Monday, 16 February 2009

Moslem Victory Parades planned

No tribalism here.

Whilst British National Party activists across England, are fighting for the right to hold St George's day parades, the colonisers of Our Country have already gained permission to hold their Victory Parades in the Cities and Towns they now effectively control.

In all those towns and cities, the True British People will have to stand aside and watch the foreign flags march triumphantly by on March the 15th, when the followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile celebrate the birthday of their dead Fuhrer, the paedophile and war monger Mad Muhammad.
A HUGE annual procession through the centre of High Wycombe to mark a Muslim holy day will take place in March.

Rolling road closures will be put on place whilst the procession to mark the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad takes place around several streets in the town centre, on Sunday, March 15.
Meanwhile the sheep people continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance known as the "establishment". God, I know they are ignorant of the truth but it is still hard to forgive them their stupidity.

Interesting article about a place called Islamberg in America, that will also be holding a parade. If you are planning to visit New York, do not drink the water.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations High Wycombe on allowing a parade to celebrate the birthday of a rapist, paedophile and enslaver to be held in your town.

Geert Wilders is banned from Al Britannia and now we know why.

What a proud week in British history.


Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

As you are all aware our beloved prophet was very fond of children. So why not celebrate his birthday by spending some time with your kids?

May I suggest you amuse them THIGHO, a halal replacement for LEGO.

Since the publication of the blasphemous cartoons, it has become the duty of every Muslim parent to prevent their children playing with the accursed Danish LEGO blocks (may Allah send his gremjinns into their factory so that they may be produced misshapen and fail to join together.)

Khomeini Childcare Enterprises has therefore launched a new amusing pastime for Dads and kids, to be marketed as THIGHO (known as Mufa’khathat in Arabic - but our publicity department said this wasn't catchy enough for the English-speaking market).

Here's more information on THIGHO.

THIGHO familiarises children with how things fit together. Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (pbuh - Priapic Babysitter with Unusual Habits) played THIGHO with Ayesha when she was aged between 6 to 9.

But beware, if you let your children play with the damnable Kaffir LEGO, they could construct abominations like THIS !!!

Mufa’khathat makes for happy Muslim families

- Allahu Akhbar
Ayatollah Khomeini
Khomeini Childcare

Ayatollah Khomeini said...


Every year we poor Muslim victims of poverty and oppression scrape a few million petrodollars together to buy our Prophet an international status symbol for his birthday.

Previous purchases include ...
- The Ummanited Nations
- The BBC (henceforth known as al-Beeb)
- The Eurabian Union
- The Prince Charles (pbuh) Media Circus
- Oxford University
- The Conservative Party
- The General Teaching Council
- The Church of England
- The House of Lords

Any ideas for this year's present would be gratefully appreciated.

- Ayatollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

The Prophet so loved birthday parties!

Check out the following link which has a charming picture of the Prophet with his childhood sweetheart, Ayesha. (OK, so it was her childhood and he was 53, but who cares. Everybody said they made a lovely couple, and those who didn't got their heads chopped off.)

As you'll see he's about to give her a present for her ninth birthday!

Allahu Akhbar!

- Ayatollah Khomeini
Child Protection Officer
General Teaching Council

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Good news! We have put more of our our petrodollars together and bought some more birthday presents for our dear Prophet (pbuh).

As part of the recently launched global campaign for servility - sorry I meant civility - towards Islam, we have purchased the copyrights on all European languages. We haven't yet got control of the Queen's English but we do have full rights to Prince Charles'(pbuh) English, which will have to do for the moment.

I have been unable to work out the full cost of these purchases as my faith forbids me to touch the 'plus' sign on a calculator. However I can tell you that the Academie Francaise alone cost £24.95.

We shall reform all these languages to make them more civil, with the exception of Danish, which will be abolished in favor of Welsh (note to the AtchDruid - servility has its rewards!).

It will become ungrammatical to use words with the roots 'Islam' and 'terror' in the same sentence. Terrorists will be known as 'Youths psychologically damaged by Zionism', bomb-belts will be known as 'body-warmers' and ricin as 'pixie-dust'.

Allahu Akhbar!

- Ayatollah Khomeini
Veterinary Officer (disqualified)

ivan said...

On the issue of st georges parade in west bromwich i must say a lot of support is coming in from wales,ulster and scotland but who are the most silent ones over the isssue ? whould you believe the state safety valve the ENGLISH DHIMMIWITS PARTY,i have emailed them and put various messages on their facebook site but still no reply.I did once have an answer off one of their european election candidates when i posed the question " where would me and my fellow scotch, welsh and ulster brothers stand in england if they were elected to goverment ? the reply was " WE LOVE THIS PARTY " very strange indeed.

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

Woe unto you infidel pigs and monkeys!!!!

We have got rid of your offensive Crusader celebration of St George, and now for the next abomination.

I refer to your approaching 'festival' of Easter.

Easter is a festival governed by the phases of the moon, which as any Muslim will tell you, is a sure sign of Pagan origin.

This 'Easter' is yet another of your offensive Kaffir customs (Allah's maledictions be upon them all) which is designed for the sole purpose of making Muslim children feel excluded from festivities. Festivities in this case involving the disgustingly gluttonous consumption of chocolate (I pray that the Mujahideen may mix ricin with the cacao beans)

In the name of diversity we demand that all public recognition of Easter ceases forthwith, and may Allah punish those who continue to celebrate it!

May he send killer bees to infest their Easter Bonnets!

May He melt their Easter eggs, and chill their hot cross buns!

May he smite their Easter bunnies with myxomatosis and lay waste their chicks with bird flu, and may all their flower arrangements wilt!

Best regards
Ayatollah Khomeini
Khomeini Animal Husbandry - Specialists in Sheep Dipping

beowulf said...

To the people of England I say march or be damned. We should all turn up and support our brothers and sisters on april 23rd People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The very sight of these towel headed pyjama wearers marching through our streets should spread disgust through the hearts of every true British citizen. As they chant in their foreign tongues and hold their hands to their hearts they are demonstrating their contempt for us and their determination to exclude us from our rightful ancient homeland. Unless we can convince the British people to act soon, and the sooner the better, then we had best prepare our children and grand children for a life of servitude and desperation. It is now very simple. Either we act and take back our country or we sink beneath a tidal wave of dark age religious barbarity. There is no alternative. Who will galvanise the nation and lead us in a determined revolt? Maybe we could borrow a warlord from Afghanistan. They seem to have plenty to spare and after all, their country has never been conquered- though the taliban came pretty close.

New Diamonds said...

Anthony Cooney, author of the books, The Story of St George and Saint George: Knight of Lydda commented on George as a “man for all people”, not being confined to one country or a single cause. Cooney finds that George’s appeal to Muslims is not something that should be treated as strange. “St George is an ecumenical saint. He is not just for one nation; he is patron saint of many, making him pretty universal. One main reason for Muslims revering him over time is that he was martyred for refusing to give divine honours to idols, and as such is delivered up as a staunch monotheist.” Many accounts have George destroying idols in the temple of Apollo, a story that resounds remarkably with the account of Abraham smashing the idols in his time. Although there are some voices of dissent regarding his martyrdom status, according to Cooney there is a “tremendous amount of evidence”, which can leave us in no doubt of the years of torture he endured and his subsequent death.

mark said...

Call me an old fashioned fuddy-duddy, but I just don't believe that a 54 year old man who has sex with a 9 year old girl should be a role model for all eternity.

Perhaps the Labour party will introduce a new law against paedophileophobia.

Anonymous said...

What I dont understand is a nurse gets sacked for offering to pray for one her "patients" and the muslems in this parade are going to stop outside the hospital and pray for all the patients inside (without asking their permission) and this is seen as a good thing? Where is the logic?

JPT said...

Dark days indeed.

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer, good news GA, Sandwell council who tried to withdraw funding for the st George's day parade has, due to people power made the council backtrack, many Patriots wrote and e-mailed to the council to complain about this racist behavour, one of the BNP's councillors of that area took up the challenge to fight for the English to continue celebrating st George's day.politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

This vid on you tube by a news channel from outside britain, shows how you can make a report on the dangers of Islam in this country without having your hands tied by Political correctness