Saturday, 7 February 2009

What an arrogant woman

guilty of infanticide just as much as if she'd landed the fatal blow herself

by johnofgwent

Sorry to stomp over your excellent video posting of the former police officer proving Ted Heath guilty of treason for the way he took us into the EEC, but a further example of precisely the same sort of authoritarian arrogance has come to my attention and it makes my blood boil to the point where an entry here is warranted.

The woman sacked from her rather cushy little number in Haringey Council where she presided over the shamles that allowed the death of 'Baby P' turned up on the Radio 4 news this morning bemoaning her treatment at the hands of the media and in general blaming everyone except herself for her fate.

Read it for yourself if you like here. But if you do go there, take a sick bag with you. You'll need it.

But what really wound me up was this quote :-

"Of course I've been distressed about this, of course I have, and had many sleepless nights over it," she said.

"But if there's a young person killed through knife crime this weekend, and I hope there isn't, do we expect the borough commander of that London borough to resign? We don't, we don't."

I have news for you, you arrogant, uncaring bitch.

We Bloody Well DO.

Not least because the knife crime that is rife in that sorry part of the world has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with political meddling in a failed attempt to establish the multiculturalist's dream. A piece of "social engineering" stalin's most dedicated worshippers would kiss Both Blair's arses (That's tony for presiding over the politics and Ian for allowing the softly softly police tactics) for seting out to achieve what comrade joe would never have got away with.

OK rant over.


ProudGeordie said...

Well my rant Isn't over.

To continue on from "We Bloody DO"

Shoesmith, we blame YOU for Baby P

We blame the Met for crime and for every dead person killed or maimed by an enricher

We blame the government for putting inept fools in positions that enabled these things.

We blame ourselves for allowing the government to be elected.

We will absolve our conscience shortly

Anonymous said...

Arrogance in the local Councils is nothing new- that is standard for them. Many of these people working n the local councils are ignorant, arrrogant, evil and they all live off public money (extorted from us under duress - how many hours do you work each week/month to pay them? Work it out - that is your slavery to over pay these idiots).

Red Squirrel said...

What a bitch, she can go to Hell with the rest of her femi-Nazi brood.
I have only once had a run in with 'social' workers and they are more interested in political correctness and 'diversity' than anything else.

JPT said...

What made me laugh was the fact that she said that social services had been trying to 'support' the family of Baby P - this of course being the family that were killing him...

Anonymous said...

Foster parent who has looked after 80 children struck off...because a Muslim girl in her care became a Christian

".... We had a multicultural household and I had no problems helping the young person maintain her faith of birth,’ she said. ‘I have always prided myself in being very professional in what I do. If something works for a young person, whether I agree with it or not, I am happy to support them in that.’
But the girl, whom the foster mother describes as caring and intelligent, defied expectations by choosing not to wear overtly Muslim clothes or to eat Halal food.
The girl, whose interest in Christianity had begun at school some time before her foster placement, also made it clear that she wanted to go to church.
The carer, an Anglican who attends a local evangelical church, said: ‘I did initially try to discourage her.

‘I offered her alternatives. I offered to find places for her to practise her own religion. I offered to take her to friends or family. But she said to me from the word go, “I am interested and I want to come.” She sort of burst in.’
The carer said that the girl’s social workers were fully aware that she was going to church and had not raised any objections.
The girl had told her auxiliary social worker of her plans to convert before she was baptised in January last year, and the social worker had appeared to give her consent.
‘At that point the brakes were off,’ the carer said. ‘I couldn’t have stopped her if I had wanted to. She saw the baptism as a washing away of the horrible things she had been through and a symbol of a new start.’
Three months later, however, senior officials complained that they had not been fully informed of the girl’s intentions to become a Christian.
They said that she should have undergone counselling to ensure that she understood the implications, especially as such conversions are dealt with harshly in some Muslim countries.
The foster carer said, however, that the girl had thought about her decision very carefully and was aware that members of her family might react strongly, so she was adamant that they should not be told.
The carer said that as the auxiliary social worker knew about the baptism, she had not thought it necessary to tell the fostering team as well.
But she received a phone call from the fostering manager who was ‘incandescent with rage’ that the baptism had gone ahead.
The carer said: ‘Up to that point, we had had a good relationship, so I was quite taken aback. I was very shocked.’

In April, council officials told the girl that she should not attend any church activity for six months, so that she could reconsider the wisdom of becoming a Christian.
The carer was also instructed to discourage the girl from participating in any Christian activities, even social events. The council then told the carer there had been a breakdown of trust and in November removed her from the register.
‘It never occurred to me that they would go that far,’ she said. ‘I was concerned that the council seemed to view Christianity in such a negative light. I wonder whether if it had gone the other way – if one of my Christian young people had decided to embrace another faith – there would have been this level of fuss.’
She added that the girl has been devastated by the experience.