Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Are These the Good Old days?

No reason. Just nice.
By Albion

I am not sure to what generation I belong. I suspect I am from the V or W generation. I am definitely NOT from the X or Y crowd, and seeing I was born a number of years before WW2, I think I am allowed to preface comments with “I remember the good ‘ole days”. That is the cue for groans from the X and Y generation present. In fact I think one needs to be born before 1940 to have the privilege of saying this. 1948? Well we all know what happened then don’t we. Its something we only discuss in hushed tones.

I must say the X and Y generations have finally got blatant discrimination more or less thankfully sorted out. The result is we now have gay Bishops, lots and lots of gay Policemen and gay lady policemen, same sex marriages; gay clergy, lady marriage celebrants and we can now foster out very young female children to homosexual males. The visible death of discrimination is no more apparent than two ladies of the same sex being able to choose who is going to impregnate the other. The decision is made by the lady that draws the short straw, who will be artificially pollinated by proxy, pollen generously donated by a gay man thus to enabling them to have children without the benefit of the church or the direct participation of a said male.

Discrimination was rife when I was a child. We referred to obese children as being fat. We even referred to people who hobbled about on crutches as cripples; hard to believe isn’t it? We never discussed personal things in public like Genital warts and Herpes, or who might or might not be the father of a single girl’s child. She was just sent away somewhere quietly, to the countryside or seaside.

I liked the good ‘old days'. I sometimes wonder where all this present madness will all end. Let me explain. My aunt had a dog named Skipper. He was a Cocker Spaniel. At least once every two months when he started to smell we might give him a bath, well not exactly a bath, we would turn the hose on him. Today one rings for a man from a Doggy Dunk franchise. This person proceeds to immerse the mutt in soap suds and apply generous amounts of hair conditioner for fragile hair. It is followed by a blow dry and finally teasing the curls into tight ringlets.

Now Skipper was a butch street dog, where female dogs were concerned he had no morals whatsoever. I shudder just thinking about it. The thought of Skipper looking like an Etonian fop and smelling like an Amsterdam working girl horrifies me. Within 1 minute of Mr Doggy Dunk leaving he would have been rolling about in the veggie patch before drying off in the dirt.

My mother-in-law horrifies me too. She is 94. In a car cutting a swathe through the traffic and observing black and swarthy people from all parts of Africa, the Middle East the Indian sub continent and all the islands of the Caribbean, she will say “ I remember this road when it was a dirt road, you know” She talks about the first Trans-Atlantic flights and the first flight from London the Australia. She was of the S generation

I wonder, are these the good ‘ole days for the X and Y generation?

I arrived in this world well before the multicultural dream, which turned into a nightmare. I cannot actually point the finger at particular political party, all our governments since the end of WW2 have been hell bent on destroying my country and due to the apathy of my people they are succeeding.

I was going to write about plastic cards and how the banks have made a killing at the expense of the peasantry but I won’t. After waiting for a person at the checkout to pay for an item, and observing their plastic cards set in a in a folder and looking like an accordion I make a point of enquiring of the cashier “Do you still take cash?” He says without blinking ‘Oh yes sir” I then say, ‘No, I just thought I would ask in case one day I come in and you say ‘sorry mate we don’t take cash any more?



Anonymous said...

I was going to begin with saying I know this is off topic but...well I've changed my mind because our world is in such turmoil that there is very little that is off topic these days. Anyway here goes...

Here below, is an extract from a poster’s (handle Tanstaafl)
comment at (see this blog.) 17 February 2009


“On the 9th of September, 2004, the Marxist comedian, Jeremy Hardy, said this on the Radio 4 show Speaks to the Nation:

"In some areas of the country the British National Party has been doing quite well electorally…

The BNP are Nazis...

If you just took everyone from the BNP, and everyone who votes for them, and shot them in the back of the head, there would be a brighter future for us all."

Hardy was not vilified, warned, cautioned or threatened with prosecution for making these remarks.

Or what "liberal white" Susan Sontag (born Rosenblatt) expressed more generally:

Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.

Or what "liberal white" Noel Ignatiev put more bluntly:

“Make no mistake about it,” he says,

“we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed--not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

"Liberal whites" who think like this have been in control of the West since WWII ended. They've been sending ever louder signals for some time that their "tolerance" for our existence has reached its end. It's high time we recognized the war they've been waging against us and respond.”

...Read all at above link at top.

Anonymous said...

Wilders to recieve Oriana Fallaci free speech award for Fitna in Italy

Anonymous said...

Like the picture too, days of innocence and no further thought beyond the immediate.

I was only thinking quite recently, I am now much nearer the end than the beginning, so why do I feel so cheated and robbed of those halcyon days?

I feel cheated for since I was awakened, I learn that even in those far off days, forces were at work, conspiring against me and the world in which I lived.

I am grateful for such treasured memories I possess, but what about the children of today? Do they still act out their dreams as children always have? I hope they do.

Their innocence is torn from them so early in life, there is nowhere for them to hide, TV, school, video, screens of all shapes and sizes, what hope for them is there?

I can't help thinking that our way of life has reached its peak, peak everything you might say.

There seems to be something prophetic about this economic Armageddon letting us know the party’s over.

Our elites have lost their way, they still think that when this glitch is over we can go back to the good old days of plenty, run our cars, borrow from our property boom for that trip to Disneyland.

I don't think so, it's not going to happen, those days have gone, they think it's all over - it is now!

Trouble is, there's no plan B!

Brown, Mandelson, Cameron are all casting around for ideas like headless chickens to no avail, they don't know it yet but their days are over too.

So the days of nationalism are upon us. In this age of political tinder dry, it will not be just here in Britain the spark of hope will ignite, for nationalism will spread the yearn for freedom throughout, sweeping all before.

Momentous days ahead, we want our country back.


The elites know exactly what they are doing,thier agenda is right on track,slowly they have been siphoning off our money,first ratchet up the price of oil,then create a housing bubble which everyone will invest in,then crash it,speculate on the currency markets crash the pound and dollar,cause financial collapse ,once currency is worthless re-introduce gold standard based upon a world currency,having impoverished the broad mass of the population and stolen thier political power,they have no choice but to accept whatever the elite wishes to impose upon them,all of the policies that you see today are intended to fail and cause chaos for it robs us of our unity and leaves us wide open to exploitation and manipulation,but still you vote for your enemies because you have been conditioned to do so.

Anonymous said...

Nostalgia is all very well however we have to deal with the country and people as we find them today. Nationalists who want to preserve a nation in aspic will not go very far, and will be electorally a non starter. Societies change and if the BNP wish to attain power they have to deal with our present day society and not hark back to the days of the British Empire which died over 50 years ago when Britain in a life and death struggle in WW2 invited the Yanks into England and Europe.

Anonymous said...

"they have to deal with our present day society and not hark back to the days of the British Empire"

Of course I agree with you 101 per cent. I should point out it was an article with tongue in cheek. The "Good 'ole Days" It was an exercise in sarcasm.

I see a creeping madness overtaking this country so what I endevour to do is redicule the ridiculous; putting things in their rightful perspective..... so to speak.


Anonymous said...

Just thinking out loud.

I don't think anyone is advocating that our strategy should be to hark back to what was, but personally I think we should aim to claw back the everyday decencies of life.

I cannot imagine the BNP would continue the present regime of promoting the interests of the minority over the majority, that's plain suicide.

I do believe there are genuine reasons why there are vulnerable minorities and they should get a fair deal, but I don't want their values thrust in my face and ruling the roost. There should be a legal and material safety net to protect them from the excesses of the system. Of course, in the real world, they would not survive at all.

I am not going to get distracted by the ideas of tolerance and discrimination here. (It's too big a subject but also most interesting)

The most vulnerable must be protected but not at the expense of the strong, for if the strong are weakened as they surely would be, then there would be no such thing as the survival of the species. (It looks as though this is what the elites are all about anyway)

By turning nature on its head our society is diving into a suicidal spiral. (deliberately engineered) mayhem and chaos reign. (also intended)

It is my contention that the way we have lived this last 200 years is about finished, we are about to enter a new post industrial age.

This age will be of much less affluence by virtue of less availability of energy, my guess is life will be land intensive.

It's sort of back to the future.

Most of what you see around you will soon be no more.

The most interesting thing in all of this is nobody has got a monopoly of a vision of the future. So I reckon my ideas are therefore as good (or as bad or) better than the next.

Perhaps we should split the world into two halves, the right live in one half and the left in the other half, and thenl get on with our lives. Hmmm? I wonder how long it would be before we were at each others throats.

The left wouldn't have it, all they would see is apartheid - ah well, back to the drawing board.

So it looks as though Darwinism is here to stay - survival of the fittest rules. It was ever thus.