Saturday, 7 February 2009

Concern over UK Gas supplies

What does it mean?
Read the last line over on MOTW's article

Click. Eyes open. Feet instantly on deck and I am awake and up at 04:30. Do not know why but I always awake fully alert and ready to roll. Navy training perhaps. I honestly do not know.

As I shaved, there was a song going through my mind and it was a song that had been long forgotten by myself. It was the Beatles song that goes "You got to admit its getting better, it's getting better all the time". Positive and full of expectations of a great day in front of the BNP family and myself, I power up the machine that now feels part of me.

One hours worth of admin, etc and time to catch up on the other sites. And then crash, an article over on Man of the Woods makes me realise that things are not getting better for Our Country. They are getting worse and if truth be known, I think they are getting kind of scary. Especially when I read the following.
In an article last month, regarding the EU's plans to take control of the UK's gas reserves, I mentioned that I had been keeping a close eye on the UK's gas storage levels. At that time, operational data available from the National Grid's web site showed that the Russian gas blockade was causing the UK's short range and medium range stocks of natural gas to decline rapidly, as the UK increased it's exports to Belgium via the Interconnector.

Since then, I've continued to monitor the storage levels and it appears that the situation has deteriorated further. Gas is no longer being withdrawn from short range storage and withdrawal from medium range storage appears to be flattening off.
I think you should go read the MOTW article here and check out his graphs supporting his article. I am sure he would appreciate feedback on this and I know I would.

Now I am going to make like a Labour Voter and go bury my head in the sand and write about something else.


Wellard67 said...

Another development here that is causing concern. A commercial utility broker friend of mine informs me that several large electricity/gas companies are now refusing to supply pubs/clubs and several other types of businesses. We should also consider we are now in the heaviest billing quarter with hundreds of thousands of homes/businesses unprepared for the HUGE bills due to arrive in march. I predict a bloodbath!

Anonymous said...

Civil Contingencies Act. here's the info

MOTW could be right that the troughminsters aim to shaft us all into the eu gulag
sooner than had been planned.

Keep spreading the common sense word of The BNP and we will win yet.


ProudGeordie said...

The sudden rise of the BNP has shocked them into bringing the plan forward. The electricity blackouts will mean the internet goes down and access restricted to conserve power, effectively killing the cyber-resistance. Only government approved servers will be allowed online at specific times, all news will come from the politburo.

This is a very disturbing revelation.