Sunday, 22 February 2009

South Wales BNP Meeting

Good morning BNP. Another Sunday and another article to help you pass the time away until it is time for your Sunday Lunch.

We start of with a an eight minute video clip from a recent meeting of South Wales BNP that took place last week. Well worth watching and very well put together.

Really good to see Wales BNP playing their part in the Battle for Britain and fighting to take back Wales from the traitor politicians who have betrayed them.

The Welsh are an easy going, fun people but anyone who has served with a Welsh Serviceman will tell you this. Turn them the wrong way and you will have a fight on your hands and it will be a fight to the end. The greater the odds the more fun it is to the Welsh when in a fight.

No wonder Peter Hain has soiled himself. Diaper sales in Neath have risen ten fold since the BNP started having days out there.

Now here is an interesting snippet that sadly I do not have the link for. One of the "establishment" figures let slip that when the British National Party have an MEP, then this would make available a minimum of £250,000 per MEP to the Party. Quite True.

It is no secret that all the candidates from the BNP who are standing for MEPs in the elections in June have pledged to make sizable donations to the Party. Quite right. They are standing not for themselves but for their people. Unlike those from the "establishment" who stand purely for self gain that can be revealed in the next part of this article.

A leaked report has shown just how much money the vampires of Europe can tuck away in a five year period as an MEP and just how much the corrupt "establishment" MPs are allowed to steal as a reward for their betrayal of Our People.

When you read the report, you will understand why the MEPs voted to keep the report secret. Too late, it is out and the information stored. My advice to those MEPs who have defrauded the British People spend the money fast, because when they are languishing in prison they will have no opportunity to do so.

For those who are concerned about the paedophile activities of the enrichers of Our Sad Country then I point you to the following two links.

The first is about Amjid Raj who used a schoolgirl as a sex object and was jailed for 21 months and the second link here concerns the abduction of a 13 year old girl for sex by Ansar Hussain.

With regards to the second case, I think that some time down the road, the BNP are going to have to look into the background of Judge David Pugsley who gob smacked me for a moment when he he said:

"I appreciate this is a case where there is not a big age gap, but she was a young girl and you knew she was a young girl."
Not a big age gap? The paedophile was 24 and the the child 13.

You want justice, you want your children protected, you want these criminals thrown out of Our Country? Then there is only one way you are going to get those things. By supporting the British National Party.

Don't forget to go here and rate, favourite and leave a comment for the guys who brought you the video. WalesBNP.

Hat tip to Ancient Brit of the Green Arrow forum for the links provided.


Anonymous said...

from an islamic perspective,the age gap was actually far too small.

beowulf said...

hang the bastards . excuse my language but thats how strongly I feel. 1 conviction for dealing class a drugs 1 conviction for rape hanging is the only answer. no matter what my opinion on the enri hers in our country why should we deport him to prey on innocent children anywhere. bring back capital punishment

Anonymous said...

A great Video and Speech by Wales BNP.


Anonymous said...

Good morning to you GA and thanks for posting the vid.

I was looking forward to Sunday lunch and then you go and mention the nauseating Peter Hain. A ruined appetite means I'll now just have a cheese sandwich.


Were the child a muslim you may have a point but where the women and girls of infidels are concerned, they are regarded simply as "war booty" to be used by their muslim male masters. Just as their paedo-prophet did.

Happy Sunday BNP.