Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Neath Ferret, white lesbian and toad consort

Yesterday, I wrote that I was in an extremely happy mood and that I would tell you all about it tomorrow, which is now today.

Did their jobs go to foreign workers?

Well the first thing to cheer me up was the news that the two extremely unpleasant individuals who are the driving forces behind the pathetic collection of UAF Unity blogs around the country, had both lost their jobs.

They are of course the notorious double act of Denise Garside and Atreus and you can read all about it on the Green Arrow and Friends Forum.

Now though, my kinsman and I hope good friend, Unrepentant from the straight talking Unrepentant British Nationalism site are in disagreement.

My kinsman posted:
I don't mean to sound sanctimonious, but taking pleasure in others' misfortune is beneath us. I sincerely wish them well, especially as I understand both are rather poorly. They are fools, but I believe they think they are trying to do the right thing. They are not, but let's not wish hardship on them, they are already troubled people.
Noble and generous sentiments and typical of the big hearted people that go to make up the British National Party, who are generous and tolerant to a fault. But I disagree.

Now I do not have a problem with the fact that Garside, who constantly reminds people that she is a lesbian, is indeed a lesbian, as I myself have always displayed those tendencies myself.

I have always been attracted to women. Especially pretty ones. I have also noticed also that if I drink say, 15 pints of strong lager all women start to look attractive, in fact even the hat stand in the corner of the bar looks attractive around about closing time but that might just be the drink.

No, my problem with Garside and Atreus is that they are a pair of vicious vipers that would do anything to prevent the British National Party succeeding.

They personally helped promote and publicise the Role of Honour that resulted in numerous British National Party members, including myself, receiving death threats.

They have publicly accused me of being a paedophile, an homosexual, Islamophobe and anything else they could think of that would encourage others, not themselves of course, but others, to attack and harass me which they have done with some success I might add. They really have put my life in jeopardy.

They are responsible by their actions for the vandalism done by others of their kind on the homes and property of members and supporters of the BNP. They also are responsible for attacks such as this which threaten lives.
A Labour Party supporter thug has been jailed for nearly six months for an attack on a BNP member’s house in an incident linked by police to the leaked BNP membership list.
So I feel no sympathy for this pair of evil cowardly creatures. Sick they may be but if that is the case they should be locked away for their own safety and that of others. And I am sure that one day, the BNP will ensure they get the treatment they require.

In the past this pair had "celebrated" the fact that both of their places of employment were taking on "enrichers" and I wonder now, who management kept when it came time to make job cuts?

Well it certainly was not the white lesbian and her toad consort, the white Atreus. They have been shown the door and how ironic that Garside is a member of the treasonous trade union known as Unite. Perhaps now she should think of joining a real trade union like Solidarity.

So that was the first thing that cheered me up early yesterday and then came another delight courtesy of someone who is going to become very familiar face in nationalist circles. (But you will have to wait for that story.)

It was the following posted over on the Neath Ferret (who?), the Neath Ferret. You know the Welsh site that likes to compare itself to Private Eye.

Should this video have been put on YOUTUBE?

Peter Hain v BNP in Neath town centre

We do not agree that our MP should have been subjected to the ridicule portrayed in the video clip below.

It seems that its the BNP's answer to his protest against them. There are limits to what we think is acceptable and question what is done in this case.

Does it reflect badly on Peter Hain - or does it show up the BNP in a bad light? Should politics stoop to this level? It is up to you to decide. Remember we want balanced views on this website and you can have you say on our readers page.
What a bloody hoot. A rag that tries to portray itself as existing to expose injustice and right wrongs objecting to Peter Hain being questioned about where £103,000 of money, most of it from hard working union members subscriptions went.

Neath Ferret my ass. If they had any courage they would have been asking the question themselves. Anyhow check the site out and it will soon be revealed that the Neath Ferret is nothing but a kiss ass site and safety valve supporting the establishment.

They have a comments page so leave them a note, although despite their claims to be open, they do edit them to suit.

So yesterday I was in a great mood. And then when "You have mail" popped up, informing me of the news about Searchlight, well you can imagine. I was like a dog with two tails.


ivan said...

good news for a saturday morning about denise gargoyle,i really cant wait until she goes and signs and sees the hasle her left wing crony civil servants give her at the job centre.
Wasnt her fellow friend ketlan tossowski recently caught by the dole for being on the fiddle ?

bill.p said...

good post G.A,

I hope these two loose their house"s , cars, and have debt collectors round their houses to strip these sick excuses of humans of all their ass"etts.

No pity for them at all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously what they have done to you is contemptible, and I can easily understand your feelings. They have stooped to the lowest level to cause you anxiety, spreading malicious allegations and giving out details of your address in the hope that some nutter physically confronts you...with a potentially fatal outcome. I presume this is why you have moved house. It is natural for you to be pleased to see that karma is seeking vengeance on your behalf...however, I think we should ignore these two and concentrate on saving our country!

I have the utmost respect for you, Green Arrow! You are MORE than entitled to your satisfaction considering what they have done. However, in their deluded minds they think they are morally superior, this would be the perfect opportunity to have wished them well.

Jeannine said...

I consider them to be enemies too (especially the vile one who insults my husband). However I'd always rather deal with those I know to be enemies than those who pretend to be friends and then stab you in the back. Unfortunately there are too many of the latter sort in the world.

remember the victims! said...

The policies they support have killed many and destroyed the lives of countless millions - especially the poor.

Does it get any worse?

I say spare a thought for the victims of the policies they support!

THAT is the real highground, the rest is meaningless drivel!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i can't summon up an ounce of compassion i'd rather save it for our 22,000 pensioners who die of the cold yearly, i blame these traitors as well because these useful idiots are the ones that try to defend and maintain the status quo, they have every much blood on the hands as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, when we come into power we will not forget these people, in the meantime though i hope they enjoy their time on the dole, maybe now they can empathise with our elderly and know the true meaning of poverty. politicalMIZZ