Saturday, 21 February 2009

The "benefits" of immigration

Governments, such as the USA, the UK together with most in Europe and those media organisations who favour an open door immigration policy keep telling us how much our economy benefits from immigration on account of all the wealth immigrants allegedly create and "bring into the country".

As an answer to this claim, I would like to suggest a little exercise, which you can try whilst sitting at you computer. First go to or any other search engine, and type in the words Sending money home then click search, and count the number of result options you are given.

I suspect that the figure you see will come as a surprise, and may give you an inkling as to exactly which economies are benefiting from mass immigration into countries like Britain.

Have fun and send it on!

Sarah Maid of Albion


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Anonymous said...

Finding little money left to send home -
Anane-Sekyere found a way to send the money. For Ghanians here, the motivations for sending money home are clear-cut. First is the notion of reciprocity. ...

right and saving up for flights to come here..

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i would love to rejoin the BNP but find it hypocritical that I no longer live in the UK, I am on the BNP membership list.
What are your views on overseas members?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, so much for the "immigrants contribute financially to the British economy" I think the House of Lords also sucessfully debunked the "101 great things immigrants do for us losers here in Britain" well worn mantra of the Left. We could write on the back of a postage stamp all the positive contibutions immigration has given us AND still have enough room for the Lords Prayer in 6 different languages.politcaLMIZZ

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An interesting choice of picture.

IIRC Western Union are considered the bigest bunch of money launderers swindlers cattle rustlers and horse thieves since -- well since they were founded to launder the money of those said cattle rustlers and horse thieves

Son if England said...

I got 119 million options!!! that is ten times as many as if you do a search on "New Labour"!.

Anonymous said...

What happens when all the social runs out?

Anonymous said...

Nothing new in all of this.In the late sixties when Wilsons government passed laws preventing British holiday makers from taking more than a,very low amount,of sterling out of the country for overseas holidays,the Indians and Pakistanis that I worked with would visit the bank on Thursday lunch time and send most of their pay packet back home.
Nothing wrong with that I thought at the time but just wished that I could have been afforded the same priveliges.
Even then the bias against British tax payers was beginning to show.