Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

Back in time, when mens upper lips might have trembled instead of them breaking down in tears in front of the world, a poster went up across Our Country with the message:

The sign, originally put up during the 1940's when invasion of Our Lands seemed imminent and we were prepared to fight the coming invaders on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and streets, instead of welcoming them with open arms, is going back up again in windows of homes and businesses once more.

Simon Heffer, writes in the Telegraph:

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON is a message designed not for a period of regular democracy, when if one dislikes the way one is governed one can soon choose someone else to do it instead. It was designed for the period after democracy. That is why it is so appropriate now.

For the Conservative Party, which presents itself as the government-in-waiting, hasn't the slightest clue what to do about this grave national predicament. And the public know that, too. The poster that, 70 years after its intended use, has become a cult reflects the public's sense that democracy again is failing. Changing the government may change nothing at all. It will not be Hitler's turning up on the Suffolk coast with divisions of stormtroopers that will throw the British people back on their own resources; it will be a collapsed economy and a vacuum of political leadership.

What that poster effectively says is: the politicians have failed, now we are on our own.
And he is right, we are on our own. Well almost. In an interesting article that you should read, Heffer worries about what will happen after the "Buggins Turn" conservatives fail the people after the next general election. And fail they will. They are programmed to fail.

He like, the readers of this site has, finally realised that Brigade of Guards will not turn back the enemy at the gates of Romford or Maidstone and worries about revolution. Don't we all.

However he is wrong to worry about what happens after the "yet-to-fail Oposition" fails. The British National Party is not the monster that the "establisment" portrays them as, they are in fact the Brigade of Guards that will turn back the enemy at our gates.

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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Simon Heffer. As Churchill once said of Russia. "A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." His biography of Enoch Powell is outstanding, the best there is on the great man in my opinion and there can be little doubt that Powell is/was Heffer's hero and he has been a faithful disciple. But again, where will Heffer be when the chips are down? Will he stand bravely alongside the BNP or will he, like the rest of the establishment traitors, line up with pens trained on us, ready to shoot down the only party with the will power and the policies to rescue this country before it plunges over the brink. Experience suggests that he will not be there, standing close in the front line for I very much doubt he will have half the character and courage of the GreatMan, his hero,Enoch Powell. Lets hope that when he wrote the biography, some of its subject steel rubbed off on him.

Fast Food said...

Wow, not often you see the 'brigade of guards' beating at the gates...