Wednesday, 4 February 2009

BNP Wales supporting the Wildcats in Milford Haven

OK, I know this news is a couple of days old and was covered on the British National Party website but I have a video of an interview of Councillor Kevin Edwards and BNP Wales Secretary Clive Bennet and I want to show it. It took me long enough to download:)

Another reason I want to write about it, is to show the dedication of BNP activists in Wales.

Called on at short notice, some of the Welsh Activists made a round trip journey of 360 miles to get to Milford Haven in order to support the Wildcat contract workers at Dragon, Milford Haven.

But of course they could not go with just their d***s in their hands so a special mention to Mike Green of BNP West Wales who was up all night producing the leaflets that our activists took with them. Well done Mike, I look forward to buying you a beer soon.

After you have watched the video, watch it again and listen closely not just to what Councillor Kevin has to say but also the points Clive makes about the trade unions. Then follow this link, rate, favourite and leave a comment for BNP Wales.


Anonymous said...

Cheers G.A.

Gwent BNP

AbertaweBNP said...

Well done to Clive and Kevin for supporting British workers and showing the workers when we say " British jobs for British workers " we actually mean it.

The sooner we get out of the EU the better.

Proud to be BNP


Keep the eunions out of the discussions ,for they only seek to derail the objectives of the indigenous workers and bring them back under marxist control,they are now playing the race card,ignore it,why should we care if italians,poles,portugese are unemployed,your families come first,your nation comes first,we have been all but pushed out of the construction industry in favour of incompetent retards from the four corners of the world,and we must not let the marxists buy us off again,we must make this strike national untill OUR conditions have been met,for we as a people have little left to lose,this fight is for the future of the nation and our children,in our country,do not let them cheat you out of it.

Anonymous said...

Mandelson says "you can always travel and work in Europe, it worked for me" smug twat

Mike Green (Editor) said...

Peter 'Marie Antoinette' Mandelson appears to say "qu'ils mangent de la brioche." (let them eat cake).
The poor luvvy has no conception of real work, and will surely live or die to regret his ideology that we can find work abroad. Soon that may be e prerequisite for claiming job seekers allowance.

Anonymous said...