges told to deter extremism:


Except the BBC doesn't say what kind of extremism, so I'm left wondering.

After weighing all the evidence up, my guess is that it's those evil Methodist extremists who are causing all the trouble again.

Anonymous said...

Colleges told to deter extremism:


Except the BBC doesn't say what kind of extremism, so I'm left wondering.

After weighing all the evidence up, my guess is that it's those evil Methodist extremists who are causing all the trouble again.

beowulf said...

It was his wifes idea to set the tv station up, at least it got the message across about moderate muslims
heres another fine example from across the pond of how so called moderate muslims treat their possesions ( women)


Anonymous said...

Where are all the protests from those left leaning women's pressure groups?. Poor woman, if they can do this to their own imagine what they could do to our girls, and yet our media brainwashes the girls (and boys) into believing they are all cuddly warm characters.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't he have just divorced his wife like normal civilised people ? How on earth did he think he would get away with be-heading his wife ? To slaughter someone like that is truly barbaric and has NO place in a civilised society. politicalMIZZ