Thursday, 26 February 2009

Martin Wingfield and Freedom of Information

For those of you who do not know, Martin Wingfield is editor of the the British National Party's newspaper The Voice of Freedom. He also has a very popular blog where he produces some excellent articles promoting the British National Party.

Too popular in fact for the red rubbish that runs Liverpool Council and Libraries. Because if you try to access Martin's blog from a LCC machine, you will get the following message:

- You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

- URL:

- Category: Racism and Hate 
To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please contact the Helpdesk on 0151 225 2928.
Interestingly enough, that is the same message that you will get if you also try to access this blog, Home of the Green Arrow from any of Liverpool's council owned computers.

Now I do not care what the reds call me, racist, homophobic, transsexual, pervert or even a tin of pilchards, I am indifferent to the red dinosaurs whose day is almost over but to block to access to someone like Martin, who is a candidate in this years European Elections, is bang out of order if not illegal.

As the BNP site says, "We must not allow Liverpool Council to get away with such fascist behaviour" before adding:
Use the contacts below to complain. DEMAND they lift the ban on Mr Wingfield's Blog in all public buildings. Note: Ask for a full written reply.

Email: Telephone: 0151 233 3000
You can read more details here.

Now for the Freedom of Information part of this post. BNP super activist Giuseppe De Santis has had a reply from Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust in response to his question on how much they spent on Interpreters and Translation fees in 2008.

Thank you for your request for information asking how much this trust spent on interpreters and translation in 2008.

We are handling your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I am providing you with the following information which I trust meets your information request.

Excluding translations directly commissioned by our commissioners, for 07/08 Tower Hamlets PCT spent £871,879 on interpreters and translation.

If you are dissatisfied with how your request has been handled, you can complain in writing to:

The Associate Director of Quality and Governance
Burdett House
Mile End Hospital
London E1 4DG

One cannot help but wonder how many vital drugs could have been provided to save the lives and eye sight of our own people had this money not at to be spent on the diseased enrichers who benefit us by bleeding us dry. Remember this is just the money spend by one PCT, there are currently 152 PCTs in England alone.

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