Sunday, 22 February 2009

In fairness to Moslems

Those of us who have been forced over just a few short years to become almost experts on the Cult of the Dead Paedophile have known for a long time that in fairness to Moslems, they do not just hate white people, they also hate each other, despite their so called religion. But it is still nice to have it confirmed.

Not going to start now on how Arabs consider themselves the cream of Islam and how black Moslems are way down the ladder or even the differences between the Sunni Moslems and the Shiite Moslems but on how they view each other in the country they are currently "guests" in.

Sixty years after independence in the Indian sub-continent, we have a community in the North West which still refers to each other by their nationality.

Oh he goes to an Indian mosque or that is a Pakistani mosque. We have prejudices against each other more than the non-Asian people have against us.

We continue to paint each other with the same brush and then say to our non-Asian brothers and sisters we are not all the same.
And more of the same in this article here which reveals the divisions between the enrichers who clearly hate everyone and everything, even those of the same Cult.
I‘ve also heard of people living in and around one area are of one nationality and they frown upon the fact someone else buys a house in that particular area.

Funny that? I thought apartheid had been defeated; it seems it still exists in some people’s heads. These attitudes must change and they must change now.
And what do we do. We let them all in so that some time down the road, after they have pushed us into the sea, they can then start to fight amoungst themselves like rats in a barrel. They do get one thing right about the BNP though.
The BNP does not care if you are from India or Pakistan and think you are different, because they don't view you any differently.
No we don't. It is not about your race or Cult, it is about whose country this is and your attempts to import your hatreds and medieval culture into it.

Different story but interesting to read if only to confirm that Ken Livingstone and David Cameron are singling from the same little red book.
Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone added: “Today the prime targets of the BNP are Muslims. Why? Because the Islamophobic message chimes with those in the press and media on an almost daily basis.

”The reality is the Muslim community is one of the most integrated communities in Britain. Opinion polling in London showed that more Muslims in London felt patriotic towards and identified with England, than the average Londoner.”
So would that be the reason they blow up the tube and buses Ken? Funny form of patriotism. Please live to a ripe old age Ken. I want to see you rot in prison.

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Unilateralist said...

Seems nobody got this the first time around...

"only when the adherent believes fully that his enemy is a juggernaut of irrational destruction, who's existence is solely to cause harm, who speaks not a word of truth and can never be understood as anything other than evil - there lies the language of the cult. For where can reason reside when any action to the contrary is the 'enemy's trick'? Such certainty is by far the highest danger our liberty faces."

-H.L Mencken, 'Prejudices'

Anonymous said...

I can say no more about Ken other than he is a raving nutter.

Anonymous said...


Celebrating diversity said...

From al- Beeb:

'Asian' thugs expand their business from drugs into kidnapping and threatening children.

- Those 'Asians' again! I do wish the Dalai Lama would tell the Buddhists to behave themselves.

"But it is not just disputes over money and respect which are being solved through kidnap. And not all the victims are criminals.

I spoke to an Asian former gang leader who has kidnapped victims in the UK over family feuds and disputes originating in the sub-continent.

The problem is escalating. I've heard of innocent girlfriends and sisters being abducted off the streets and sexually assaulted

Tony - not his real name [It wouldn't happen to begin with 'M', would it?] - admits people within his community used to hire him to track down runaway brides and that branching out to kidnapping was just him "diversifying my skills."

"I had a case once where a councillor in Kashmir was refusing to stand down so his opponents called me and I kidnapped his brothers who lived in the Midlands," said Tony. "We held them for a few days until the elections in Kashmir were over and the councillor had resigned." Kirk Dawes believes kidnapping is on the rise. He says it exists in any community where there is organised crime. [Islam IS an organised crime]

"The problem is escalating. I've heard of innocent girlfriends and sisters being abducted off the streets and sexually assaulted. I've heard of threats being made against children but thankfully I've not seen it happen yet."

Anonymous said...

It's hardly surprising that more moslems are British patriots. Most of London are immigrants so it would take about three muslims to say they are British and then Ken can make his quote.