Thursday, 5 February 2009

BNP Blogs - the eyes of the army

BNP activist and our kinsman - Jeremy Wotherspoon

If you were to make a comparison between the British National Party and an army, you would probably reach the same conclusions as myself.

Whilst the British National Party and it website are the main body of the army, powerful, well led, resourceful, modern and quick to react, the tiny BNP blogs out there are the cavalry. Scouts and skirmishers in the battle for Our Country.

Way out in front, they locate the news and information useful in the war and pass it back to the main site in emails and comments. Quickly picked up by the website this information is then used to attack the traitors that are destroying our way of life and would destroy us as a people if they could.

The British National Party yesterday posted a fabulous article about the man behind the Peter Hain Sleaze Apology, BNP activist Jeremy Wotherspoon.

And it was reading that article, that jogged my memory of an article I had written back in January 2008, When is a think tank not a think tank?

In the article, I pointed out the involvement of John Underwood, the sole director of the Progressive Policies Forum, which employed no staff, published no work and yet received money from mysterious donors to further its aims.

So what are or were its objectives? Well John Underwood had this to say:
"The Progressive Policies Forum - PPF - was established to promote progressive policies and to support the work of progressive politicians.

During 2007 it received donations from a number of individuals to help fulfil its objectives."
But in truth there was only one purpose and objective of this mysterious group, to put money in the pocket of Peter Hain.
"After the Labour Deputy Leadership campaign it became clear that Peter Hain's campaign had significantly overspent and it was decided that contributions made to PPF should be used to help meet this overspend."
Mister Wotherspoon in the BNP article asks the same question I asked a year ago:
“Who were these donors who now wish to keep their identities so secret? Why did they give so much of their money in such a way, and more importantly, what did they hope to gain if Mr Hain had been successful?”
I never did find out all of them but Ivan sent me the following:

Date donation banked-Donation amount -declared Donor
  • 04.06.07 £10,000 Mike Cuddy Status: individual
  • 06.06.07 £2,000 Patrick Head Status: individual
  • 06.06.07 £1,500 TM Communications Status: company
  • 12.06.07 £5,000 Bill Bottriell Status: individual
  • 14.06.07 £5,000 David Goldstone Status: individual
  • 14.06.07 £5,000 Robert Davies Status: individual
  • 14.06.07 £2,500 UCATT Status: trade union
  • 25.06.07 £5,000 Ronnie Harris Status: individual
  • 09.07.07 £5,000 Willie Nagel* Status: individual
  • 09.07.07 £1,990 Christopher Campbell* Status: individual
  • 08.08.07 £5,000 Steve Morgan* Status: individual
  • 04.09.07 £10,000 GMB Status: trade union
  • 13.09.07 £10,000 Isaac Kaye* Status: individual
  • 10.10.07 £25,000 (interest free loan) Willie Nagel* Status: individual
  • 19.11.07 £4,623.75 Isaac Kaye* Status: individual
  • 23.04.07 £1,346 (in kind) HRA Ltd Status: company
  • June 2007 £4,197 (in kind) GMB Status: trade union
So just where did that money go Peter? Rest assured that is the question that the BNP will keep asking you and the people of Neath until you are sent packing back to South Africa.

Like I said. BNP blogs. The calvary and eyes of the army.

Also of interest is another story on the BNP site revealing how another British National Party activist played a part in bringing down the corrupt conservative Derek Conway. For some reason(and I may be wrong) I believe that Jeremy Wotherspoon may have assisted in this matter. Anybody know?


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