Friday, 13 February 2009

Last Nights Question Time

About as savage a questionnaire as a dead sheep

Question Time, likes to announce itself as being the BBC's premier political programme, when in reality, it is nothing more than our country's equivalent of the old communist Soviet Unions, Pravda(The Truth) that was only allowed one voice, that of the state.

I must confess that I now rarely watch it after viewing an episode way back in time, just after the 9/11 suicide attacks revealed to the world the true nature of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile and in which it was revealed that the BBC had "loaded" the audience with moslems.

But last night, I figured it was part of my job description to see what the Question Time panel and audience would have to say about our pathetic Dhimmi government and their disgusting, cowardly and shameful behaviour in preventing Geert Wilders attending the showing of his short film Fitna, in what used to be the bastion of Free Speech and Mother of Parliaments.

As I expected, the audience had been "loaded" to ensure that no one of right mind was present to question and counter the bias of the panel but let us start with the chairman of the show, David Dimblby.

This mouthpiece of the state admitted during the discussion of the film Fitna, that he had only watched one half of the 12 minute film and it was clear from the start that he really had no idea of the contents of it and so I doubt even that claim. Otherwise he would have been able to have informed the panel about the message of the film and the scenes it contained.

On the panel to discuss this affront to Freedom of speech was a dim witted amateur gardener by the name of Monty Don, Monty Python more like.

Admitting he had not scene the film or knew of its existence and that of its producer Mr Wilders, until coming on the show, he still managed to denounce it as being "racist", because he had been told Mr Wilders was a racist. Stupid sheep.

To me, he seemed to be a particularly stupid man and no doubt that is why he was chosen to sit on the panel and why he is much loved by the marxists who run the BBC. But the audience applauded him wildly.

Then there was the government spokesman, Liam Byrne, although I doubt the government will put him in front of a camera again. Embarrassing to watch.

Again, he was another who had not seen the film or knew anything about it other than it was racist and that Geert Wilders was a racist who was being tried in his own country for being a racist, racist, racist.

More rapturous applause. The audience were the kind who go into raptures when a trendy, "right on" comedian says fuck, fist or rimming.

But he came a cropper when he was left speechless, when he revealed his ignorance in his governments part in allowing real inciters of hatred into Our Country in the shape of mad moslem clerics.

Coyote Ugly or what?
This image flatters her

The applause turned to laughter at his discomfort and he was left speechless. Luckily for him he was saved further embarrassment by Salma Yaqoob who leapt in with her ten pennyworth, whilst his mouth just opened and shut like a goldfish.

Now forgive me for the next bit. I have always tried to be a gentleman in my comments and dealings with women but Salma is something else. She must be the most butt ugliest woman I have seen in my life.

This morning I had a quick search of the net to see if I could find an image that really revealed how grotesque she actually is. But the ones I found were all of the kind carefully chosen to show her "best side". Now I know I should be reporting on what she, the leader of the Respect Party and supporter of the Palestinian terrorists had to say but I must get this off my chest.

She was so ugly I could not take my eyes of her. Not since 1979(another story) have I seen anyone so ugly. If I had to make a life or death choice between mating with her or a goat that had been dead for ten days, then it would have to be the goat. For the only time in my life, I felt a twinge of sympathy for George Galloway who would have to sit near her in Respect party meetings and for once, I understood the real reason why moslem men wanted women to wear full veils.

I cannot remember whether she had seen the film or not but either way, being a non white woman, clearly facially disabled and a moslem to boot, she received more thunderous applause from the specially selected audience, when she to, leapt on the racist bandwagon.

Then there was the old plonker himself, Kelvin Mackenzie who is sometimes described as the UK's best known "right-wing" columnist. Well if he is right-wing, he has gone so far to it that he has now gone the whole circle and is now hard left. Stalin would have loved him. He also denounced the brave Mr Wilders as this that and the other before calling him a racist and welcoming the fact that he had not been allowed into the country.

And what of the audience? Was there just one voice of sanity that had been allowed into the show? Not really. The nearest we had to that, was a black guy who managed to put forward the very valid point, that those people who did not know who Geert Wilders was or had seen his film would now be searching high and low for it and that the ban could now be counted as being superb publicity for those who oppose the Islamification of Our Country. Right on Dude. Give me an high five.

Then we had the dumb little blonde girl (perhaps all those blonde jokes have some validity) who claimed to have seen the film and that it was full of racist statements made by Mr Wilders.

Silly child. Clearly she had not seen the film and knows nothing about the enrichment of many young white girls in Our Country and hopefully will never find out the hard way.

And that was it. But if the BBC thought they were being clever in the way they produced the show and thought that their panel and audiences support for the crushing of Free Speech in Our Country, they are as usual - wrong.

Now, thanks to them and the stupidity and fascist behaviour of our treasonous government, many more people will be awakened to the evil of Islam and the nature of the beast that will consume us if we do not fight back soon. For once, thank you Jacqui.


Anonymous said...

The ugly bitch said she hadn't seen fitna. I expect she lied.There's a labour MP (woman, I think) forget her name, but looks like a bloody ugly horse,might be a shade uglier, but it's a close call. Sort of face they use to scare kids in ghost train rides.
The panel needed Nick, or Douglas Murray, or someone at least that hadn't swallowed the "religion of peace" myth.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is how these people lie, and pass it off as true, why didn't anyone have the brains to ask what race Islam is.

see how fast they call people waycists, and yet they haven't even heard of Wilders before, it's like when someone yawns, and others follow.

And the BBC is really showing itself up, as in the reporting of Israel.

Anti-Isreal, Anti America, Anti-Britain, Anti-Christian Anti-Jewish, Anti everything that was once good.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the film 1984 when they had a 5 (or was it 15 ) minute hate session when the put up the 'boogey man' (Geert Wilders,freedom of speeech) on a screen' and everyone just went full on screaming pitch of hate...(self-hate?)

Anonymous said...

Christ almighty how dumb have the British become? They call someone "WAYCIST" for opposing Islam? Since when has Islam or indeed muslim been a race?

But what is absolutely staggering is that an audience sat and listened to people who admitted they knew nothing about the subject and then applauded these ignorant fascists for banning free speech.

12700 Islamic terrorist attacks since jihadists slaughtered 3000 innocent people on 9/11 and still the sheeple refuse to see that there is a problem with Islam.

Insanity. No other word for it.


Anonymous said...

Pehaps we should send dear Jacqui an honouary membership of The BNP as a reward for her relentless drive in helping with recruitment of new members.

And a big thanks to David the Dhimmi for helping to promote Geert Wilders film.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Newsnight was a bit better.The ludicrous Keith Vaz was given some stick when he admitted he had never seen the film and was made to look ridiculous.(Not difficult!!) A Muslim guy wanted the Dutchman admitted to the country so that he could have a proper debate with him and also slated the government for banning him and so banning free speech. Apparently this muslim was from a moderate organisation, probably of the sort that prefers to take over our country by stealth and would avoid confrontation until Islam is overwhelmimgly numerically superior. You are right about Question Time. It is a total traversty but what else do you expect from the BBC? Fairness? democratic debate? A voice for conflicting points of view? We know better than that and you, GA know it best of all. I stopped watching it many years ago and regard Dimbleby as nothing more than a bought and paid for establishment arsehole.


Does any-one know if the intended screening in the lords went ahead while the world was distracted by the unpardonable events at heathrow?

hepworth said...

Did anybody hear Mackensie say "now I know there are a lot of teachers in the audience". Now if that's not an admittion of loading, I don't know what is. Hepworth.

Anonymous said...

Ugly 2@s like Salma Yaqoob is the reason they invented the burkha.

Mike said...

For those of you that may not yet have seen Fitna, it is available on eMule. Search for "Fitna_English.avi" (279.46 MBs), this is the old full version.
I've had up to forty people queueing for this at the same time over the past couple of days, usually it's only two of three, nice of the DhimmiCommies to advertise the film for free... :)


Anonymous said...

Here's John Harris with essential education.
I think this needs to be one of your articles GA.

Anonymous said...

Should his named by spelt Dhimblby?

The Aussies have caught one of the bush-fire arsonists but have imposed a news blackout on his identity.

What's the betting he's a Buddhist?

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Great column and reporting on the show. Evil shows its stupid, again. That would be a good title for this BBC episode.

I think that is part of the problem. Evil is so stupid that people don't think they need to fight it. Big mistake.

My security word is acusag. Another good name for this BBC show. Tell the truth and you are sent down to the acusag. That will teach you.

Anonymous said...

David Dimbleby relied on family connections to get where he is. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth going to expensive public schools and a member of the Bullingdon club at Oxford he only just managed to scrape a third class degree. Television documentaries from the BBC have given him a good income, enough for several homes anyway! who says nepotism is dead in diversity aware BBC broadcasting!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, and noting the undoubted singular unattractiveness of this Asian woman, to say that she is the ugliest around whilst the tennis player Venus Williams lives and breathes is surely an affront to ugliness.

I once heard someone on the radio talk about William's 'beauty.' If had heard this person say that Martians had landed, I couldn't have been more stunned. This is a female who is frankly hideous. Of course to another black she may not seem so.

I have actually never seen a black woman who I thought was beautiful and those who I thought attractive had a lot of white blood, and would have been more attractive still if they had had more.

I think most white men agree with me, because one rarely sees a black /white couple where the male is white. Most often the male is black and the female is white (One almost never sees an asian or an oriental with a black, or indeed with each other).

Women don't seem to have quite the same problem with blacks as do men. Indeed, some white women seem to prefer blacks. Perhaps it's because black males have higher average levels of testosterone and are more 'male' than the average white male.

Such females tend to come from the lower socio-economic classes, because (this is my theory) as they have low IQ's they are more likely to consort with blacks, who have a low average IQ - People tend to consort with others of the same intellectual level. They also tend to be pretty unattractive and people also choose mates on the basis of matching levels of physical attactiveness,

Anonymous said...

She is ugly - physically and spiritually. Yes, maybe the burqa isn't as bad as idea as we initially thought....;-)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.Not being in the Adonis class myself, I dont usually comment on degrees of ugliness but seriously, have you noticed how often female members of the moslem faith seem to have features which closely resemble the face of the camel? Then again, the males often have the look of the reptile about them. Long live beards and burkhas- but only for themselves.

Anonymous said...





Darwinist said...

The reason Muslims are so ugly is because there's no evolutionary selection for attractiveness. In cultures where people are free to find their own mates, attractive people marry relatively early and have (until recently) had lots of kids, whereas the pig-features get left on the shelf and marry late if at all. So over time you get selection for good looks.

But Muslims have arranged marriages, so you end up shacked up with something your parents have chosen that looks like a camel chewing a wasp and have got to make the best of it.

I suppose you can leave the burkha on while you're doing it, so you don't have to look at the mantelpiece while you're poking the fire.

In Islam, ugliness is no disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

The face of the camel?????

Just Another Richard said...

Englishman. In answer to your question, according to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, via The Dawning of a New Dark Age, the answer is yes. But out of the upper house of 743 members, and the lower house with 646, only 30, yes, that's right, only 30, could be bothered, or should that read, were brave enough, to attend. What a damning indictment. Even those who will claim to have already seen it, (dubious notion I know), have failed the nation most abysmally, for by their absence they have conceded enormous advantage to the enemies of free speech. For surely, by just being present in large numbers, by sheer weight of collective cohesion, they could have sent a clear and unambiguous message to the nation. By their craven behaviour, they have indeed sent a clear message to the nation, and the world at large, just not the one they intended I don't think.

Now no doubt, over the next few days, we will be witness to an incessant stream of ignorant opinion, masquerading as informed debate, couched in the warm embrace of greater care and compassion, as to the venal nature of the movie Fitna, and the obviously base motives of a man, who has demonstrated more courage in the face of ongoing adversity, than the combined assemblies of both upper and lower Terry Thomas used to say "What an absolute shower, or as I would say, what a bunch of pig ignorant clowns, all dressed up in fancy suits.

Anonymous said...

Free speech in a multicultural society is a no no.

Thanks Tone, thanks Gordo.

Anonymous said...

I've got to agree with you GA she is very ugly, i just hope when the suicide bombers go to collect their 72 virgins they don't look like her, they'd be in for a hell of a disapointment. Ouestion time definately "loads" the audience with Government friendly audiences, when i applied to join the audience via their webside they tried to find out my political slant.."how would you vote" ? "What party to you support" ? "Do you support the war" ? Now something tells me if your'e not a lefty or a muslim (the more radical the better) you will not be called to participate. I would have thought any democratic Government would welcome debate, it just looks like their policies can't stand up to scrunity and they've got something to hide. politicalMIZZ

Lippy57 said...

Oh yes I saw Vaz the ass on newsnight last night, the pompous fool .. The look on his face and see him squirm really made my night

misterfox said...

It isn't only respect. The BBC are now building up UKIP for the Euro elections by having Farage on Question Time etc. UKIP are doing their bit by starting to talk about Islam as Lord Pearson started all this.

Anonymous said...

to anon 15.01:
I am a white woman and I find black men very unattractive. White men are the most attractive men both physically and also mentally/emotionally to me. You said that some white women don't seem to mind the ugliness of black men - I think that this may be due to 'brainwashing' from the media. Did you read Liz Jones' article where she says that she has only ever dated blacks? She says she though it made her 'cool and fashionable'

This is media bainwashing and also explains why these relationships rarely last (amongst other reasons).
The ugliness of blacks is amazing to me - yes, the Williams sisters are beasts and have you seen the latest push to try to convince us all that the beast-like Michelle Obama is attractive?

Salford Supporter said...

It's easy to get rather depressed at the apparent collective sameness of the Question Time audience - not to mention the panel of course! Though we shouldn't be surprised when these donkey's sit their and spiel their establishmentarian bilge to cue the sanctimonious applause. The 'specially invited audience' is overwhelmingly comprised of those middle class professionals whose cushy careers rest upon avowed allegiance to liberal- leftist ideals.

I had to avoid the British Jobs for British Workers 'debate' as I knew it was inevitable that it would quickly degenerate into a BNP bashing session - and by all accounts I was not wrong! However , I braved the Fitna debate in some vain hope that there might just be one lone voice of reason. I'm a daft bugger sometimes.