Saturday, 14 February 2009

Police harassment of Peter Mailer continues

In this article and others linked, I reported to you the disgusting treatment of Peter Mailer, the landlord of the Black Bull Hotel in Warkworth, who was arrested for displaying newspaper clippings and political cartoons on his bar room wall after a complaint from a senior Gestapo Police Officer who visited the pub.

Considering how the police claim they do not have the resources to investigate the crooked Lords who have been accepting bribes on behalf of big business, they certainly have the time to harass and persecute Mr Mailer.

Because this Friday, Mr Mailer was arrested again, following another complaint, this time from an anonymous letter to the police.

Was there even a letter I ask myself? Or is it more likely to be part of the "establishments" attacks on those who do not love Big Brother?

Mr Mailer said: "The police turned up on Friday afternoon, while I was out, and I got a phone call from my barman saying two officers wanted to speak to me.

"Apparently the complaint was made in an anonymous letter, which I find amusing because the police have failed to act on the anonymous threats I've had pinned to my van since my initial arrest in December.

A further visit by a senior police officer followed on Monday.
Mr Mailer added: "They have told me that they will be making regular checks on the pub to see whether I am breaking the law. It's almost verging on harassment, but that's fine by me."
Peter, who is proud to say that he is a supporter of the British National Party is now on bail until the 3rd of March and bailed on the second arrest until May the 9th.

I have said it before and will say it again. The British National Party has a very, very long memory and neither forgives nor forgets. Those police officers and their political masters will be brought to justice for this harassment and persecution of a man brave enough to exercise his right to freedom of speech and thought.

To those of you who do not yet have the courage to support the BNP, I say this. We need you and we need you now. So up of your knees and join the resistance and take your place in the ShieldWall of the British National Party.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the continued persecution of Mr Mailer for speaking his mind and expressing concern.

It is exactly this kind of thing taht galvanised me to join the BNP after a long time of going out there and activley supporting The BNP.

The anti-democratic and persecutory polices of the state recruited me!

Best wishes Mr Mailer

I would becomeles anonymous butnot sure how to do this.

Anonymous said...

Could this be the "Common Purpose"?

Proudgeordie said...

Good on you Mr Mailer more power to your elbow sir. the thing about anonymous complaints is there is no witness evidence so it is highly unlikely to go to court, hence it is harrasment. It could be a letter from the original complainant trying to give the impression of support.

ANONYMOUS just go to google homepage and look for 'account' in the top right. follow the instructions to create an account, dead easy 5 minute job and you can start your own blog too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible, the police have alway's got time to pursue people who don't want the multi culti dream, no wonder they've never got the time to pursue real crime, the police are a disgrace, they certainley do not have my respect or co-operation.politicalMIZZ

JPT said...

McCarthyism is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Chief Police Officers are corrupt scum:

"Britain's most powerful police body is being run as a private business with an annual income of around £18million.
The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), which oversees everything from anti-terrorism policy to speed cameras, is facing demands that it be disbanded, following a Mail on Sunday investigation into its activities which include:
Selling information from the police national computer for up to £70 - even though it pays just 60 pence to access those details.

Anonymous said...


Howwidly waycist play!

"The final act features young Muslim men, several of whom are Bin Laden-admirers, while others are drug dealers or muggers.

"It is offensive towards ethnic minorities," argues Ismail. "It is particularly offensive towards the Irish and Bangladeshis. Those involved in staging this production need to explain themselves and be brought to account."

Anonymous said...

What really surprises me is not one of your major daily newspapers has the courage to stand up to your corrupt police and government (not worth capital letters)

digger from Aussie