Saturday, 28 February 2009

Praising the melting pot

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Anyone who takes an interest in the comments posted by readers at my own blog, will notice that we have recently received a few praising the alleged evolutionary benefits of interracial sex, including the one from a lady who ended her contribution by calling me a “bigoted, bored Nazi housewife, racist, bimbo” . (Gosh, it's over a week since I was called any of those, and even longer since they were all in one sentence)

These posters, ignore the fact that Europeans have done pretty damn well mating with other Europeans for thousands of years, as indeed have, Africans, Asians, Arabs and Orientals. Instead they tell us that, at this point in mankind's development, the best means for the species to survive is by the enthusiastic mixing of ethnic genes, which they suggest will create a more healthy, efficient, and, presumably to their mind, “ideal” specimen.

Lets disregard for a moment the fact that they are seeking to use my blog and my belief in free speech in order to further spread the sort of propaganda which can be found across the internet, in a way which they would never allow ideas such as mine to be spread on their ideologically pure little blogs and websites, and, for the sake of argument, actually give some consideration to their argument and take it to its natural conclusion.

A candidate for interbreeding?

Let us, for instance, apply this argument to other species, and, where better to start than with cats. Why on Earth do we need all these different breeds?, especially when they all seem to have their own unique weaknesses. Persian cats, as an example, tend to suffer from kidney problems, whilst their flat faces mean they are often martyrs to catarrh, and, of course, their hair is a nightmare to vacuum, the solution, according to our correspondents would apparently be to get rid of the thoroughbred breed of cat and create a longer nosed, shorter haired creature, called a “prabby” perhaps.

Many other breeds of cat could also benefit from the same treatment, Siamese tend to have that awful irritating high pitched Meow, Burmese can be grumpy, and as for Sphinx cats and the Cornish Rex, well they are just plain ugly. (Tabbies, of course, are so much prettier and healthier, albeit a little boring after a while.)

All these problems, it seems, would be solved by interbreeding, think about it , cats breed more rapidly than we do, given the same degree of dedication which has been applied to the colonisation of Europe, within a few decades we could rid ourselves of all the diverse breeds, with all their inconvenient breed related foibles, and create a single mono-breed, multi-purpose, cat. Perhaps we could call it a mogg.

Why stop at cats? Dog breeds are equally problematic, corgis snap, labradors go to fat, spaniels shed, and Afghans are totally useless when it comes to guarding your house. Surely the way ahead for the survival of the species is through the creation of the mono-breed mutt.

According to the logic of proposing interracial mixing as an evolutionary solution, amalgamating all the different cat and dog breeds into single homogenised moggs and mutts, with all the irritating weaknesses and hair loss problems bred out, would be for the betterment of both species. It would certainly make the process of choosing pets less complicated, albeit perhaps a little less interesting.

Beyond domestic pets, mass interbreeding within the animal kingdom would solve any number of problems, and think of the time it would save conservationists. Those currently fretting over that rare and endangered species of Saharan cheetahs, are clearly missing the obvious solution of importing a few thousand of the sub-Saharan breed and “Viola!” (its not as if there isn't a template).

Indeed for the sake of diversity (albeit, it would not be diverse for long) they could try bringing in some leopards, certainly a more hardy type of big cat. Who knows maybe leopards and cheetahs would mate successfully and they could produce, healthier and more efficient “Cheetards”, which would not only be better at climbing trees, but they would do it a damn sight quicker. (Not terribly useful in the Sahara, but, hey you can't have everything)

Sumatran tigers under threat? Just send down an Empire Windrush full of Bengal or Siberian tigers, problem sorted!

I accept that leopards and cheetahs are different species of big cat, and there is quite a a difference between Siberian tiger and a Sumatran one, but then again, unlike mules, which, as one pro mixing blogger by the name of Liliput kindly reminded me, can not breed, ligers and tigons can do so, albeit, as yet, without great success, so the scenario might not be so absurd.

However, more prosaically, when it comes to two breeds of cheetah , the differences are much less marked and they should mate with little difficulty. Surely those seeking to preserve genetic differences dating back thousands, or even millions, of years are being over sentimental, or even “racist” aren't they? - scarily such allegations are already being made.

“Woah!” I can hear the race mixing enthusiasts shout “We were not talking about animals, it is only different coloured people we want chucked in the melting pot!”

Ah yes maybe that's true, maybe it is only human beings who they want to intermix, indeed, in reality, their target is even narrower than that, they only want their meting pots in Europe or North America, but certainly no-where else.

It is only in the lands where there is still an indigenous or majority white populations where they want to set up their meting pots. As we all know, a desire for ethnic preservation is only a sin when white people do it, amongst any other group it is viewed as both admirable and indeed a basic human right.

I will, therefore, restrict the comments to human beings. However, for the sake of fairness, let us, for once ignore Europe and North America where the unquestioned dogma espousing the “benefits” of sex with other races have been preached to the point of indoctrination, and turn the spotlight on those races and nationalities who are never told they are racist if they wish to stick to their own, and who are not endlessly encouraged to jump between the sheets with the first foreigner they encounter.

I can not see why anyone would object, surely if there are such great evolutionary advantages to race mixing for white people, other races would doubtless also benefit from mixing their genes with those from other ethnic groups.

Most races have cultural issues, some might call them flaws (certainly the likes of Jack Straw do when referring to the English) maybe, like with white people. some of these “issues” are genetic, and can be improved by mixing in a few exotic genes. It is worth considering, after all, we are constantly told how good it is for us.

Lets look at Africa, where there certainly do appear to be some cultural problems, which are hindering development and which arguably put their long term futures at risk. It has been suggested, in the same way as the English are alleged to have a propensity for binge drinking and anti-social behaviour, the African character lacks drive and industry, and is prone to acts of irrational violence (recent events in Kenya and South Africa would seem to bear this out). If this is true, then the solution is obvious, they should import as many Chinese as possible (its already happening) and, in a few generations of Afro/Oriental amour we might see a new industrious and driven Africa, with a very rational approach to violence.

A long term solution to the Middle East might be to encourage the hot blooded young men there to become romantically involved with Melanesians and Australian Aborigines. Who can tell, if the benefits of race mixing are what we are told they are, the desire for jihad may fade as they discover the pleasures of making love and getting pi............

Hold on, what's that high pitched shrieking sound I hear?!! ... Oh. Its the fans of interracial sex, objecting to what I am saying. What's that they say?, (its so hard to hear them over John Cruddas's flatulence, and Lily Allen being sick) ..... “racism?” they shout .... “racial stereotypes?” they cry.... “sounds like eugenics?” ...... they gasp .

Of course they are right, it does sound racist, what I am saying in the paragraphs above does rely on racial stereotypes to argue its case and, if I was being serious, it would sound far too much like eugenics for comfort. Then again it sounded exactly like that when they said exactly the same thing to us. The only difference being that we were called Nazis when we objected.


Anonymous said...

These people really think these things through dont they

Anonymous said...

Ive been on to the hope not hate web site,there's a video of the fuel plants strikes with comments from 2 suppose strikers berating the bnp, saying their not welcome on the picket lines,a quick google search of their names soon identifies them as unite workers. Their names Dave smeeton & Kevin G ough, i'm thinking of nominating them for an oscar. Best supporting slugs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of thing our boys in Afghanistan have to put up with at the behest of this government.


odin said...

Best supporting slugs.


Anonymous said...

Why do they always say it will improve the breed? From what I've seen its more likly to end up with a subject having all the Vices

Anonymous said...

Melting Pot

Believe it or not that is the grand plan, the browning of the white race through inter breeding. (Miscegenation)

Whites are to bred out of existance by introducing mass non white immigration.

Method. Replacement over time through inter breeding.

Whites are seen by guilt ridden liberals as responsible for every evil crime ever perpetrated throughout human history.

Whites are beyond the pale (no pun intended)

This ideology is called post-modern neo-Liberalism, basically it means whites have gotta go.

The BBC call it the changing face of Britain.

Not a lot of people know that.

Anonymous said...

Superb Sarah, we can just imagine if we put the multi-cultural ideology to the likes of Japan or China ? Shouldn't that raise alarm bells to anyone with an ounce of common sense that it only white countries that are "encouraged" to accept and not question multi-culturism ?
These race traitors use these tactics to impose their will on the whites, i'm sure most people can identify with this -
1. The demonising of whites. Another term for this is "white guilt".
2. Third World Immigration - ALL WHITE countries and ONLY into white countries.
3. Forced intergration as the first step towards assimilation , assimilation is not directly forced but everybody who opposes it is condemned as "rascist".
4. Anyone who speaks out against ANY part of the process of white genocide will be denounced as a "rascist" or as a "white supremist", as we in the BNP know only to well.
Even the Liberals are becoming alarmed at the statistic that 1 in 9 people in Britain were not born here, we will be a minority sooner than we think UNLESS we stand up and say enough is enough. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to put him right about the BNP, I tried a few months ago, but alas hes still believing the media lies, and really should know better, seems it's waycist to preserve your own race and culture, whilst other races are preserving their own cultures in their own countries AND in OURS.

BFB said...

"What's that they say?, (its so hard to hear them over John Cruddas's flatulence, and Lily Allen being sick)"

Sarah, I love you.

I don't mean to sound like a Muslim, but, marry me...NOW!

modest1 said...

Well said. I've always asked, "if diversity is so good, why deprive Africa of it?" I've asked liberals this question and they either call me a racist or reply that there is diversity in Africa. So I wrote several black African universities asking about their diversity programs. Not a single one replied to me. Apparently they do not value diversity in Africa.