Friday, 20 February 2009

Do not pander to the BNP - Liverpool Echo

The press have just woken up to the fact that the BNP are really on the rise and boy as it wound them up.

Here are yesterdays by-election result in full.

Swanley St Mary's, Sevenoaks district: BNP 41% (up 41), Labour 34% (down 21), Conservative 25% (no change). UKIP did not stand, having previously secured 20%. BNP gain from Lab

Downham, London Borough of Lewisham: Liberal Democrat 40% (-11), Labour - 24% (-2), Conservative 24% (+8), BNP 11% (+11), Green 2% (-5). Lib Dem hold.

Bilton, Harrogate borough: Lib Dem 50% (-2), Conservative 38% (-7), BNP 9% (+9), Labour 3% (no change). Lib Dem hold

Thringstone, North West Leicestershire district: Labour 36% (-7), Conservative 31% (-1), BNP 28% (+28), Liberal Democrat 5% (-20). Labour hold

All these results were elections fought from a standing start. The political balance is starting to swing back to the people.

The "establishment" now are casting around looking for ways to find an excuse of explaining the phenomenal growth of the British National Party and are coming up with everything except the truth.

The truth being, that the British National Party is the only party in the country that now speaks for the people and it is the only party that will represent the people and not a self serving elite.

I could put a pile of links in but am in a rush to take the day off and go celebrate with two of my brothers and a nephew in the local British Legion.

Just one link though. The revolting and partisan Liverpool Echo who have just spouted the following bile from their lying state sponsored mouth.

IT’S bad enough that the BNP will be on the streets of Liverpool spouting their bile next month.

What makes it doubly hard to stomach is the fact that ordinary, decent Merseysiders are being inconvenienced to accommodate them.

The British National Party will be leafleting in the city centre on March 14 – the day Everton are scheduled to take on Stoke City at Goodison Park.

Merseyside Police are unwilling to attempt to police both events at once, so the Premiership clash has been hastily rescheduled for the following day.
Yeah right. But the part that made me choke with laughter was this line here:
It is testimony to the liberal nature of this country’s lawmakers that the BNP are allowed to peddle their dubious politics, almost at will.
Here is a message for the Liverpool Echo. Suck it up and get used to it because the BNP are not just in Liverpool to stay but they are there to win and when they do you can kiss your cosy little advertising deals with the local authorities good bye.

Have a great day BNP. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

''the liberal nature of this countries lawmakers''

My yes, we know , being arrested,detained, brutalised and persecuted for handing outlegal leaflets

How Liberal is the Echo

Anonymous said...

GA, don't get your party hat on yet. The establishment will never allow a BNP government. I have a hunch that Whitehall has a little surprise up their sleeves, in the form of a far left activist or a muslim extremist. It happened in Holland, twice. Don't think it can't happen in the UK.
If that fails then they will switch on the dirty campaign, possibly blaming the BNP for a string of crude bombings across in major Muslim city.
You read it here first.

I'm not celebrating until Griffin is firmly entrenched within fortress Downing Street, protected by heavily armed tip toe boys.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the proffessional liars of the Liverpool Echo have upset stomachs. Now, all I have to wish for is their ensuing unemplyed status. Anything on top that is a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Well done to all the supporters who done a fantastic job in the elections. I hope the majority of good people will see through these hate filled lies.It seems many of the papers and the police are trying to stir up alot of trouble almost encouraging violance.We will behave with decorum and hold our heads high like true Brits and let the rag-tag lefties make fools of themselves as usual.

Anonymous said...

Great news GA, have agood celebration and have a drink for me ! politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Great news, the BNP are the new kids on the block, have a great celebration GA you deserve it, have adrink for me !

bill.p said...

This is obviously to incite violence towards the BNP members who are going down to Liverpool !

Anonymous said...

You can see with your own eyes what is happening to the country and only the BNP are telling you the truth instead of the usual Labour whitewash.

Anonymous said...

The Liverpool Echo is a Marxist rag always has been.

member liverpool.

ivan said...

Another glad rag is the Birmingham Evening Mail run by the liberal Steve Dyson who has ran unsuccessful campaigns against the local BNP in recent years.The mail's circulation is that bad these days Mr Dyson has had an ultimation to up circulation if not the the owners trinity group will shut it down.Must be the immigrant population dont see themselves as locals and the natives dont like reading dribble and would rather read the voice of freedom.

Anonymous said...

All sorts of dirty tricks are being dreamt up for the BNP Anon.
But we, the members and activists, are wise to that.

The only concern is the brainwashed public believing whatever crap the big 3 try to stitch us up for whilst they, the public, are struggling with the reality of where we, as a country, are at today, with jobs, homes, lives being destroyed via the massive asset stripping con of the banksters and their lackeys being visited on them, and the brainwash crap that has been fed to them through the tv and press and fed to our kids in our oh so pc multiculti happyclappi looni lefti thought control schools.

The more we say to the public,... " look the BNP has come a long way because more and more people are waking up to the truth we put before you and our positive solutions for our nation and the big 3 dont like it. We do expect some very dirty tricks to be played and the blame to be laid at the BNP door. We are ready for this. Our fight is through the hearts and minds of the nation and the ballot box. Not with violence in any form. The media have never told truth in the past and are not likely to tell it in the future, until we make them that is."

Be ready for great battles people, we will win them, every one.

And for the moles, we know who you are but you suit our journey to victory..... for the moment. Your time for sleepless nights will come.


johnofgwent said...

I think everyody knows that the closer you get to any sort of power, the dirtier the people with their noses in thr trough play.

It's been done for generations.

What's needed is for this behaviour to be exposed at every opportunity.

xoggoth said...

Many who would certainly not want the BNP in Downing street would consider voting for them.

They have just had enough of the complete destruction of any concept of the British nation and the absurd pretence about the benefits of uncontrolled mass immigration when they can see the reality for themselves on the news nightly. They could find it in the government's own dry statistics on welfare, health and crime if they ever bothered to read them.

I have to agree with your detractors that the BNP is racist because you really appear to have a problem with anyone of the wrong sort no matter how useful, how long their forebears have been here or how British they have become. Most of us are not really worried about moderate numbers of successful sorts who fit in, it is the huge scale of the change and the far too many awful and useless people that the lax policies allow in.

Unfortunately, you cannot balance extreme views of the leftists who want to destroy nationality by those of moderate jolly nice liberal people and only the "far right" provides that balance. If the government makes more sensible rules to keep you lot out that only proves how vital the BNP is. For that reason I think this win is excellent news for us all.

The change in the last two years in my own town in Sussex has been frightening and crime has risen 10%Coincidence? Maybe, but a couple of rare violent incidents recently suggest otherwise. Perhaps you should consider fielding more candidates in the South, even if they do not actively campaign.

You may get far more votes than you imagine. People have just had enough.

Anonymous said...

Having read that the BNP are now to be (wrongly) blamed for the cancellation of an Everton football game, in an effort to cause resentment and obviously as a tactic in this ever increasing dirty war the establishment are engaged in, wouldnt the BNP be wise to make it very public, perhaps via the football websites, that they will change the day of their leafleting?, thus giving the opportunity for the game to go ahead?. Propaganda battle won by taking the moral highground!

JPT said...

The establishment are shitting themselves to put it bluntly.