Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lord Ahmed Poll

Lord Ahmed and friends

Good morning. Sunday. A great day Sunday and great news awaiting me over on the forum.

Up at 0500, I read that Sarah: Maid of Albion would be delivering the first in a new series of essays by her at 10:00 today. No pressure here then Sarah:)

Now anyone who knows how good Sarah is at illuminating the truth in an interesting manner, will be looking forward to it, as am I. But for me, it meant I was able to stand down, work on other things, just surf the net and generally get up to mischief without feeling a duty to write.

But we need something to do until the article arrives, so I thought we might have a poll on what sort of sentence, the ignoble Lord Ahmed will receive later this month, when he is sentenced for causing death by dangerous driving.

An offence to which he has already pleaded guilty to after admitting to the sending and receiving of a series of text messages to a reporter, whilst driving in the dark at more than 60 mph.

Looking at a couple of previous cases of a similar nature, I find that a Phillippa Curtis was sentenced to 21 months and banned from driving for three years for texting a message whilst driving that led to the death of another driver.

I find that Rachel Begg, driving at 70mph received 4 years for also texting a message just prior to killing a 64 year old grandmother.

Those are just two cases I found within minutes of commencing a search for previous cases involving deaths brought about as a result of a person sending text messages while driving. I am sure there are many more.

In fact so serious do the courts consider this crime, that the Lord Chief Justice has stated that new tougher penalties be imposed on:
Motorists who read or write text messages on a mobile phone could face jail sentences of up to seven years if they cause a death, under new guidelines from a sentencing watchdog today.
So with that in mind, what sort of sentence do you think this killer Lord will receive for his crime. Leave a comment and tell us but do the poll on the right first.

Personally, I think he will walk. As did the corrupt Lords who accepted bribes to change the laws of our land. I mean the "establishment" would not want Ahmed's Army, storming the prison to release him, would they.

Another classic example, over on my kinsman's site, Unrepentant British Nationalism about how the BBC handled the reporting of an inflammatory statement made by Lord Ahmed. Well spotted brother.


Proudgeordie said...

I am on my PDA for now GA so can't do the poll but here is my tuppence ha'penny.

The ignoble Lord has admitted 'dangerous driving' to escape trial for 'causing death by dangerous driving'. This lesser offence rarely carries a custodial sentence, he will probably receive a ban of less than a year and a fine of a couple of grand. Plea bargaining at it's best! They can report that he received a stiff sentence and ignore the fact that a man is dead. He will g bck to napping in the Lords and threatening to raise an army against he queen and all will be forgotten in a month or so. Until the BNP have parliamentary seats and can remind them of their dubious pasts

Anonymous said...

If I were in charge of things I would give him a custodial sentence for causing death then deport the alien back to the festeing country he fled.

'Lord'? How much did he pay for that knighthood, or is it just tokenism?

Anonymous said...

It will be a suspended sentence

Anonymous said...

One year suspended. I don't think even these traitors will just let him off completely. One year suspended gives them the opportunity to kid the public on whilst effectively taking no action.

Anonymous said...

The Lord of Jihad will walk, no doubt. The gutless dhimmi elite will see to it.

The man is a jihadist, he is as much of a threat as any terrorist - if not more so - and he's a peer of the realm!

You can't make this stuff up you really can't.


Anonymous said...

He shouldn't worry too much; 'Common Purpose' 2@s look after their own.
The CPS and the Judiciary are riddled with CP - hence the lesser charge of dangerous driving.
I predict a 6 month driving ban, a £2k fine and picking up the tab for dinner with the judge after sentencing.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Thanks, Green Arrow. I read the report in work initially, and remembered Lord Ahmed's (rather salient) comment.

When I viewed the article again at home, I noticed the comment had disappeared. I questioned my own mind, but then vaguely recalled you had previously posted about the BBC altering their articles. Fortunately it didn't take me long to find an example on your 'site and I copied your idea of using Google as proof!

So thanks!

cirso said...

1 year ban and large fine. I assume anon 09.38 meant suspended from a rope, one can only wish.

AbertaweBNP said...

One day when Nick and The BNP get into power, it will be great knowing if some CRIMINAL breaks the law, they shall feel the full force of the law and not get a slap on the wrist, if he gets off with anything less than a jail sentence it will be yet another liebour SCANDAL.

Proud to be BNP

Anonymous said...

If it were up to me I'd give him a 'suspended sentence' for treason, if you know what I mean.

mark said...

A fine, points on his licence and a suspended sentence. But not custodial.

shiva said...

Lord Porky will walk

Why I say this is because, at the time of the accident the MSM where full off reports of him denying using his hand phone, today if you try to google for this you will not find it, it has been whitewashed away

But here it is, a bit different to what the media are saying today

Yes Lord Porky is a liar, and the skum media are covering up for him

Peer Denies Texting Before Fatal Crash
By Sky News SkyNews - Tuesday, May 20 08:31 am

A Labour peer has denied sending a text message while driving immediately before a fatal motorway accident.

Anonymous said...

slap on the wrist.

Anonymous said...

could you imagine a bnp councillor facing the same trial as this 'lord' ahmed? the bnp councillor would face alengthy sentence and complete slander in the press. the fact that the bbc failed to mention ahmed's revolutionary threats for marching his 10 000 strong militia upon parliament says it all.

you boys probably have 10 years to get in power or it's over.

Anonymous said...

What I appreciate of Sarah is the way she interprets homophobia to a negative of islam. It is a shame that the infantile homophobia of many of our own nationalists is similar to the muslims'. When are we going to learn to stand together as nationalists? Despite our personal difference of lifestyles. You don't have to like, me, but you must respect my freedom, or else you're just as bad as those we are trying to shield this nation from.

Anonymous said...

The overwhelming majority on your'e poll are saying he will walk, i think that's why the court has postponed the sentencing because i think they know people are going to be outraged, i think they feel threatened because he has already threatened the House of Treason that he will "mobilise 10,000 muslims" if Geert Wilders came to Britain (so we now need permission from the muslim community as to who comes to Britain). Jeffery Archer was the last "Lord" to be imprisoned albeit for contempt of court, and stripped of his title, so it can be done if there's a will, but there isn't so he'll definately be allowed to walk from the Dhimmi court.I would like to see him banned from driving for life, imprisoned for ten years, stripped off his title and made to give compensation to the dead man's family, that's the least he can do, as far as i know he hasn't even appoligised to the family, he keeps saying "i don't want to talk about it" carrying on like a diva, i bet he doesn't want to talk about it, he's scared incase he says something to incriminate himself.politicalMIZZ

baz said...

test At last i'm into the green arrow experience, Computers and me don't get along. Just a word I've been reading your site for some time serious stuff and a chuckle along the way Your weeks synopsis on the button the Geert Wilders piece spot on. Now im in having my say will feature. Nice to be in contact

Anonymous said...

He will walk from court a free man without a doubt. The establishment wouldnt dare to pass custodial sentence for fear of islamic reprecutions. The BNP would however be able to revisit any sentence when we gain power

Anonymous said...

don't know. they know better who will pass him sentence

AnotherBrit said...

Contrary to popular beliefs, our lord did get a custodial sentence. However, given the laxity, it appears it was a mere wrist slap. Compare that to the sentences others receive for similar offenses and you can see there is real reverse discrimination in effect.