Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Paddington and Westminster Times and the BNP

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Several weeks ago, the Paddington and Westminster Times published an article (shown above) suggesting that an arson attack on a synagogue in Brent, might have been the work of the British National Party. A scurrilous suggestion indeed.

And that might have been the end of it, had it not been for a local British National Party member and activist, Giuseppe De Santis who took it upon himself to make a formal complaint to the editor. The result of which you see below.

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It just goes to show what can be achieved with just a little effort and the will not to let the liars get away with it. Well done Giuseppe. Proud of you.

With regards to the Jewish person who made the allegation, perhaps he should read the following taken from the well known Jewish site Israpundit:

"In addition, a Google search on site:bnp.org.uk and “Jews” does not produce vicious anti-Semitic material, in contrast to searches on site:moveon.org and “Jews” (in 2006) and site:my.barackobama.com and “Jews” (2008). The searches on site:bnp.org.uk and “Jews” often turn up unequivocal condemnations of anti-Semitism instead, along with condemnations of Israel’s enemies that make Likudniks look like Kumbaya-singers. This at least opens the possibility of collaboration with the BNP against the common enemy of Civilization,"

and read the article from which the above was cut, entitled British National Party: Yesterday’s Enemy, Today’s Ally?

The Green Arrow blog is always looking for stories about Branch and Group activity. In fact it wants any stories, especially videos of local activity by the British National Party. Send them in please.


Anonymous said...

I recently emailed a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission regarding a piece of "journalism" in the Daily Mirror. Brian Reade,a red, verminous,traitor wrote a few lines expressing mock horror should black radicals use the BNP list to exact "retribution".
I knew what their "findings" would be before they found them,but I persisted anyway. I wasn't surprised by the result,but I was upset that only three other people had bothered to take the time to complain.
Great video over at
I suggest you all take a look,and just maybe some people will realise the huge battle we face,and make a little more effort. The threat we face from the red scum is probably even greater than the peril we found ourselves in the 1930's. These people actually want to control not just your actions, but your thoughts also.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

THREE men were seriously injured after a friendly snowball fight descended into a race attack in the same street where Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald was abducted nearly five years ago.

The white victims, all aged 20, were assaulted by a gang of Asian men armed with weapons.

In March 2004, Kriss, who was just 15, was seized on the same South Side street before he was beaten to death and his body set alight.

Sunday night’s snowball fight in Pollokshields’ Kenmure Street involved a group of Asians aged between 10 and 16, and four white youths.

According to eyewitness, there had been no problems until a dark-coloured car arrived at the scene its four male Asian occupants got out.

They then started attacking the white group with a variety of weapons.

After the beating, the four white youths were taken to the nearby Victoria Infirmary suffering head injuries and broken bones. One was released after treatment but the others remain in hospital.

Detective Sergeant Diane Caldwell of Strathclyde Police said: “What started out as a friendly snowball fight turned nasty. We are treating this as a racial incident against the four white males involved.

“I would appeal to anyone who saw the snowball fight, heard any exchange or saw the males arriving or leaving the scene to come forward.”

The suspects were all believed to be in their 20s.

The body of Kriss Donald was eventually found dumped next to Celtic’s former training ground in the East End of Glasgow.


Anonymous said...

A good article for you GA.



Anonymous said...

"The basic idea is that a person’s merit is defined by his or her culture as opposed to race or ethnicity. A person of Euro-American culture, such as a Hindu, Sikh, African-American, or Japanese, is “one of us” while a person of Islamic supremacist culture is “one of them.” - from the Israpunit article.

Well these chaps may now be waking up to the fact that the BNP is not anti-semitic, (and is in fact Britain's only hope against Islam), - BUT as the quote above shows, they are still enthralled by the LIBERAL pipe dream, which landed Britain and the west in its present mess in the first place! Of course a person of "high" culture can be of any race. Of course individuals should be treated justly and fairly. That doesn't change the fact that culture develops from the characteristics of a race. Change the race, and you eventually change the culture. A white China would not be China. A black Britain would not be Britain. How is it that so often liberals and leftists are concerned for the protection and preservation of indigenous populations so long as they are non-white, but the extinction of the white race doesn't worry them? What is wrong with being glad that your family looks like you and is white only? NOTHING. In fact that is the healthy normal attitude. As Israpundit admits, and laments!, there are even Jewish organisations with this attitude. It is years of liberal lying about race and their truly lamentable indoctrination against whites which has resulted in the PERVERSION which characterises this as something wrong and (heaven help us) racist! Keith_SA

Anonymous said...

Yes it was good the "newspaper" was forced to take back their lies, if were talking about anti-Semitism who was it that was on "demonstations" all over Europe causing mayhem on the streets ? Muslims and assorted far left useful idiots agitating the situation further, anti-Semitism is on the rise but no matter how much the left hope and pray that it is carried out by the BNP, the facts speak for themselves, anyone who doubts this needn't take my word for it, just go on Youtube and see the Israeli/Gazza demos in London, and the racist language used towards the Jewish people. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

so what are the police DOING about the "jewish person" who made this slanderous allegation ?

I'm sure Richard Brunstrom can spare some men from his "hate squad" to pursue the matter with the same zeal they would if i'd suggested it had been the work of cymdeithas yr iaeth cymraeg the cottageburners party provisional wing