Monday, 9 February 2009

West Wales BNP Organiser - Councillor Kevin Edwards

Kevin Edwards, BNP

I see that the West Wales Organiser for the British National Party, Kevin Edwards is in the press again. This time it is the South Wales Evening Post(no link sorry).

Speaking about the wildcat industrial protests that have been taking place outside oil refineries and power stations across the UK, he said that the central issue of "British Jobs for British Workers" is equally relevant to Welsh Workers losing their jobs to imported "cheap foreign labour".
Mr Edwards said "The British jobs for British workers protests started in Lincolnshire, but the issue is every bit as important in South Wales."

" Too many local workers are also the victims of unfair competition from cheap foreign labour."

" While it's true that some individuals simply don't, or won't work, this clearly isn't the case with the rapidly growing number of newly unemployed victims of the bankers bust."

" It's wrong that local people should have to join the dole queue while jobs go to foreigners."

" That said, it would be wrong to take it out on the imported workers themselves."

Mr Edwards said the blame for the situation should be aimed at politicians who " put building a federal Europe and diversity dogma before the interests of ordinary voters, and greedy companies, which would rather make a short-term profit than invest in local workers."

He added " Free trade was fine when Britain was the workshop of the world , but now China is industrialised it's economic suicide."
As to be expected, Kevin's statement of the blindingly obvious was completely ignored by Swansea Council leader Chris Holley who has become increasingly alarmed at the growth of the British National Party across all of Wales.

Revealing his complete ignorance about the colonisation of Our Country and the displacement of the True British People by the colonisers he said:
" I think the comments are what you would expect from this organisation. In the current climate, most of the people that have come here to work have gone back to whatever country they have come from, because we are in a worse position than they are."
Then what are those invasion barges/hotels doing of our shores? What planet is this man from? Bizaro World?
"Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!".
And that about sums up the Axis of Evil parties that are collectively known as "The Establishment". Barking mad maniacs.

Look forward to meeting you again soon Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Here Here.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kevin, eloquently expressed and people are listening to you.

As for Holley, this guy is obviously hard of thinking. He stated:

"...because we are in a worse position than they are."

WHOSE STUPID BLOODY FAULT IS THAT HOLLEY? You told us immigration is essential for a thriving economy so how come we are in a worse position than they are?