Friday, 27 February 2009

Fire fighter is injured in gang race attack

Imagine for one moment, that you are cycling home from your work as a fire fighter and suddenly you are confronted by a pack of baying Asians(that word again) who start chanting racial abuse at you before hurling bricks at your head. What fear would you feel?

Would you fear for your life? I know I would.

And a Littleborough fire man who is used to risking his life at work but not on his bike on his way home is feeling extremely lucky that he only suffered minor injuries thanks to his cycle helmet. As his wife said:

"It was a horrible thing to happen but it could have been a lot worse.

"Fortunately he was wearing a helmet so that stopped him from being seriously injured and somehow he managed to stay on his bike and cycle away from them.
Damn right it could have been worse. These kind of animals do not stop when their victim is down. They kick to kill.

Although perhaps one of the bricks did more damage than is obvious because after the attack the fire fighter said:
"Hopefully it will start a bit of debate and maybe the imams will speak to the youths to reinforce the message that it is not acceptable to behave like this."
Roll on the floor weeping and laughing alternatively. The imams or Islamic Generals as I call them, are the ones who give the orders and fire up the foot soldiers.

If you have not got the courage to join the BNP in the fight for Our Country, Your Country, then at least have the guts to put an X on ballot papers and vote for them.

Things are going to get worse.


kwelos said...

Anyone who needs to convince people of the clear and present danger of Islam - whether discussing it with relatives, friends, colleagues or online - will find this comprehensive, concise and frequently-updated resource useful.

See 'Street Jihad' with reference to these kinds of attack.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Dont be too hard on the fireman GA for it is obvious that the bricks raining down on his head really did affect his comments. In a situation like that, someone should tell him thats its ok to hate the bastards who attacked you and to condemn them with all the fury at your disposal.If he is ever driving the Fire Engine he should watch out for a chance to run over the scumbags. To hell with turning the other cheek. You will only get that one slapped too. I fear that, for about 99% of our population, the famed British fighting spirit is a long lost thing of the past. If my fears are ever confirmed then we are lost so I hope (I dont bother to pray anymore) that I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Green, the expression is "BAYING Asians" rather than paying. Nice to see so many articles lately, but please try and get things right.

Anonymous said...

Should the fireman decide to do something about it by joining the BNP the union will try to sack him:

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 18:11

Point taken. My only excuse is that I started "work" at 0500, that article was written at about 1700 and it is now 20:22 and I still have more to do before I can call it a day.

I wish I had time to polish and check articles but figure it more important to get the news out.

I also wish I had time to respond to the very good comments left but time is too tight.

Seriously. Thanks for the heads up. You can proof read for me again.

littledragon said...

Wye, it's not surprising they have mental imbalances, "Nutting the Sand" that many times a day. If I went around the place at specific times Nutting Walls I'd be locked in a padded cell, and I would thank you for it!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Not only nutting the sand, but shagging their close relatives. Sons of their uncles half of them. They are more closely inbred than our old gentry were. No wonder our hospitals see so many of their offspring with genetic deficiencies.- further cost to ur health service.