Sunday, 22 February 2009

Thought for the day

If immigration is such a huge benefit to our economy and our wider national well being, how is it that after ten years of virtually uncontrolled immigration, which has seen the greatest demographic change in a European nation in thirteen hundred years, our economy is now in worse shape than it has been for a century?

Answers on a post card to G.Brown, SW1


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Time for another Jacqui Smith communique: To all employers. Do not discuss right and wrong when hiring migrant workers at lower wages. Don't worry about the costs to society, just think about your profit now.

What to do if your employees, crime victims, children or others bring up the issue of right and wrong when you are doing something. Just say no to right and wrong. Do what makes you money now. Leave right and wrong to the Labour Party, the future or that old chap, forgot his name, oh yes, our father in chief Tony Blair.

James said...

If immigration truly is a 'wonder drug' for national prosperity then why aren't the Left demanding we redirect it to the developing world instead of reserving it for wealthy, ungrateful white countries?

Red Squirrel said...

That picture 'The precipice' is just where Gordon Brown is taking us and our Nation!
We must save it by voting BNP.

defender said...

As an old seaman GA, you would know that when your ship enters any port, the rat protectors go on the shore lines. You will also have been told why that is.
This is the same with nations, not to suggest that people equated to rats, but its to do with infestation, its the same reason why we must protect borders .

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! True.

I have a few questions, too:

How is it if immigration is so obviously beneficial that white flight occurs?

How come people in areas like Strling or Ludlow aren't demanding that the next batch of asylum seekers are housed there, so they can also be enriched?

How come we are always being told immigration's great and yet all the polls indicate people want to shut the borders or at least dramatically reduce immigration?

How did we manage the tansition from an agrarian to an industrial society - an event that changed the world forever - without the help of immigrants?

We have been lied to, Ladies and Gentlemen...but the people are beginning to wake up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The consequences are showing jacq we know the benfits of mass immigration are minimal

for every single unskilled job theres about on average 100 people apply to clean toilets

we also know the solution its the BNP - dont you know it Jaqui