Saturday, 28 February 2009

The control freak and the (ex)banker.

by johnofgwent.

I noticed something on television yesterday. And while responding to a comment in an earlier blog entry, the memory of that came back to me, and I'd like to share that with you. Let's begin with a tale of two photographs.

Mister "Happy Smiley" himself, pictured in Davos in 2008

Now here's a man enjoying himself at the top of his career. This is a resized copy (why waste blogger bandwidth) of a shot of our glorious leader (yeah, right) as I am sure he would wish to be portrayed. Happy Smiling and Suntanned. The fact he's about to go into a world summit and start the ball rolling on a worldwide subsidy of the wunch of bankers that head up our financial institutions hasn't given him a care in the world.

Now for those of our readers who wish to have a copy of this for their very own to snuggle up to at night, you can get your hands on the original, almost life sized version of this photograph from wikipedia. I also think a printout of the original at 100% would just about cover a dartboard, or make a damn good mask to place on a thai kickboxing practice dummy.

But yesterday I saw this man being interviewed by the BBC over the farce that has been allowed to develop with regard to the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland (now nationalised in all but name) Plc. Here's how he looked then, as reproduced faithfully by the Government Lapdog Propaganda Distribution Company.

So where's the smile and the suntan now, Gordon ?

Now am I the only person in the country to think this man has been seeking advice on where best to obtain certain substances from that pillar of respectability and role model to our young people, Amy Winehouse

The man is clearly rattled. But his television interview last night was startling. He appears pale, strained, fighting to control his irritation as he rolls out his prepared speech to the camera at just how "very, very angry" he is that Sir Fred Goodwin shows absolutely no sign of handing back his monster pension that he can go off and enjoy for the rest of his life, having managed to screw the system before reaching his 51st brthday. I have to hand it to Goodwin, he has arranged himself the lifestyle of a columbian coke baron until his dying day, without ever having to worry about looking over his shoulder for a "bush/obama sponsored assassin".

But the most telling part of that interview was when the reporter, not even bothering to let Brown finish his limp platitude, cut him off with the simple question "so what are you going to do about it, Prime Minister".

For then, just for a split second, we saw the real Gordon Brown. The eyes flashed pure hatred. The face wore an expression I last saw in a cornered thug disturbed trying to burgle my house. The expresion was unmistakable. The body language blared "I am going to rip off your head and shit down your neck you oily little scroat" for all to see.

The thing is, of course, Brown and Blair worked very hard to impose their control freakery upon the Labour Party to turn it from the disorganised, unlectable rabble it had become in the days of its "leadership" at the hands of Michael Foot. A command style that paid off, especially with the Prince Of darkness manipulating the PR.

But once a control freak, always a control freak. And when control starts to slip, what then ?

Tales were abounding not so long ago that Gordon was going through mobiles at the rate of several a week because he kept hurling them at the walls in fits of rage. The PR jerks were doing their best to pooh-pooh this of course, but having seen the guy yesterday,I know who to believe.

So what's the matter, Gordon ?

Does it worry you that you have no hope of entering the next election next election other than wearing a label "the fool who let the bankers run rings round him"

Are you frustrated that you had to abandon Prime Minister's Questions on Thursday as a "mark of respect" while the Mister Fixit that did the deal putting Blair in charge with you to follow as his poodle saw no problem in taking advantage of the lull in business to bring his Post Office Privatisation to the Lords, undebated of course, a day early ?

Are you just peeved that Sir Fred will be collecting a pension ten times your own paltry sixty or seventy grand and there is bugger all you can do about it.

Or are you just miffed that your gestapo tactics have merely increased the number of contributions to the Green Arrow Blog ?


The Green Arrow said...

JOG what a great article to start the day with. Thank you.

Personally I think Brown is on amphetamines or something. Look at the way his mouth moves when he is lieing, sorry talking.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. JoG. I noticed that moment in the interview and realised that the man is close to meltdown.Just like his party and it cant come soon enough. Their politicians know it even if much of their support still hasnt realised it- but they soon will. Witness the increasingly ridiculous suggestions for the leader to follow Gordon when they cart him away to the funny farm. Harriet Harmen, Hazel Blears for God's sake, and then the skinny lipped "virgin" married to Ed "bright eyes" Balls!! It gets ever more desperate and ridiculous. Add to the mix the likes of the Millipede brothers and you can see why suddenly the snake, Jack Straw is coming back into the picture. How Orangeman Peter Hain must be cursing his luck now, in the wilderness simply for being caught out with a dodgy hundred thousand pounds or so in his back pocket when all his "socialist comrades" have fiddled far more and got away with it.Washed up, the lot of them,crooks, traitors, liars, thieves and perverts they have been sussed, they are expired. The party is in its death throes and I hope the corpse will be buried too deep to ever be resurected.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the interview JoG so many thanks for sharing this "golden moment" with us.

As a matter of interest, what was the unelected leader's response to this pisstake from a banker whose business is being artificially propped up by taxpayers?

Claiming a pension? The criminally incompetent avaricious little bastard should be serving time and his pension should now be worth sweet fa. But of course this isn't an option because the greedy politicians are in bed with him and his ilk.

We're running out of time to call time on the rotten stinking lot of them.


Anonymous said...

Fred is a financial guru compared to the one-eyed stalinist.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks for the observation, i like nothing better than to start the day hearing of our un-enelected PM mis-fortune. I've heard before he is a control freak and has huge anger problems (as Tony Blair could tell you)i've also heard he is furious at the moment, no doubt because he cannot "control" the Polls anymore, he knows full well the Sheeple have woken up, its not a good situation to be in from his point of view, i also think he's lost control of the ministers who surround him but they're to spineless to challenge him. Lets face it its the finale of nu-Labour, they will be out in the wilderness for year (if not forever) and Brown being this Stalinist control freak just can't handle it. Yes he'll lash out just like a wounded animal, he's dying, Hurrah ! Bring in the BNP !politicalMIZZ