Thursday, 19 February 2009

Prawo Jadzy, I arrest you on the charge of having falsified your identity .....

by JohnOfGwent

I am old enough to remember the days when the Automobile Association urged persons driving in Spain to carry a SPANISH TRANSLATION of their driving licence. In fact for some people they still do and I find it particularly galling that they have been able to introduce legislation requiring applicants to sit a written and practical test in spanish whilst the pro-multi-cultural schmucks in the uk offer translation services left right and centre.

So imagine my mirth when I read of the unfortunate case of Poland's own Reginald Molehusband. Step forward Mr Prawo Yadzy, wanted for countless speeding and parking violations the length and breadth of the republic of Ireland. A Wuthless Notorwius Kwiminal if ever there was one.

And indeed the notorious Mr Yadzy seems to have gone in for a sex change or two, for here are two more of them.

What's going on ? Well it's easy really and the clue can be seen in the images above.,found by googling for "image polish driving licence". For "Prawo Jadzy" is polish for ..... Driving licence. And the Garda are too bloody thick to know this. So when they write up the ticket for the speeding motorist, they write the first thing that looks like a name on the licence.

Of course, if Eire ran its country like the spaniards run theirs, it would not happen,

Laugh all you like. What was the nationality of the lorry driver they just put away for killing a family of six ? Not english. I wonder what the policemen who wrote up the charge sheet called HIM when they saw HIS licence .....


Anonymous said...

Victory in swanley by election

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens when you are filling quotas instead of the right person to fill the job!