Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Number Ten has buggered off ...

(Click for a larger image)

by johnofgwent

Wierd goings on at the bad news factory down the road from St James' Park.

Number Ten has vanished. Here's the proof, I clicked the link from the BBC News website and got a big fat 404 not found. And before anyone asks, the screenshot above is what I got after clicking the link that you can see quite plainly on their own website. The link that says "click here to return to the Number Ten Home Page"

Oh HOW I wish I could report that "Not Flash, Just A Fat Clown" Gordon had taken himself off with it.

But sadly the joke is on us all. Well, all of us IT people anyway. Clearly the outsourcing tossers have done an update, erased the index page and not put the new one in properly. Remind me again how much we are being fleeced to pay the tossers who are giving us all this piss-poor service.

But at least you can see the latest surveillance footage of dodgy characters indulging in dodgy deals in power. Can anyone tell me just who is the fat guy in the brown coat and scarf grasping the Fat Clown's sweaty palms with one hand while holding out the other for the bribe in order to be photographed in such a compromising position?


Frank McGill said...

He's the Prime Minister of Qatar so it is more likely he's just brought over a suitcase of cash and now owns the last part England! The rest belonging to Saudi Arabia,Indian steel barons and Russian oligarchs.

Anonymous said... (A MUST WATCH)

Anonymous said...

Yes I noticed that over the last few weeks as i tried to e mail my letters of endearment

I guess he got too many leters that were too close to an unpopular reality for Brown