Sunday, 8 February 2009

Secret Police to spy on BNP

We know there are

Of course the press does not actually say that. But that is what the Daily Backstabbers article on the release of news that a Secret Police intelligence unit has been set up to spy on Left and Right wing political groups means.

To be honest, I have never really understood why (well not true really, I have a theory) the press always prefer to refer to the British National Party as being Right Wing.

I do not think we are for a moment. We want the utility companies, rail networks and industries of national importance to be in the control of the people and that hardly sounds like Right Wing to me. But I digress.

The new Confidential Intelligence Unit will mount surveillance and run informers on "domestic extremists" and "radical campaigners". Do they mean people like BNP activists and keyboard warriors like myself?

Well, who ever is assigned to surveillance on me is going to get pretty bored, however if they wish to "entrap me" could they please make sure that their agent is a pretty young thing with blue eyes who likes watching old films, documentaries, poker and reading. Female of course.
The unit also aims to identify the ring-leaders behind violent demonstrations such as the recent anti-Israel protests in London, and to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups, animal liberation groups and organisations behind unlawful industrial action such as secondary picketing.
And there you have the truth of the matter tucked on at the end of the paragraph. They mean the Wildcat strikes in defence of British Jobs for British Workers that the British National Party supported.

But those of us who have been around the block already know that our actions are monitored even if not physically watched and have been for decades.

For example, back in the late 80's I owned a small printing company with two personal computers for designing the artwork on. I know for a fact that both machines were accessed to see if I was printing nationalist leaflets or had information on them that was illegal. I also know the person who carried out the operation was a police informer who used a false name when he joined our local group. You did not know that I knew did you Spitfire? You do now.

And then, when I dropped out of publicly working for the nationalist cause, so to did the "informer" vanish but when over 20 year later I started the Green Arrow Blog, an email arrives from my now "old friend" wishing to rekindle "Our Friendship".

How he identified me after all those years and just a few posts on my virtually unknown blog would be a mystery if I did not know where he was coming from.

I politely informed him that I had no wish to "meet" and have a pre-paid lunch at his expense, although perhaps I should have. He is older than I and I might have learned something and he might have had a need to confess his actions.

Remember, the state agents are not all James Bond look alikes. They come in all shapes, sizes and ages and work for the state until they die. So be warned of instant new "friends" kinsmen and always choose your words carefully. Unless of course, like me, you would welcome a show trial.


Anonymous said...

AVG pops up a security warning on your link GA.
No doubt the page has a nasty embedded in it to track our movements.

Im now going to shred my history and clean out my PC.


GreenPleasantLand said...

Off topic... but i thought i'd link you to this article. Spot the hypocrisy!!!

"But council officials allegedly accused her of failing to ‘respect and preserve’ the child’s faith and tried to persuade the girl to reconsider her decision."

You'll be appauled mate.

Simple Simon said...

GA, in response your puzzling over why the BNP are usually though of as 'right wing';

- The left is, broadly internationalist, rather than nationalist.

- Leftist ideologies generally grew out of fighting exclusivity and so press for universalism; a party with anti-immigration and isolationalist policies doesn't really fit with that.

- The left generally opposes capital punishment, and is often rooted in anti-militarism.

- The left does call for public ownership of industries; to the extent that the workers of that industry should have autonomy over it. From reading BNP manifestos and websites it would appear BNP ideologues see the public ownership of industry as a birthright of the citizen, and not something afforded only to the workers who (in a sense) are the industry.

- Any party which sees 'Marxism' everywhere (however badly interpreted their view of 'Marxism' is) and considers their enemies to be 'far left' and 'dirty reds' will automatically be considered right wing. If what the mainstream considers 'centrist' is to you 'radical left' the assumption is that you stand on the far right. Crude political geometry at it's finest.

- The left is generally a-religious, and anti-religious in some cases. Whilst the BNP doesn't consider itself a religious party, it speaks out against some religions and declaims the loss of 'traditional [Christian] values'. Religiously based morality is a common feature of the right.

- In many senses the BNP is traditionalist and conservative, particularly in social policy, again common to the right.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

A good story, GA.

According to many of the nutzis on a certain forum, Griffin is 'state' (because his father ia a senior Mason, you know)...and so is 5IMon Darby. LOL

Seriously though, I think MI5 will have been monitoring the BNP for years. In fact I think all political groups and even MPs will be watched carefully. They will be quite aware that the only threat we pose is through the democratic system.

There are all sorts of 'far-right' organizations that are rather sinister sounding eg. the Racial Volunteer Force. I would imagine they would be referring to these.

The Green Arrow said...

Simple Simon.

Thank you that. It makes things a lot clearer and I now have a definition to use at a future date. To be honest I had not given it much thought.


Please keep me posted. I have just checked my machine with latest AVG and am getting nothing reported.

Anybody else having the same problem?

Anonymous said...

I'll summarise the big and unavoidable difference between the what the System regards as Left and Right on the political spectrum.

Right = a belief in nature.

Left = a belief in egalitarianism (unnatural)

That to me is the biggest difference. One can't argue with nature -to do so is impossible- but the Left endeavour to reject and deny nature and are thus irrational and doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

download Google Chrome and use the incognito option -this allows free surfing with no record of your activity. Google Chrome also edits your spelling mistakes, etc. to ensure your posts are top-line.

This browser is ace.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA, I shredded my history, cookies etc and ran a scan. All came up ok.
Just went back to your link and no AVG warning this time.

Im not so sure of Google chrome Anon or the no record of your surfing activity claim. I use Google as a search tool but thats as far as I go. I have doubts about what they record.

Anyone else use Google Chrome?

You can use an IP address scrambler which scrambles your unique IP address as you surf the web. But remember to take a note of your original one for resetting later, before you use the scrambler.
Check out for some cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

And when the BNP has the majority vore they'll be censoring those who do not agree with their policies. What's the use of changing one dictatorship for another?

Newdawn said...

Thanks for the information.

I guess that makes me a naturalist then.

Being naturally traditional and with nature and for nature and organic society.


Maybe that is why the Left are so violent is that all this going against nature (also known as perversion) as caused them a degree of mental anguish and even illness. Of course making them voltaiel and prone to violence when tehy cant win a rationale argument when reality (and not their delusion) that is faceing them.

jch said...

First apolagies to the Green Arrow for blatently plugging my own struggling blog on his comments board. Only earlier to day I posted an article reporting on how our inteligence services needed to rely on the likes of the CIA or mossad to keep track of suspects,if you want to know more visit

Anonymous said...

"And when the BNP has the majority vore they'll be censoring those who do not agree with their policies."

On what evidence do you base that supposition?

Harry: Simon Bennett recommended to me using Google Chrome. Would you advise keeping with Explorer, mate?

Anonymous said...

A land fit for hero's? I dont think. Did my dad fight and suffer in his later years with shrapnel wounds and machine gun bullets still embedded in his hip, for his sons and grandsons to have their rights to peacefull complaint against the state's lack of integrity classed as subversive?. And you just know that it will be against this counrty's sons and daughters that this kind of state intimidation will be used, not those who come from abroad and openly attack our police forces on the streets of towns where my men like my dad once marched off to war to protect us from oppression and tyrany. Anyone involved with snooping on genuinely concerned patriotic people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, no ammount of pieces of silver could make me spy on those who would ultimately want the best for their country.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but over on Excalibur

there is a super collection of Golly items. Ive just ordered some.

Pop over and buy a pen or mug or whatever and show these PC maniacs where to get off. And of course your helping the BNP. Now what could be better than that?

BNP dictatorship? I think you need to lie down for a bit anon and get yourself together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon / Harry.

OK you mean that link to the Daily Mail online ?

Right then. I tried running that link through all sorts of browsers in three operating systems with four different "anti viral" products of different designs.

I don't get a blip at all.

Either you got lucky / unlucky or you triggered something that got put on your machine by someone else's site first.

Anonymous said...

Another definition of left and right is that the left tends to believe in the capacity of the environment to change people, who are 'blank slates, but naturally good,' morally.

The social environment - 'oppression'- has made them unequal and needs to be adjusted. hence legislation about equality etc

The right tends to believe that human beings have innate attributes and have a natural tendency to wickedness.

Inequalites are mostly natural and it is oppression to try to iron out natural differences by social means.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the government needs to spy on their own workers.
"Stunned staff and gym members allegedly heard him shout: 'F**king Israelis, f**king Jews'. It is alleged he also said Israeli soldiers should be 'wiped off the face of the earth'."

Anonymous said...


"Anyone involved with snooping on genuinely concerned patriotic people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves,"

Yes, any patriots in MI5 or Scotland Yard, please release the names, addresses and other contact #'s you may have and publish their names online. We need to expose the traitors.


Found you on Harry's Place. Beats me why Wikipedia defines it as a "British" site.
Didn't get any security warnings myself: perhaps "Harry" is just trying to get you worried.
That site has had a few people posting on it over the last few months warning that some contributors will be tracked and exposed: or possibly worse!
Keep going! I shall be visiting here again, but I shan't be back at Harry's: the general gist of all the topics that have been up for discussion is ENGLISH NATIONALISM BAD: ZIONISM SUPERNATURALLY GOOD, UNASSAILABLE, TRIUMPHANT, ALL-CONQUERING.
One thing they DO agree with you on, they dislike Islam.
Know any good jokes about it? When the Harry bunch try and be funny, all they can do is swear nastily.

Anonymous said...

Failed cop Ian Blair wants to excommunicate BNP members from Church of England:

Anonymous said...

Install a user agent switcher into your browser to mask details of your computer operating system and web browser.

The Green Arrow said...

Young Visittor.

Re Harry's Place. Weird. I felt somehow unclean after visiting the place. Weird.

I shall knock up a quick article about the site.

I wonder what is happening with the investigation into the Black Police Officers Association? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Anon' of 08-Feb-09 23:43

Whilst I agree with your sentiment that the people called upon to do this "should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves" I get the feeling such people are like those in the horlicks advert and have no problem sleeping at night.

On an unrelated matter, notice how the first part of the article suggests it's those who do violence for political ends, like those charming chappies in antifa and the animal liberation front, that are the target, but very VERY quickly they move totar peaceful protestors with the same brush.

But did YOU see or hear aything that suggested one of those placard waving brits outside the last remaining bits of industry in this country used violence to achieve their ends ? Because I didn't and I think we can be sure HAD ANY OF THEM done so The New Liebour Spin Machine would have it up there in lights.....

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about Harry's Place GA. We did get a laugh or two out of it though.

Any way this Harry and that Harry are not the same, if I was Id have posted a link long ago.

I think there are a few devious posters sniffing around your blog GA.

I also got to the bottom of the alert trigger on the Daily Backstabber. Daughter and chums surfing music and video sites, Ive warned them that the PC will be locked up.

The real Harry.