Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The death of a child

British Paratroopers being "repatriated" last year
Every death inflicted "unbearable sorrow" on parents

Gordon Brown has said that the "death of a child was an unbearable sorrow that no parent should have to endure".

I have nothing to say about the death of David Camerons child, other than it is a tragedy, so to is the deaths of three soldiers who were killed today in the illegal war in Afghanistan.
"It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence has to announce the deaths of three soldiers from 1st Battalion The Rifles," it said in a statement, adding that their next of kin had been informed.
Brown has it in his power to stop the "unbearable sorrow" that he is inflicting on the families of our soldiers killed overseas in illegal wars.

If this article seems callous, it is not meant to be. One death was unavoidable, the other three deaths need never have happened.


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Yes its sad for Cameron's child, however I doubt very much that as part of the "Bullingdon Crowd" he would have any sympathy for the parents of those soldiers. Its just the way it is, a law of nature, a parasite rarely feels empathy or kindness towards its host, and our lofty towered establishement certainly wont identify with the ordinary person.

Anonymous said...

Here Here GA, bring our soldiers home from these foreign lands we are wasting our time we are not wanted there. What about the soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq/Alfghanistan, they're ALL someones children. What about the children maimed and killed because of Lib/Lab/Cons foreign policy in these countries ? I hope Lib/Lab/Con spare a thought for them to. politicalMIZZ

JPT said...

Your post is not callous just hard but true.

Ulster is British said...

I hope both the soladiers and the wee man rests in peace!

You are quite right what you say, Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Sir.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 boys under 5 and that picture of Cameron with his son brought a tear to my eye.

RIP little fella.

Andy Haywood

Anonymous said...

I bet conservative party members are kicking themselves that the little boy didn't die right before the European elections.

(sorry to be so insensitive, but look at mandy!)