Monday, 16 February 2009

A message for Nationalist Bloggers

If you are a nationalist blogger considering changing your blog address, then a few words of advice.

Do not delete the blog(I do not care what others might say), rest assured our enemies will take the address, especially if it as an established site and post their propaganda of lies and half truths.

First remove any banner that is not appropriate, switch of commenting, and display a page pointing to your new address and asking other nationalist blogs to update their link lists.

Also make clear that the views expressed are those only of yourself as an individual and are not necessarily the views of the BNP.

You could make the blog "private" so none can view the blog but this would mean that any good articles that other sites have linked to will be lost.

Always think things through first.

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The BNP Chronicle said...

Good Advice.

beowulf said...

below is a prime example of this Happening, what was the ld epping forest bnp blog as now beingtaken over by some leftie cranks ,

Whatever happened to Epping Forest BNP?
The previous incarnation of this website was run as Epping Forest BNP's only internet presence, but was suddenly deleted - and action that allowed Epping Forest BNP watch to re-register the site.