Thursday, 19 February 2009

Resistance: The British Counter-Jihad

By Reconquista

1. The Deadly WMD That Will Defeat Islamic Jihad


Britain is now fighting a war unlike any other it has been engaged in during its long and illustrious history. Gone forever are the days where armies and navies faced other as clearly identifiable combatants engaged in battle on battlefields devoid of civilians.

These are the days of asymmetric warfare, where the battlefields are the information super-highways and the streets of British cities teeming with combatants who walk as civilians among us and who conceal their seething hatred of us behind a smile before self-detonating on buses and trains. These are also the days of stealth warfare where deception is used as an anaesthetic to fool people into an illusory peaceful state, a state that blinds them to the ongoing Islamisation of their own land.

Asymmetric warfare is the modern-day warfare waged by fanatical, deceitful and corrupt enemies who flood us with an avalanche of propaganda to brainwash an ignorant populace into accepting an ideology whose followers are hell-bent on conquering Britain and subjugating the British people.

Islam via Islamic jihad continues to flourish in Britain. Each passing month sees another cowardly concession to accommodate Islamic practices. From the mega-mosque in London that will dominate the capital's skyline to special "halal" dietary needs of Muslim prisoners in British jails, the growing and ever-belligerent Islamic community makes one thing clear: Do as we say or else.

Aided and abetted by the multicultural power-hungry parasites who depend on the Muslim-bloc vote and by their lick-spittle lackeys in the politicised mass media who all treacherously promote Islam as "The Religion of Peace", the British people are slowly but surely sleepwalking towards a nightmare future of subservient dhimmitude under Islamic rule. As the Muslim communities continue to grow, demographics, the most effective weapon of Islamic jihad, will see Muslims continue to make more and more demands and eventually, Islam will become the dominant religion in once Christian Great Britain.

Unless we start to fightback, Al-Britannia is simply a question of when, not if.

So what can we British Nationalists do to try to counter the Islamic jihad that is now being prosecuted with zeal in our once proud nation? Is resistance futile or is there hope for us to defeat this supremacist, intolerant and brutal ideology that spreads via the sword? Will we have to resort to violence and armed struggle to defend the realm or do other peaceful but highly-effective options exist?

These are the issues I am going to focus on in this and forthcoming essays.

Sleepwalking To Dhimmitude

Although Islamic jihad is nothing new - it has existed since the Islamic Prophet Mohammed's exodus to Medina in 622 - very, very few people in Britain are aware of what jihad really is or indeed of the history of jihad. Most will believe that Islam is a "Religion of Peace", a religion like any other and will believe that jihad is either a term to describe those Muslims who are extremists and who misunderstand the "peaceful message" of Islam, or alternatively, think jihad is a term used to describe violent terrorists who prosecute a "holy war".

Then we have naive others whose slavish devotion to the Multicultural ideology enslaves them in ignorance. To avoid being decried as the dreaded "racist" their priority is to exercise tolerance so the truth is sacrificed as they assert: "It's about violent psychopaths who twist and distort the verses of the Qu'ran to justify their hatred. All religions have such cranks."

Of course, there are others amongst us who know the truth but who will still adamantly proclaim these myths as truths for their own greed and selfish gain.

Sadly, there are also those who won't have the faintest idea or even the slightest interest.

Ask a Muslim as to what jihad is and they will tell you with straight-faced piety: "It is a duty for all Muslims to pursue jihad because it is about an inner-struggle to find peace with Allah." Whilst this is partially true, and regarded as the "higher jihad" by some Islamic scholars, jihad is much more than a "personal struggle". The rest of the meaning of jihad will be withheld from you, a practice referred to as "kitman" - concealing the whole truth about Islamic doctrines from the unbelievers.

There are even British Nationalists who do not fully understand the nature of jihad, again believing that jihad is all about violence and warfare. Jihad is much much more than violent warfare and it is certainly not limited to Islamic terrorists or that ever-so common misnomer the press always use, "Islamic extremists".

All of these misguided views stem from a simple basic fact:

There is a widespread misunderstanding of Islam in Great Britain. (I could also say "the western world" but this is about the British counter-jihad.)

This is one very important piece of good news for British Nationalists fighting to halt Islamic jihad. Why? Because the Achilles heel of Islam and the biggest WMD we can deploy against the Islamic jihad that is being waged against us, is the truth about what Islam actually is and always has been since 622.

Islam's Dirty Little Secret

I've just given you one of the very best facts you can use to counter the claim that Islam is a "Religion of Peace". Did you get it?

Look at the year that ends the final paragraph in the proceeding section, 622. It is a very significant year because that is the first year of the Islamic calendar. Many will believe that this is the year when the Islamic Prophet Mohammed was born, others the year he founded Islam, others the year of Mohammed's death.

None of these are true. 622 is the year when Islam changed forever. It is the year Mohammed and his followers fled the city of Mecca and headed for the safety of Medina. This flight is called "The Hirja" and it is during this flight that Allah revealed the conditions of jihad, or the "struggle" against unbelievers to establish Islam as the dominant religion in the world. Every action that is taken to advance Islam is an act of jihad. This means teaching Islam in our schools, the sale of halal meat, the building of mosques, Muslim MPs, foot-baths in public places - you get the idea - as well as acts of terrorism, all of these are part of the Islamic jihad.

Prior to 622, Islam had been a peaceful religion, a combination of Judaism, Christianity and various Arab religions, the new religion of Mohammed that was rejected in Mecca. Angered and embittered by this humiliation, Allah conveniently rides to Mohammed's rescue and instructs Mohammed to wage war on those who refuse to submit to the "truth" and this is regarded as so significant that 622 is the first year of Islam. Not 610 when the Angel Gabriel first visited Mohammed in a cave and spawned the first, peaceful version of Islam, but 622.

Why would anyone believe then that Islam is peaceful? Because clearly, in selecting 622 as the first year of Islam, a statement about which stage of Islam is regarded as the most important has been made. Indeed, under Islamic jurisprudence, the verses Mohammed received in Medina abrogate many of the more peaceful verses he received during his time in Mecca, abrogation referred to as "naskh" in Islam.

Receiving Allah's instructions for jihad in 622 is not the only significant event to emerge from the Hirja that can help us counter Islamic jihadists and their apologists. Our cause can be helped by a very unlikely source indeed. The Islamic Prophet Mohammed himself.

Let's Twist Again

I have engaged in God knows how many debates about Islam, both in the real-world and in the virtual world. I have been banned from God-knows how many sites and forums, been smeared with the usual - and tiresome - brickbats: "Islamophobe", "Bigot" and of course the quite ridiculous "Racist" whenever I have dared to mention that Islam is not a "Religion of Peace". Racist, this catch-all hate-crime that is used to silence anyone who challenges the cosy "we're all equal" world-view of the Multiculturalists is particularly idiotic in this instance because Islam is not a race and neither are Muslims.

Not that facts will deter the self-righteous from their inquisitions as we British Nationalists know all too well.

But what really exasperates me more than these asinine and lame ad-hominem attacks is the ignorance most people display about the Islamic religion. In every debate I have been part of, including with British Nationalists, most of those who defend Islam do not have the slightest clue about it. More often than not, they will trot-out the same criticisms and sound-bites they have collected over the years when discussing - make that criticising - the religions of Christianity and Judaism.

I will bet you a pound to a penny that you have heard this sound-bite that is spewed out with mind-numbing predictability:

"All religions have these cranks and bigots who take the verses of their holy books and twist and distort them for their own ends. Islam is no different, there are evil Muslims who mis-interpret the teachings of the Qu'ran to excuse their hatred just as Christians and Jews mis-interpret the teachings of the Bible."

Good Lord I absolutely CRINGE when I hear this nonsense! Aside from the fact that there doesn't seem to be hordes of holy warriors waging war against unbelievers from the Christian or Jewish faiths, this tired old sound-bite has a very serious flaw:

The Qu'ran, even though it is regarded as the absolute word of Allah that cannot be changed, isn't the sole guide to how a Muslim should practice his or her faith. For one, about 20% of it is totally unfathomable. For two, it is written in rhyming prose in classical Arabic and is therefore difficult to understand for most Muslims, even Arabic ones. For a full, clearer understanding of how Allah's will is to be INTERPRETED, Muslims also have to refer to another crucial book: The Sunnah.

Why is the Sunnah critical to Islam? Because it details how Mohammed personally acted out the will of Allah and it contains authoritative eye-witness accounts of how Mohammed lived his life. In other words, it explains how the Islamic Prophet Mohammed practised his faith. And believe me, Mohammed was a man who practised what he preached with great relish.

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough and it is this importance that will aid us in the British counter-jihad.

Leading By Example

The esteem Muslims have for their Prophet should not be under-estimated. He is regarded as "al insan al kamil uswa hasana" - the ideal man, the perfect example for all time.

The shahada is the declaration of faith and is recited daily by Muslims and is one of the 5 pillars of Islam:

"La ilaha illa Allah, Mohammed rasulu Allah." - There is one God and Mohammed is his messenger."

This demonstrates clearly that if Mohammed is the perfect example and the messenger of God, then the way Mohammed lived his life is the example ALL Muslims must follow. Plain simple reasoning that cannot be refuted. It's the same for Christians who follow the example of their Messiah Jesus Christ, agreed?

So as well as reciting the somewhat confusing rhyming verses of the Qu'ran, Muslims consult the Sunnah for guidance on how to practice their faith by following the real-life example of their Prophet Mohammed.

Yet this crucial fact about the Islamic religion is rarely, if ever, mentioned by politicians, the media, and of course, Muslim leaders whenever they are responding to accusations that Islam isn't peaceful. They will always say something along the lines of "The Qu'ran doesn't sanction..." or "The Qu'ran is being quoted out of context..." and other such apologetic nonsense.

Perhaps the very best example of this came recently from the Lord of Jihad himself, Lord Ahmed. This is a Muslim peer of the House of Lords who as part of his campaign to prevent Geert Wilders from attending the Lords to debate the film "Fitna" stated:

"I think relating A RELIGION to SOME of the criminalities is quite NONSENSE by saying this is freedom of speech. This is a deliberate attempt to PROVOKE A REACTION for people who are just looking for cheap publicity."

That is as classic a piece of Al Taqiyya as you will ever hear, and he is following the example of his Prophet! Watch the following video and hear it from the jihadist's mouth:

But we're not relating A RELIGION to SOME of the criminalities. We are relating Islam to various acts committed by Islamic jihadists who are citing the Qu'ran and the example of the Prophet as their guiding forces.

Here's just a small selection of how Mohammed practised his faith:

  • Personally beheaded men after defeating the Jewish Banu Qurayzah tribe.
  • Enslaved the women and children of this tribe including marrying one of the women immediately after he had beheaded her husband.
  • Married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 9.
  • Ordered the stoning of adulterers.
  • Burned atheists.
All documented in the Sunnah and you can find out more about the shining beacon of Islamic morality in this excellent Islam 101 over on JihadWatch:

Excellent Islam 101

All of this is so important because it is proof that the Islamic Prophet Mohammed received these divine instructions THAT HE PERSONALLY ACTED OUT from 622 onwards. This means that were Mohammed alive today, he would be at the head of Al Qaeda.

In other words, when jihadists behead people or slaughter infidels, they are simply following the example of their prophet. This gives those who continually apologise for Islam and claim that it is a "Religion of Peace" a very difficult problem. Should anyone dare to question the claim that is. Questioning what the Multicultural Marxist-liberal Gestapo tell you is true can seriously threaten your liberty as Geert Wilders has discovered. That Wilders continues to question speaks volumes for the man.

Chasing Phantoms

To support the claim that Islam is "A Religion of Peace" apologists will claim that there exists two versions of Muslims:
  1. That Muslims who call for and carry out violence against infidels are "extremists".
  2. That not all Muslims wage jihad and that just like other religions, there are "moderate" Muslims.
Both of these statements are false.

Let's look at the first claim, that Muslims who wage Jihad against infidels are "extremists". It is clear that the Islamic Prophet Mohammed waged violent jihad, including personally committing acts of violence as well as murder, against the infidel.

Does this mean Mohammed was an "extremist"? Well he is by the standards of other religions but in the context of Islam, he isn't an extremist but the perfect example for all time. His is the example all Muslims seek to emulate.

Therefore those who follow the perfect example of Mohammed - PBUH! - and who commit acts of terror and violence against infidels are certainly not extremists but DEVOUT Muslims who are practising the true faith of Islam. just as their prophet did.

The second claim, that there exists a group who are "moderate" Muslims is simply an insult to the intelligence. I can easily prove this by asking you a question:

If I said to you:

I believe that a man who raped a little girl; beheaded human beings; burned out the eyes and amputated the limbs of thieves; stoned adulterers to death; who referred to Jews and Christians as "the descendants of apes and pigs", who forced his adopted son to divorce his beautiful wife so he could then have sex with her; who forced a slave to marry him immediately after she had witnessed him murder her husband; who stated that it is a believer's duty to fight to establish their religion as the sole religion of the world is a prophet, a messenger sent by God and that I assert this in prayer each and everyday of my life then:

Would you refer to me as a "moderate" just because I hadn't committed any acts of violence against unbelievers? Even if I stated that I don't agree with the verses of my holy book that call for war against unbelievers, it would still be a stretch to label me as a "moderate" if I believe in a prophet who spread his faith by the sword wouldn't it?

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan recently responded to those who use the term "moderate Islam":

"These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is what it is and that's it."

Who shall we believe dear reader? Western politicians like Brown, Smith, Cameron and Milliband who tell us what Islam is or an Islamic leader of an Islamic country who actually practices the Islamic faith himself?


There are a number of issues arising from this first essay - I will be writing further essays discussing the British counter-jihad - that are of concern to British Nationalists.
  1. That there is a widespread ignorance as to what the harsh and painful truth really is regarding the Islamic religion.
  2. Ignorance is - just as it always has in lands conquered by Islam - helping jihadists to further their goal to establish Islam as the dominant religion in Great Britain.
  3. That the Achilles heel of Islam is the truth about Islam and its prophet Mohammed and that Muslims are fully aware of this weakness.
  4. That this truth needs to be discovered by as many of our people as possible to help halt the advance of Islam in Britain.
A large part of Islamic jihad involves the use of propaganda, the information war. Islamic jihadists are making a huge effort on the internet, both to dis-inform and confuse the kuffars, and to recruit new mujahideen (fighters of jihad) to the global Islamic jihad.

We British Nationalists need to be heavily engaged in this information war and it is something all of us can do, indeed, as we have accepted the responsibility to support the BNP and defend the realm then it is our duty to get the truth to our people. Exposing the truth is a peaceful yet highly-effective act of resistance and if enough of us get the truth out then hopefully the need for armed resistance will recede.

In the next essay I will elaborate on strategies we can deploy to get the truth out and I'll also go into detail about what responses you can expect and how to counter them.

I mentioned above just how important the Sunnah is and to end this first essay here is an entry from the Sunnah of Sahih Bukhari, (the sahih denotes that it regarded as authoritative in Islam) and are the words of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed himself:

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4 Book 52 Number 220

"I have been made victorious through terror."

Terror is used by Muslims to intimidate us so we fear them. That's how Mohammed used it and it's time to call time on Islam and its game of terror. We have plenty of ammunition we can use as you will see in the next essay but the truth is our most powerful weapon and we should use it wisely and to devastating effect.


ProudGeordie said...

Outstanding work as usual! If only we could get this kind of article to the masses.

Unilateralist said...

"only when the adherent believes fully that his enemy is a juggernaut of irrational destruction, who's existence is solely to cause harm, who speaks not a word of truth and can never be understood as anything other than evil - there lies the language of the cult. For where can reason reside when any action to the contrary is the 'enemy's trick'? Such certainty is by far the highest danger our liberty faces."

-H.L Mencken, 'Prejudices'

mark said...

I would like to add just two points against the idiotic "Ah, but there's a lot of violence in the Bible too you know" argument.

1) Compare Jesus with Mohammed. Enough said.

2) Nearly all the violence in the Bible is apocryphal and buried deep in the midsts of time in The Old Testement. Did God really strike down Sodom & Gomorrah? I seriously doubt it. Did Mohammed watch all those men and boys be murdered in cold blood by beheading after the siege of Medina. Yep, it's a recorded historical fact.