Friday, 6 February 2009

Who does Exeter City centre manager, John Harvey think he is?

After the previous and thought provoking article my Mister Fox, I was not sure what to follow with.

As it was, my mind was made up for me by the outrageous statements made by the City centre manager for Exeter, John Harvey on the ThisisExeter site.

It seems that the state sponsored thugs of Unite Against Freedom (UAF) will be in Exeter City Centre tomorrow, to protest against the British National Party, which as you know is a perfectly legal political party. Unlike the UAF which is run by an unelected Steering Committee of trade unionists led by the disgraced former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

The online, red supporting rag, reveals its loyalty's by stating that BNP activists had been "moved on" by the police whilst leafleting earlier in the week.

The paper says that the UAF have been given "permission" to hand out their poison by the City Centre bosses.

City centre manager John Harvey said the BNP had not been given permission to use Bedford Square and would not have been permitted to use the area had it requested to do so.

He said: "The BNP did indeed come to Bedford Square on Saturday, January 31, and started to leaflet. As soon as operational commitments allowed, the police were contacted and moved the BNP on.

"No formal booking for the space was made by the BNP and had they sought the booking they would have not been given consent to use the square.

"Any organisation that is likely to cause offence to shoppers or businesses or could raise potential public order concerns is not appropriate for Bedford Square. For both of those reasons there would be a problem with the BNP using the space.
Just who does this John Harvey think he is? Stalin?

Firstly, as a paid employee of Exeter Council, he has no right to be meddling in political business and secondly he does not have the right to say who can and cannot leaflet on the streets of Exeter.

Let me quote to you from the back of a little blue card that you should all be carrying. A British National Party membership card.
Know Your Rights

Political organisations do not require local authority consent to sell or distribute literature on the streets.

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, article 10.

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority regardless of frontiers.
Quite clear. Neither he nor the police have the "right" to stop the BNP from campaigning in Exeter and both he and the police had better wise up to that fact or suffer the legal consequences.

But I wonder if the City Centre Manager for Exeter is aware of the violent nature and origins of the UAF? If not then he should follow this link revealing the slugs under the stone.

Last word though goes to the BNP. Mike Turner, Exeter organiser for the BNP, who said: "I told the policeman who moved us on that we are a bona fide organisation and that we have the right to be on the street.

"We had plenty of people coming up to us and asking us questions — it was very well received by the public.

So who is this John Harvey who thinks he is above the law? Well you will soon get an idea when I say that checking on the Exeter Council site, I find that he is trying to build a "Vibrant" City Centre.

His answer to the numbers of shops closing in the centre is to "build" a "Cafe Culture". Perhaps he should have checked this link out here that reveals the numbers of French Cafes and restaurants closing as a result of the Smoking Ban now in place in the Soviet European Union.

No John. You will find out, as did Peter Hain, that you do not make a "no go area" for the British National Party. We will be back and one day we will ensure that you have time available to go sit on a park bench and wonder just where it all started to go wrong you for you.

You can leave a comment on the article itself or if you prefer to drop a message to the council expressing your disgust at this mans statements then go here.


Anonymous said...

Pure guess GA, John Harvey= common purpose= UAF=searchlight= TUC=L/L/Con.
Regards ed.

Anonymous said...

Exeter was interestingly one of those nice county towns which were Tory through and through but changed after WW2 with the ascendancy of the local Labour party , its leadership coming from exiled South Africans and the ivory towers of Exeter university where it also led the anti- Apartheid movement; the "local" Labour men were always thought of as being a bit yokel and dim .
By subtle social engineering and building large council estates Exeter was in the vanguard of the post war changes. Interestingly though it stayed 99% indigenous though this is now changeing as well.
I suspect the BNP would garner 10-20% support there if they stood a candidate against ben Bradshaw .