Monday, 9 February 2009

A Nightmare Unfolds: The British Intifada

By Reconquista

How Britain Will Become Europe's Israel


If I were to say to you that in just ten short years, Great Britain will be in exactly the same situation IF NOT WORSE, than the state of Israel, how would you react?

Would you dismiss me as being paranoid?

Perhaps you'd say that although there are several parallels, such a perilous state of existence is unique because of Israel's geographical location and the fact that it is of course, a Jewish and not a Christian state.

Or maybe you'd ask the barman for "a glass of what Reconquista has been drinking".

In a recent debate, a protagonist asserted that THE problem Great Britain faces isn't Islamic jihad but the Marxists, the socialists, the liberals, the lib/lab/con elites, the cowards, betrayers and traitors who have sold out their own people by imposing the horrors of a multicultural society upon the people of Great Britain.

I disagreed and was told "you need to see the bigger picture".

So the contention here is that "the big picture" is to state that the problem is within Britain itself and that a BNP government (something I am longing for) will solve the problem by putting an end to the lunatic, suicidal policies of cultural Marxism by ending mass immigration and by imposing a nationalist system of governance.

Au contraire. Although a BNP government will be a desperately needed dramatic improvement on the shambles of successive corrupt and incompetent lib/lab/con administrations who have disgraced the Houses of Parliament, this isn't quite "the big picture". In fact, it is dangerously myopic as I will now explain.

Small Is Beautiful

The first point to make concerns geography. Take a look at a map of the Middle East. Israel, although a modern, efficient nation, is but a tiny part of it, about one-sixth. It is surrounded by nations who wish to see nothing less than the total destruction of Israel.

Now take a look at the map of Europe and look at Great Britain. It's well, it's not very big is it? And although we are an Island people who have been saved on more than one occasion by the seas, the distances between the white cliffs of Dover and France - about 35 miles - well, the sea will not be much of a protection in future conflicts.

So let's assume the dream happens and the BNP are given the mandate by the British people. Within 24 hours, the BNP would pull us out of the European Union, an Islam promoting union Bat Y'eor famously described as "Eurabia". Small but beautiful Britain, this green and pleasant land, would then have a collection of hostile EU nations right on its doorstep.

The Coming British Intifada

We are told that there are about 1.5 million Muslims in Great Britain. This figure is contested as we all know, with some putting the figure at double that. These are Muslims whose allegiance is not to Great Britain and the British way of life but to Islam and the Islamic way of life.

To quote the high-profile Muslim mouth-piece and fanatical jihadist Anjem Choudhary:

"We are not British Muslims we are British-born Muslims." And then there is the treason of a Muslim peer of the realm, Lord Ahmed, who declared his successful attempt to prevent the visit of Dutch MP Geert Willders to Parliament for a viewing of Wilders' film "Fitna" as "a victory for the Muslim community". To gain victory, Ahmed, Lord of of jihad, threatened "to mobilise an army of 10,000 Muslims" if his demands were not accepted.

Now let us imagine the state Great Britain could well be in just ten years from now. The demographic weapon is one of the most -if not THE most - effective strategies deployed by Muslims to conquer a land in "Dar al Harb", just ask the Kosovo Serbs. It is not unreasonable to estimate that the Muslim community in Britain will number around 8-10 million.

If we look at Israel, in 1948 the number of "Palestinian" refugees officially recognised by UNRWA - refugees cunningly created by the Arabs themselves - was around 500,000. They now number over 4 million. And as the years have passed and the number has risen, there have been scores of suicide bombings and two violent uprisings - intifadas - along with 5 jihads, the 2 most recent being waged by terrorist organisations Hizballah in Lebanon 2006 and by HAMAS in Gaza in 2008-9.

Perhaps the strongest Muslim communities in Great Britain at the moment are in Bradford and Birmingham. What if these communities continue to grow - and they will - and, following the pattern of jihadists in "Palestine", Kosovo, India, The Lebanon, Thailand, Iran - and many more - they start to demand autonomy? To demand their own "Islamic State" that exists separately from Great Britain on British soil?

I remember watching a television programme presented by one of the parasites of the race industry, Darcus Howe, where Pakistani Muslims in Birmingham told him in no uncertain terms:

"In twenty years time this place will be more like Islamabad than Birmingham. It will all be ours."

(I couldn't find this programme searching the web but if anyone reading this can help me find it I would be most grateful.)

Here's something that may surprise you: Think back 10 years. Can you remember Islam being such a main topic of news as it is today or that mosques and Muslims would be as common a sight as they are right now? Because I for one had absolutely no idea whatsoever about Islam back then, Islam simply wasn't even on my radar. Had I been asked about Sharia Law, I'd have said "Isn't she an American country and western singer?"

A decade ago Islam was exactly what I wished it was today: A non-entity for me. So do you honestly think it is a figment of my imagination to imagine violent intifadas on the streets of Birmingham or Bradford that mirror the scenes we have witnessed so often in the West Bank and the Gaza strip?

And remember, there has never been a state called "Palestine", there are no such people as "Palestinians", this is all Islamic propaganda aimed at destroying Israel. It is just a single part of the current third global Islamic jihad that is being waged by Muslims to turn the lands of "Dar al Harb" into "Dar al Islam".

Should this happen in Britain - and I have to state quite clearly that as someone who has studied the history of Islamic jihad I think it WILL happen - then this will trigger a domino effect which again will mirror events in the Middle East.

Love Thy Neighbour

As one of the first actions by a BNP government will be to pull Britain out of the EU dictatorship, this will immediately generate a wave of criticism and anti-British feeling from the governments of the various nations who remain tied to the EU and who pursue the totalitarian single-Europe goal with zeal.

Our closest neighbours in the EU are also being enriched by vast numbers of Muslims. Tiny Netherlands, where Dutch MP Geert Wilders is about to be prosecuted for hate crimes because he dared to make a film exposing the uncomfortable truth about Islam, has a growing and restless Moroccan community. The city of Rotterdam now has Holland's first Muslim mayor and the Dutch socialist government appeases the Muslim community at every turn, pressured by both the belligerent Muslim community and greedy global capitalist Dutch corporations who place profits above the preservation of The Netherlands and the Dutch way of life.

Little Belgium is similar to Holland. The Molenbeek village in Brussels is now more like a Moroccan village than a Belgian one. And just like their Dutch counterparts, the Belgian government bends over backwards to appease their Muslims, and recently banned a SIOE (Stop the Islamification of Europe) demonstration scheduled for 9/11.

Things don't improve when we look at France. If anything, things get even worse. The French are also experiencing the joys and benefits of mass Muslim immigration, none more so than in their capital city Paris. In "Les Banlieues", poor suburbs that have been taken over by Algerian Muslims, outsiders walk through the area at their peril. Police are routinely driven out by gangs of Muslim youths with one Police chief declaring that his officers "are now fighting the French intifada."

Each summer, the main cities of France burn as enraged Muslim youths go on the rampage torching cars and engaging in fierce street battles with the French Police.

The French President Sarkozy, elected on the promise to tackle these issues has done absolutely nothing other than appease. A staunch Europhile, he has even declared that Arabic should be the future first language of France.

Can you see where I'm going with this? Let me ask you:

What do you think the EU and our closest neighbours will do should there be an intifada for a separate Islamic state in Great Britain? Do you think these nations - who could well be facing a similar situation themselves - will be of any support to us or do you think that they may support our enemy in the same way that they support terrorist organisations such as HAMAS and Hizballah?

Now think about this: Turkey is busily agitating for full membership of the European Union. If - make that when - this nightmare happens, Europe will be flooded with Turkish Muslims who will all play their part in turning the infidel lands of Europe into "Dar al Harb".

Here's another portion of food for thought: This is just a snapshot of our closest neighbours, Belgium, The Netherlands and France. I haven't mentioned the dire situations that exist in Norway and Sweden nor the equally dire situations in Germany and Austria. Even the favourite summer holiday destination of the Brits, sunny Spain, now has serious problems with Muslim immigrants.

And for desert: France not only has a strong army and navy. It possesses nuclear weaponry. Should France become part of Dar al Islam...

A United Front

The scenario we are discussing here concerns a demand by a majority Muslim community in a British city, for example Birmingham, to establish their own Islamic state. This leads to wide-spread rioting, vicious street battles with the Police, suicide bombing attacks, an armed struggle which a future BNP government may seek to quell by deploying the army. A once unthinkable situation becomes reality as The West Bank comes to Birmingham.

In a previous essay, Shilling for Jiahd Part Two, I outlined how the UN has now been taken over by Islamic nations and is now playing an active part in advancing the global jihad. Now it maybe that a BNP government will also pull Britain out of the UN. I for one hope so. But maybe they won't because of our veto.

But I do know this: In it or out of it, the UN will react to anything a British government does to take action against Islamic jihadists on British territory demanding an Islamic state in exactly the same way it reacts to Israel's actions to defend its citizens and preserve its nation.

Resolution after resolution will be passed against us. Could this mean sanctions? Could this mean that the Islamic bloc will threaten us with the oil weapon? Will the US, who even under a Republican administration saw Condi Rice compare the sham cause of the "Palestinians" with the struggle of the civil rights movement back in the 1960's, be our ally or the ally of our enemies under a Democratic - should that be Dhimmicratic? - administration led by an Islam sympathising President Barrack HUSSEIN Obama? A "black" President who will probably be voted in for a second term by the large black and Hispanic communities.

Will we be forced by the UN and the world's super-powers - Russia, China and the US - to accept a "two state" solution and to resist no matter what from responding "disproportionately" under threat of attack as happened to Serbia? Will the power of our veto be enough to defend us against the Islamic bloc and its allies as they condemn us in the same way they condemn Israel? I wouldn't bet on it.

One thing is for certain. Just as Israel and Serbia have discovered, we British won't find any friends in the reptile swamp of the United Nations. It is nothing more than a vehicle for Islamic despots and dictators to impose Islam on the world, a task the UN is willingly aiding.

Made In Britain

Finally, there is one more aspect to this nightmare scenario which Israel doesn't have to contend with but we most certainly will.

I began this essay by stating the position held by a protagonist that THE problem Britain faces is within. Namely, from the Marxist/socialist/liberal elites who are all responsible for the dire straits that Great Britain is in today. These are the self-hating, British-hating, multicultural-worshipping, pro-EU and pro-global capitalist internationalists who have brought the peoples of the third-world along with their retarded ideologies and cultures to the towns and cities of Britain.

There is no more retarded an ideology than Islam. Wherever Islam takes root, abuse, violence and death follow. It is a supremacist, intolerant and brutal ideology that seeks to dominate and whose believers have as their ultimate goal the will to establish Islam as the single global religion. Indeed, Allah through his so-called Prophet, Mohammed, commanded it.

Islam has now taken root in Britain thanks to the Marxist/socialist/liberal fools who have placed their loyalty to their irrational ideologies above all else and in doing so, have now placed the British people in grave danger.

Just as Israel has its suicidal liberals - jewicidal liberals as they are sometimes referred to - Britain also has a similar problem. Although it can be said that liberals are well-meaning but misguided fantasists who are pursuing a naive aim of equality that is out-of step with the reality of human nature, there are others in our midst who are not so well-meaning. Unlike Israel, we have committed Marxists whose goal is to totally destroy our nation and reduce it to a state of anarchy.

These are the traitors who will stand with the enemy and fight with the jihadists. So not only will we be faced with naive liberals who will, just as they do with the situation in Israel, call for Britain to make peace and accept a "two state solution", we will be faced with the treachery of our own people who will collaborate with Islamic jihadists and who share the same fanatical desire to destroy Britain.

So not only do we face the prospect of a war on our own land to save it from falling into the hands of a fanatical Islamic enemy, we will be faced with fighting our own people.

This is the big picture of Islamic jihad, and you can now understand why I believe that Islam is THE problem. We are truly on the cusp of an horrific nightmare, and if the history of Islamic jihad teaches us anything it is that it isn't a question of IF this nightmare will happen but WHEN.

What is the famous saying regarding the lessons of history? I think it is something like: "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

We are at this moment in time, failing to learn the lessons history teaches us about how Islamic jihad is waged and how it succeeds in conquering the lands of "Dar al Harb" so they become "Dar al Islam". What is happening to Israel today will for sure happen to Britain in the not too distant future.


It is clear that if Islam continues to flourish in Great Britain then there will be a demand from a majority Muslim community in a city such as Birmingham, for a separate Islamic state.

The consequences of this will not be restricted to Great Britain and it will not be an issue that can solely be dealt with by electing a much needed BNP government. The "Big Picture" to be fully aware of is that we not only face an Islamic enemy within our borders who will be aided and abetted by British collaborators both well-meaning and malicious.

We will also be confronted with Islam-appeasing EU nations who will support our enemy and in a worst-case scenario, use military force against us. This would be a serious threat should France fall into Dar al Islam.

The oil-rich Arab-Islamic nations of the world will also play a very active part during the British Intifada, and use of the oil weapon by the Arab nations, especially Saudi Arabia who is pouring millions of dollars worth of petro-dollars into spreading Islam around the world, is just one way they will join the battle. The influence and dominance the Islamic bloc wields in the viper's nest that is the UN will lead to scores of resolutions against Britain which may include sanctions or even a demand for a UN peace-keeping force to be deployed.

Will the US, our NATO ally come to our aid or will they seek a peaceful "2 state solution" as they do in "Palestine" or will they stay out of it altogether?

All of these will be helping to create an Islamic state on British soil and when one Islamic state is established in Britain, there will be demands for another. First it could be Birmingham, next Bradford then Oldham.

This is how Islamic jihad is prosecuted, and this is why I assert that THE problem we are facing here and now is Islam. And my God we had better wake up and realise it very, very quickly or we are doomed to a nightmare future of compliant, subservient dhimmitude.

The question is "how do we prevent this nightmare from happening?" and it is a question I will try to offer some answers to in coming essays here on the Green Arrow blog.


Anonymous said...

You seem to suppose that the UK would have a BNP government and the rest of Europe will be anti - nationalist. The opposite scenario is FAR more likely with the first nationalist government in Europe arising on the mainland after all it was Jean Marie Le Pen who was the runner up in the French 2002 Presidential election, and Austria briefly had a nationalist coalition governemnt in 2001.

Anonymous said...

Wow! a very far sighted and disturbing view of the future, without doubt this is the begining of the end for civilisation, could be just as ol' satan planned all along, and what the Bible repeatedly warned us of, though we were being too trendy and liberal/atheist minded to take notice. May as well party like there is no tomorow then as we are all going to hell in a little pea green boat. Pity for our children, we let them down.

mark said...

A well written article, which unfortunately, will be read in the main by those already aware of the threat.

What can be done? Our practical options diminish with each passing year.

I'm not aware of any other advanced societies that voluntarily surrendered without a shot being fired while they were still dominant as we are doing now.

In all of our history, Europe has never had such treacherous and stupid leaders.


If it is europes isreal,its our stretch of water and come and have a go if you think your hard enough?
shut up shop and kiss my arse?
A mate of mine down the pub in the ninties said to me "if you see whats going on in Serbia now ,this will happen in britain in 50 years time",jesus christ on a bike "15 years out ?
by the way he was banned from the bnp for being too violent but a little too excessive?
His mrs and his grown up teenage kids are proudly on the list and god bless


And another thing if nick griffin gets martyred,I dread the thought!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that "The Emperor's New Clothes' scenario may well form the future of Europe... All it will take is ONE proud, nationalistic Country, whose down-trodden people will have got sick to the back teeth of Appeasement, Appeasement, Appeasement of ANYONE other than their own people. The Open Door policy on immigration foisted on those people against their will by far too many years of non-listening Governments. So, on the surface grim, but perhaps we do not have to worry about the future of our grand/children quite yet.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible senario you depict.But we should remember that the last invasion of British soil was by the French, which was repulsed by women in national costume. hepworth

Anonymous said...

Hi GA,

Have you read Searchlight this month?


Anonymous said...

Anon 19:30

I disagree and if you have to go back to 2001/2002 to prove your point I'd say it is anything but FAR likely.

FN has imploded, Le Pen has set the cause of French nationalism back years with his idiotic alliance with Islam and his nepotism.

You also fail to account for the single biggest threat of all: Demographics.


Anonymous said...

It don't think the "naive well-meaning but misguided liberal fantasists" are to be dismissed as irrelevant. In fact they are just as dangerous.

So messed up in the head with trying to please everybody and with no sense of personal identity, they are the ones who legitimize this behaviour by rationalising it into acceptability to the non-politcal masses. You can catch a glimpse of this with some posters of this thread in commentisfree by trying to redefine anti-Semitism:

In a similar way, they will redefine the balkanisation caused multiculturalism.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

This is entirely off topic GA - but I really think Wigan's latest will have you chortling. Warning: no coffee in mouth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:01

"It don't think the "naive well-meaning but misguided liberal fantasists" are to be dismissed as irrelevant."

Who dismissed them as irrelevant?

They're in the essay precisely because I contend they will be our opponents. The point is that they have "good intentions" i.e. "we're all equal" not that they are irrelevant.

But the road to hell is paved with...


Anonymous said...

"Think back 10 years. Can you remember Islam being such a main topic of news as it is today or that mosques and Muslims would be as common a sight as they are right now? Because I for one had absolutely no idea whatsoever about Islam back then"

but I remember as a 10 year old watching a tv program about the Islam and some muslim from the early days of the Muslim community of GB. I watched in horror as this muslim stated that the goal was to create a muslim state or a muslim area within the UK.

This statement was made in 1982 or 3, 26 years ago, and what have the consecutive British government done about it? They have continued to import millions of Muslims in the knowledge that these muslims are now actively engaged in guerilla warfare against the British population.

Anonymous said...

Recession to be worse and longer than 1930's

Not My Grandad's Labour Party said...


Remember how the the fox gets rid of his fleas. The fox goes along the hedgerow and collects little bits of sheep's wool. He makes it all into a ball of wool which he holds in his mouth.

Then he goes into the stream and slowly lowers himself into the water. The fleas move ever unpwards to avoid the rising tide.

The fox lowers himself into the water until all but the ball of wool is submerged. He then lets go and the ball of wool floats away carrying all the fleas with it. The fox emerges from the stream cleansed of his unwanted guests.

If the countries of continental Europe turn nationalist before Britain, then Britain could end up as the ball of wool.

The last countries in Europe to go Nationalist will end up infested with all the blood-suckers of the continent. In fact these countries will never get the chance to go nationalist because they will have been swamped with the low-life driven before the advancing tide of nationalism, undesirables who have the rights to settle and vote anywhere in the EU. The parasites will destroy their final hosts.

Abu Abdullah said...

Now take a look at the map of Europe and look at Great Britain. It's well, it's not very big is it? And although we are an Island people who have been saved on more than one occasion by the seas, the distances between the white cliffs of Dover and France - about 35 miles - well, the sea will not be much of a protection in future conflicts.

Remember that you are now linked to the European Continent by the Channel Tunnel. That tunnel has to be accounted for in any strategic planning.

Anonymous said...

The future doesn't sound like fun after reading the article. Two seconds after thinking that I took comfort in the fact that the British never give up, we may go down but we soon bounce back.

More leaflets, street sales and generally getting the BNP word out to educate the populace at every chance is our best way forward, for the moment, I feel.

Wales seem to be catching up fast on the what has been done to the country by ineffective weak self serving governments and now turning to support the BNP.

Keep thinking about what we want for our future, not what we dont want; because we always get what we think about whether we want it or not. Think about it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ed Balls has the nerve to warn of the 'rise of fascism'

How hypocritical can they get? We already have a fascist government with McBroon's Broonshirts:

Fascism is an authoritarian system that puts the power of the State above the rights of the individual.

If we look at the measures that NuLabour have brought in over the past decade then we observe:

(1) Politicisation of the police.

(2) Thought-crime legislation.

(3) Attempts to imprison political opponents for speaking their minds.

(4) Government control of broadcasting.

(5) Anti-terror legislation used to persecute peaceful protesters.

(6) Gestapo-style raids on political opponents.

(7) An immense burden of meddlesome legislation that turns ordinary people into criminals.

(8) Schools used for political brainwashing.

(9) Political opponents denied employment.

(10) Favoured ethnic groups given massive preference in resources, employment, housing and immunity from prosecution.

(11) Growth of a vast state bureaucracy of snoopers.

(12) A huge increase in computer and CCTV surveillance.

(13) Micromanagement of every aspect of peoples' lives.

(14) Attempts to destroy all non-state controlled institutions where proles can meet and exchange unauthorised opinions (eg use of taxation and licensing legislation to destroy community centres such as pubs and village halls)

(15) Abolition of habeas corpus.

(16) Attempts to abolish trial by jury.

It this isn't a Fascist agenda then I don't know what is! Readers can no doubt think of other items to add to it.

On the other hand, the BNP want the repeal of this repressive legislation and a return to our ancestral freedoms, a roll back of the power of the State and an education system and society that re-establishes traditional freedoms, duties and responsibilities of its citizens.

So the BNP are the true anti-Fascists, and outfits like the UAF, in an Orwellian inversion of reality, are the NuLabour Fascist regime's thugs, intimidators and hit-men.

Anonymous said...


"Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV

The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain.

Prominent British Muslims will star in the British Foreign Office-funded £400,000 (approximately Rs 2.9 crore)-campaign that is set to break on Pakistani television next Monday, ‘The Guardian’ reported on Tuesday.

The three-month public relations offensive, called ‘I Am the West’, will also include high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur, ‘The Guardian’ said. Seven in ten British Pakistanis are Mirpuris."

More at

Anonymous said...

GA its interesting how many of us know the truth, we can see the truth, we can almost taste the truth, but its unfortunate how few of us will openly admit to the truth, I have been writing about the balkanisation of Britain to the press for more years than I like to remember, I witnessed its beginning in the 1950's it was obvious to me then what I seeing unveil before my eyes was the start of the ghettoizing of British cities, something I had seen in the USA Harlem ect, and since then we have seen the ghetto's evolve into mini Islamic enclaves, just one little step away from mini Islamic autonomous states, thanks to you and the BNP there is a rising awareness of the looming catastrophe throughout the UK, and with blogs such as yours and Reconquista's ect, combined with your determination to print the truth whatever the cost, and a political party dedicated to the truth we still have a chance to turn the tide of cultural-Marxism, and yes we are vilified by the L/L/Con not because we are racist or bigots or xenophobic its because we tell the truth, and that truth will set us free.

When the truth sees the full light of day (and that day is fast approaching) the L/L/Con millstone around our necks will be removed and a glorious future for our people will once again become reality.
Keep up the good work GA, Recon, and all the other true nationalist blogs, you are an inspiration to us all.
God be with you kinsmen.
Regards ed.